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Naughty Nightwear
DR: 1
item HP: 100
weight: 1
value: 200
effects: LK +1, Speech +10
repair: Merc Grunt Outfit, Enclave Officer Uniform, Pre-War Hat, Pre-War Bonnet, (Dirty) Pre-War Casualwear, (Dirty) Pre-War Spring Outfit
variants: All-Nighter Nightwear
quests: Grady's Package
base id: C8E07

Naughty Nightwear is a set of leopard skin pajamas found during the quest, Grady's Package, in Fallout 3.

The outfit can be repaired using various "pre-war" and Merc outfits including Pre-War Hats.


Unmarked quest: Grady's Package

Main article: Grady's Package

A humorous side quest (actually a sub-plot to the Nuka-Cola Challenge) involving the Naughty Nightwear can be found in Marigold Metro Station, which is near Grayditch.


  • This outfit can be repaired through selling it (for up to 300 caps) to Ronald Laren and not affect the Nuka Challenge, or by giving it to Lug-Nut when he demands it and then killing him. Strangely, it may also be repaired with Enclave Officer Outfits, and even Pre-War Hats (Confirmed PS3, Xbox 360)
  • It can be obtained twice by dropping it just before Lug-Nut comes in and then by giving it to him and killing him. Loot Lug-Nut for a fully repaired Naughty Nightwear and pick up the dropped one.
  • Sierra Petrovita mentions a gang that wanted "to steal her stuff," led by "Lug-Nut or something." Lug-Nut is the name of the Raider who appears right after you acquired the package.
  • If the player has already spoken to Ronald Laren, it's pretty obvious why such an outfit is so important to him - to seduce Sierra Petrovita, whom he is obsessed with.
  • In the Pip Boy it's effects are listed as "Naughty Nightspeech".


  • The Naughty Nightwear's world model is bugged; when dropped, it looks identical to the Sexy Sleepwear. The All-Nighter Nightwear, however, displays an accurate world model, leopard-skin and all.

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