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The Nebula Front was an organization that could be described as terrorists or freedom fighters, depending on one's point of view. Its membership mainly comprised beings living along the Rimma Trade Route (especially from its Outer Rim end), and at least several among the Front's leadership had been involved in the Stark Hyperspace War. It was headquartered on Asmeru. Many of the Front's leaders (especially those of its the militant wing) were referred to as "Havac."

The Front was an organization opposing the de facto monopolies and government control exercised by large corporate conglomerates, most notably the Trade Federation, along the Outer Rim. The Front's view of the complacent Old Republic was scarcely, if at all, better. As such, numerous oppressed beings chafing under harsh conditions imposed by the Federation and its crony governments and corporations viewed the Front with sympathy or clandestine support.

Said governments and corporations were somewhat less tolerant of the Front's actions, and so any progress it made was limited. However, no matter how hopeless their cause seemed, the Front refused to deal with any organizations that were involved with spice smuggling or slavery, and always attempted to maintain their disruptions or peaceful protests and acts of civil disobedience.

The failure of such acts and noble paths to make any effect led, in 33 BBY, to the development of a militant wing lead by two of the Front's leaders, Eru Matalis and Cindar. They contracted noted Mirialan mercenary Arwen Cohl to attack a Trade Federation ship. The subsequent Incident at Dorvalla was the first major victory of the Front, providing them not only with much publicity, but also enough stolen aurodium to fund an attempted assassination of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum.

Unfortunately for them, it also attracted the notice of the Jedi Council, who sent Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in response (both happened to be present at Dorvalla). Although the two were unable to prevent the Front's assassination of the Trade Federation Directorate at the Eriadu Trade Summit, they were able to kill or arrest the Front's leaders, thus essentially crippling the organization.

However, following the Clone Wars, the organization managed to kidnap Shella Motti.




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(-NF-) Nebula Front Was Founded By The "Infamous" Riothamus Skom-uri, Quietninja, And Cadra Chrilla After The Self Destruction Of NRFA in August Of 2007. We Set Out To Do Something Not Yet Done In Galaxies, Well At Least Not Done On The Bloodfin Server Anyways. We Are The Terrorist Organization Based Out Of The Star Wars Book "Cloak Of Deception" And Operate Along The Same Way. We Use A TeamSpeak Server And A Chat Channel Linked Between -NF- And -NFE-. Here Is A Little About Us If You Would Like To Join.

                                                        Who We Are

We Are The Terrorist Group "Nebula Front" Based On The Star Wars Book "Cloak Of Deception". In Being A Terrorist Guild We Are Not Fully Aligned With Either Faction. We May Help Or War With Either Rebels Or Imperials. Due To Same Faction Killing We Will Be Hated By Some Guilds So If You Can't Handle Some Smack Talk Then This Isn't For You...

                                                      Who We Recruit

We Only Recruit Rebels/Neuts For Base Busting And Space Pvping Purposes (-NFE- Our War Guild May Have Any Faction). Any Profession Is Accepted, Must Be Level 15 Or Higher To Be Recruited, And Must Be A Fully Subscribed Player (Not A Trial Account). We Would Like For You To Be An Active Member So If You Can, Try To Play At Least 8 Hours A Week.

                                                      Our Strongholds

We Do Not Use Cities, We use Strongholds Or "Enclaves" (As QuietNinja Likes To Call Them) On Each Planet. Since We Are A Terrorist Guild We Must Maintain A Low Profile And Must Try To Keep Our Strongholds Hidden Away. If Any Are Leaked Out Then They Will Be Moved ASAP. Only High Ranking Members Will Know Of All Of Our Strongholds. If You Want To Setup At One Of Our Strongholds Then Please Contact One Of The Leaders And They'll Get You Setup.


Yes, We Do Have Alliances But Only The Leaders Will Know With Whom They Are With For Security Reasons Only. If We Help Or Get Help From Certain People/Guilds In a war That Doesn't Necessarily Mean That We Are Aligned With Them We May Just Be Fighting A Common Enemy.


-NFE- Which Is "Nebula Front Enforcers" Is Are War Guild, The Guild We Carry Out Our Terrorist Attacks In. Any Faction Can Join -NFE- And You Can Come And Go As You Please. Basically You Can Detag Or Get Tagged At Any Time You Wish. So If You See A Vulnerable Target And You Want To Attack Them You Can Tag -NFE-And Kill Them Then Detag And Get Back Into -NF- Before They Know What Has Happened. Also Before You Detag Send A Mail Out To The Guild To Notify Them That Your Coming Or Going Back to -NF- Or -NFE-. Remember That We Are Terrorist And This Is Just How Things Work :X...


Ranking Is A Key Part In The Guild. There Are Numerous Ways To Increase Your Rank But Your Online Time, Guild Participation, And Your Progress Within Your Current Rank, and Etc. Plays A Part In It. Although You Will Only Get So Far In Rank Unless You Use Our TS For Voice Verification Purposes Cause We Will Have Spies Infiltrated In Our Guild So For Our High Ranks We Will Need To Know Who You Really Are. If You Want To Start Getting Your Rank Up Then Contact One Of The Leaders And They Will Get You Started. Most Positions We Cannot List Because This Mail May Go Out To "Potential" Spies...


N.F.S.A.F. - Nebula Front Space Assault Fleet Is Our Space Pvp Fleet. This Will Consist Of Various Squadrons Of Five Or More. Each Squadron Will Have Its Own Leader And Its Own Setup Like One POB, Two Fast Attack Craft, And Two Heavy Craft Or Something Along That Line. The Leader Of The Squadron Must Be A Master Pilot And He Can Choose His Fleet Use But TS Is Necessary Cause Its Hard As Hell To Type And Fight In Space.


Meetings Will Be Called Within A Few Hours Notice And Will Be Held At A Random Location. This Is To Wither Down On "Spying" As Well As Enemies Creeping Up For A Surprise Attack. All Conversation Will Be Held In A Private Channel That Will Be Setup Prior To Meeting.

                                                      To All Future Members

Just Know That We Are A Terrorist Guild And We Work With And Against Both Factions And We Will Be Hated By Some But We Have Our Alliances. It's Not All Ugly, There Are Alot Of Opportunities With Us. We Have A Ranking System In Place For Anyone Who Wants To Play A Bigger Role In The Guild And Activities Like Friday Night Space Grinds, Space Pvping, Grinding, Boarding The Corvette, Taking Out The Corvette, DWB And Hk Runs, And Avatar Runs. We Also Have The War Guild To Satisfy Your Pvping Needs That You Can Join Or Leave As You Wish. We Will Try To Provide Quest Help And Try To Fit You With Good Clothing/Weapons/Armor Or Materials For You To Make Them. We Are A New Guild Aswell As A New Type Of Guild So There Will Be Good And Bad Times But We Are What We Are And There Is No Changing That So It All Comes Down To "Love It Or Leave It"...

-NF-, -NFE- Leaders, Riothamus Skom-Uri, QuietNinja, Cadra Chrilla

-NF- Naboo Stronghold

This article uses material from the "Nebula Front" article on the SWG Wiki wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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