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map marker: Navarro
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Military Base
leaders: Base Commander
doctors: Schreber
factions: Enclave
quests: Deal with the deathclaw
Fix K-9
Retrieve the FOB from the base Commander

Navarro refers to the area where a Poseidon Oil refinery and an Enclave military base are located, located north of San Francisco along the coastline. A company brand gas station is also present here, but its fuel reserves have been empty for a long time.



Before the War, Navarro served as a Poseidon Oil refinery for the Oil Rig, where the Enclave headquarters are located. Adjacent to the oil installations, a government-funded military base was constructed, together with a satellite uplink station and maintenance and repair facilities.

Years after the Great War, the base was commandeered by the Enclave, who converted it into their primary mainland outpost, establishing a refueling station for the Vertibirds. Due to the relatively short range of the Vertibird, as well as frequent malfunctions, especially in post-War conditions, Vertibird Schematics were almost always present on site for necessary repairs and maintenance, but were prone to misplacement (four were initially ordered, yet by the time the Chosen One arrived, three had already gone missing).


The main base

The Navarro military base is divided into two segments - the surface and underground areas. The surface houses the Vertibird landing pad, as well as a Vertibird hangar, maintenance workshop, air traffic control station, the barracks and drill sergeant's quarters, with the adjacent kennels.

The underground areas of the base contain the base's armory, mainframe, commander's office and the soundproofed science lab, operated by Dr. Schroeber, participating in the Deathclaw intelligence enhancement project.

In 2242 the recent construction and retrofitting of Navarro meant the base had yet to meet its full staffing requirements.

Cover and Security

The Gas Station

To hide the Enclave's operations at Navarro they have utilized the old service station as cover. An Enclave agent referring to himself as "old Chris" keeps watch outside the gates and claims to be the proprietor of the gas station turning any wanderers away as well as guarding an entrance to the underground section of the base via a manhole.

Should someone attempt to circumnavigate Chris and sneak through the woods they are confronted with heavily booby trapped expanses of land, though the rocky path leading to the base is clear. For those who are interested in enlisting as Enclave recruits, a specific password would be required by the entrance guard. The base itself is crawling with enclave troopers clad in advanced power armor and armed with plasma rifles and to further enhance security, several plasma and mini gun turret emplacements were constructed. Moreover, scientists in Navarro are also issued Laser Pistols for self-defense purposes.


Main articles: Enclave Soldier, Enclave Patrolman, Enclave Technician, Enclave Specialist

The Base Commander resided underground, along with the base's medical doctor of dubious reputation, dr Schreber, supported by Drill Sergeant Dornan and the Quartermaster. They commanded two kinds of troops - the heavily armoured sentry guards, clad in Advanced Power Armor, toting Plasma Rifles, and light troops, outfitted with Enclave Combat Armor. Then there were the mechanics, wearing Enclave-brand leather armour, headed by Quincy (regulars) and Raul (dedicated Vertibird mechanics) and technicians, wearing white lab coats, operating the base's air traffic control etc.

According to one of the soldiers, personnel can be granted leave to San Francisco[1].


According to Fallout Bible no one knows what happened to Navarro after Fallout 2 - with the destruction of the Enclave, the base may not have been able to maintain itself for more than a few months before needing to move on or change its operations. It's unlikely that the Brotherhood of Steel seized it after the events in Fallout 2, because they didn't have a strong military presence up North at the end of this game. They would have been interested in taking it, however - although they would have suffered serious casualties.

In Fallout 3, however, during the quest Those! the Vault 101 Wanderer may find a terminal in the town of Grayditch. In it's files is a short diary of a soldier named William Brandice, who deserted from Navarro and went to the East Coast with his family. Considering the fact that he had a teenage son (William Brandice writes that his kid liked to play with Bryan Wilks, who is around 12- Bryan comments that Will's son was a few years older than him) and that this installment of the series takes part 30 years after the second game, it would mean that Navarro did actually survive after the destruction of the Oil Rig, for two decades at least.

Behind the scenes

A working name for "Navarro" was "Colusa". According to one of the lead designers, Matt Norton:

"I remember that once we put all of the locations on the world map that we moved some of them around a bit to create a more even spacing of adventure locations. I don't remember if we moved the enclave's mainland base for this reason, but it's possible."

The real Colusa is much farther east and a little south of Navarro.


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