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Nature rune running (also known as Nature running or Nat running) is the interaction between two groups of players - crafters (also known as assisters), who create Nature runes (level 44 Runecrafting required for single runes; level 91 required for double runes) and runners, who bring pure essence to the crafters at the Nature altar.

Both parties benefit in different ways. The runecrafters gain fast, free experience, while the runners get their essence turned into single or double Nature runes. Since Nature runes are one of the most expensive runes due to their use in the High Level Alchemy spell, effective Nature running methods can allow a player to make a large amount of money. The nearest bank to the Nature altar, Shilo Village, is quite far away, and as a result, players have developed several quicker methods for running essence to the Nature altar.

The official Nature rune running world is World 36.



Example of nature running equipment - nature tiara, spottier cape, penance gloves, and boots of lightness.


  • Nature talisman (or nature tiara) - Tiaras and talismans are not needed if you use the Abyss.
  • Pure essence, unnoted. Normal rune essence cannot be used. (It is recommended that you bring at least 25)
  • Pouches - Optional; can be used with any of the nature running methods, and increase the amount of essence which can be carried per trip. A Small Pouch holds 3 essence, a Medium Pouch carries 6 essence, a Large Pouch carries 9 essence, and a Giant pouch carries 12 essence.
  • Boots of lightness - Optional; to reduce weight, and thus prolonging energy level decreases.
  • Spotted cape or Spottier cape - Optional; to reduce weight.
  • Penance gloves - Optional; to reduce weight.
  • Some kind of teleport - Optional; to allow you to do more trips in less time. The running methods below discuss which teleport you should use.

Other requirements

There are no skill or quest requirements for runners. Crafters (also known as Assisters) must have a minimum Runecrafting skill level of 44 if they are offering single nature rune running, whereas crafters must have a minimum Runecrafting skill level of 91 if they are offering double rune running. Nature rune running can be used by very low combat level players, however there is only one safe method, tablets. With the introduction of the trade limit system, high quest points is highly recommended, preferably with 90 or more QPs if you wish to use the trading system, rather than the assist system.

Standard Practice

World 36, with runners lined up waiting behind crafters in gold Canifis robes.

World 36 is the officially designated world for Nature rune running. During peak periods, particularly on weekends, World 39 may also be in operation, however this has become extremely rare since the trade limit system was implemented. Crafters in World 36 wear yellow-gold Canifis robes and stand next to the Nature Altar. Runners are expected to line up behind one of the crafters, and wait their turn to assist. The members of the company based in world 36 will always give back double nature runes, two for every unnoted pure essence the runner trades them. Due to the trade limit update of 2008, players can also use the assist system on a company crafter to get nature runes, albeit each crafter is limited to approximately 3350 pure essence (6700 nature runes) crafted by runners per day, due to the 30,000 experience cap on assisting.

Guidelines for runners

  • For those using pouches, it is recommended to split your number of pure essence into two or more roughly equal batches. Crafters will generally refuse to trade less than 9 pure essence at a time. It is also recommended, when using the assist system, to let the crafter know you have finished so that they will not cut your assist early.
  • Summoning familiars and Summoning pets are generally frowned upon, and runners are asked not to bring them along because they interfere with other player's ability to line up neatly (clicking on a space occupied by a cat does not produce the usual default action of walking to that space.) However, on the 17th of May 2008, the company held a meeting and changed these guidelines a little, allowing runners to use Abyssal creatures, Spirit Graahks, Geyser Titan and Terrorbirds, as they offer a benefit.
  • Runners are expected to line up behind their chosen crafter, and those who cut the line will be refused service, and generally put on ignore.
  • When using the trading system, the majority of the world 36 rune crafters only have 27 open inventory slots at any one time, so runners should bring only 27 essence if they are not using pouches.
  • Runners have no standard uniform, but should refrain from wearing mostly yellow or they may be mistaken for a crafter, which could refuse them service.
  • Runners should leave the line as soon as they have traded with a crafter, so they can trade the next runner.
  • Runners should wait for there to be space in front of them before moving up in the line.
  • If you see someone cutting the line, say something! The crafters may not notice because their trade or assist screen is up most of the time.
  • Runners can join the clan chat FFDN, which provides the status of the nature alter (How many crafters and how long the lines are) Example: 3c Short:Means that there are 3 crafters and short lines. To request the status simply ask for it.
A trade between a runner and a crafter.

Non-company crafters

It is not uncommon to see other crafters at the world 36 altar, many are simply running and crafting their own runes. Others attempt to get runners to line up for them, and may or may not wear company colours. These crafters are generally ignored by both company crafters and runners, since they usually offer only single nature runes back or some other less profitable deal.

Outside altar traders

Another type of player that occasionally shows up around the World 36 nature altar is the noted essence trader. They congregate outside the nature altar and attempt to trade anyone who exits, offering noted essence in exchange for nature runes.

Trading information

Trade limit system

On 2 January 2008, Jagex removed unbalanced trade. The trade limit is a mechanism in the trade system that prevents any player from making trades considered to be "unbalanced". The number of quest points affected the difference in value players could trade. For free players, the limit is 10,000 coins every fifteen minutes; for members, the limit increases with quest points up to a maximum of 60,000 coins.

Effects on nature rune running

With the introduction of the trade limit system, all rune running was affected. In fact, Law rune running became almost impossible. However, players with high quest points (i.e. 270+ quest points), will have a trade limit of 60,000 coins, allowing them to operate for short periods of time under the old trade rune running system. This means that Nature rune running is still possible. Players now usually use the assist system to nature rune run.

The maths

The calculations use real-time prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch. For more information, see Grand Exchange Market Watch/Runecrafting.

This example assumes that the Runner is carrying 25 Pure essence to the Runecrafter, and the Runecrafter is able to double-craft Nature rune (i.e. level 91+ Runecrafting). Also, both the Runner and the Runecrafter have sufficient quest points to "bypass" the trade limit system.

  • Wealth transfer (to runner): 8,450 coins

The wealth transfer of 8,450 coins is still within the maximum trade limit of 60,000 coins, and the trade can take place. Players can keep repeating the trades until the maximum limit of 60,000 coins. After that, they have to wait 15 minutes until the limit is reset. Since the runners take 3–5 minutes per run, the trade limit system will not affect the overall performance of Nature running. However, both the runners and the crafters should have a trade limit of at least 8,450 coins. For maximum efficiency, both should have the maximum trade limit of 60,000 coins. Or you can ask them to assist you.

See Grand Exchange Market Watch/Runecrafting for current prices, or to update outdated prices.

Selling nature runes

Nature runes are always in demand, due to their use in casting High Level Alchemy. While market price is constantly fluctuating, Nature runes currently sell for 232 coins in the Grand Exchange. The table below shows the profit runecrafters can make in Nature Running.

Runecrafting Multiplier Runecrafter Level Profit per trip with 28 Pure Essence Profit per trip with 25 Pure Essence Profit per trip with 25 Pure Essence * Profit with 1000 Pure Essence Profit with 1000 Pure Essence *
1x 44+ Coins  2,968 Coins  2,650 Coins  5,800 Coins  106,000 Coins  232,000
2x 91+ Coins  9,464 Coins  8,450 Coins  11,600 Coins  338,000 Coins  464,000

* These columns assume that you mine the pure essence yourself.

Methods of transport




  • Although you will most likely use less then 20% energy per trip, it would be nice to wear some weight reducing gear.
  • A form of teleportation to a location close to a bank. (Usually Amulet of Glory or Explorer's ring 3 to teleport to the nearby cabbage patch.)

Using the nature altar tablet to teleport right outside the altar. These can be purchased from the The Great Orb Project. This is by far the fastest method, though it does require time to gain more tablets from time to time.



Start at Lumbridge. Head to the glider, and go to Karamja. Head North-west and cross the log. Head to the Nature altar, then finally teleport to Lumbridge


Start at Dorgesh-Kaan. Use the Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System to head to Keldagrim. Head out of Keldagrim and head further north to the Rellekka Hunter area. Head into the Eagle caves there. Once at the Eagles' Peak Dungeon, ride the Karamja Eagle to Karamja. Then head out of the Jade Vine area and head north until you find a log. Cross the log and finally enter the Nature Altar. Then using the Dorgesh-kaan sphere teleport back to Dorgesh-Kaan.

The Abyss


  • Completion of the Abyss miniquest


The Abyss is the most popular method, since it is a very fast way of reaching the nature altar; however, there is a risk element involved in its use, and cautious players may prefer to use these methods instead. The danger comes from Revenant ghosts in the wilderness which may either teleblock, poison or freeze runners, and often attack with mid to high damage, making them vulnerable to death. However the threat is low since Revenants do not frequent that particular area of the wilderness.

Any player who enters The Abyss is skulled and drained of all Prayer points. Wielding a pickaxe will let a player pass an extra obstacle in the abyss, while Dragonhide offers some defence against both Revenants and abyss creatures.

The Forinthry Bracelet will prevent a player from being skulled on entry to the Abyss, but will crumble to dust after 5 uses.

Optional:You might also want to bring Teleport to P.O.H(player owned house) runes or Tabs if you have a glory amulet in your house (recommended next to enter portal) as it will provide unlimited teleports and may drastically speed up the process for those that cannot buy multiple glory amulets due to lack of money.

General store


  • Noted pure essence (however many natures you plan to make)
  • At least 2 gp for every essence you have.


To begin, go to the general store just south of the isthmus between Brimhaven and Karamja itself. This is south of Brimhaven Dungeon. Use your noted essence with the shopkeeper, and unnote how many you need. She will unnote them for a cheap price of 2 gp per essence! Do NOT sell and buy back from the store as they will charge 157 gp for every essence you buy back. Walk South-east through Tai Bwo Wannai Village and an abandoned mine to the nature altar ruins, enter the altar, and craft your runes. Walk back to the general store and repeat as desired. Note that there is a tribesman at the mine who is aggressive if you are under 62 combat and is equipped with poison. This method of nature running has the fewest requirements, but the distance which must be travelled between the store and altar is long, and it requires extra gold on hand. The gold is gained back from profit from selling your nature runes.

Shilo Village



This method starts in the Shilo Village bank. With no pouches, you should be carrying 27 essence each trip. You must leave the bank, after drinking any energy potions you wish to, and pass through the gates, and the cart. You should run west, along the south border of the city, until you are at its south west corner. From there, you should run North-West, until you cross the bridge, then run north east, to the west edge of the city.

If you are under level 63, you should run along the edge of the city, within about 2 squares, so as to avoid the danger of being poisoned by the lone tribesman, stationed near the mines. Otherwise, it is recommended that you run about 10 squares north, and then east until you are at the altar.

There is a Drummer just outside the south-west corner of Shilo Village to restore run energy for free.

Fairy Rings



The Fairy Ring code CKR can be used to access a fairy ring west of the Nature Altar. The distance between the ring and the altar is about 30% shorter than the one between the altar and Shilo Village. Players should access Zanaris by whatever means is most expedient, then travel between the Edgeville bank (using the fairy ring code DKR), the main ring, the nature altar, and back again. Alternatively, the player can use the bank in Zanaris. Banking at Zanaris is slightly slower, but has the advantage of only using the fairy ring once. The only danger along this route are several Jungle Spiders, who are a minimal threat medium-level players or higher.

Oo'Glog + Fairy Rings


  • Completed A Fairy Tale Part I and started A Fairy Tale Part II to the point where you use the Fairy Rings
  • Completed As a First Resort...
  • Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff


  • High Agility Level

The Fairy Ring codes CKR and AKS are used to access the fairy rings, one west of the Nature Altar, and the other North of Oo'glog. Start by going to Oo'glog. When you reach Oo'glog go to the salt water spring and jump in. Get out and you will have unlimited run for a certain amount of time depending on your agility level. Exit Oo'glog using the shortcut available to the north east of the Salt Water Spring. Run north to the fairy rings and transport to Zanaris. Then go to the fairy rings to the west of the Nature Altar using code CKR. Once you run out of unlimted run energy repeat the process.



AbyssNature altarLumbridge→bank (Lumbridge bank or Culinaromancer chest)→Canoe to Edgeville→Repeat process.

Using spirit graahks


  • 57 summoning
  • Nature Tiara/Nature Talisman

Buy some duelling rings and spirit Graahk pouches from the Grand Exchange or from Players. Summon a Spirit Graahk and Interact with it, and a teleport option will come up. Teleport and run east, and you will soon arrive at the nature altar. Enter the altar, and runecraft the natures.

In summary:

Interact Graahk → Run North-east to altar → Craft Runes → Rub Ring (Castle Wars) → Bank → Repeat

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