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Nati Junmo
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18 BBY


15 ABY

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1.7 meters

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Oopatcha the Hutt

"She was as close to being a Hutt as any human ever has been."
Oopatcha the Hutt[src]

Nati Junmo was a bounty hunter and dancer employed by Oopatcha the Hutt. She lead the bounty hunting team of Kulo Dri-Ma, Dehajiim, and herself. She was very skilled with blaster pistols, and preferred them to other weapons. She also made sure to keep a large supply of grenades with her at all times.

When capturing a target she enjoyed toying with them with various threats, a style that both Kulo and Dehajiim disapproved of. But they kept silent since whenever they would speak up about it she would fire a warning shot at them to shut them up. She would do almost anything to further her own agenda, although she was sure to stay on good terms with Oopatcha and the other Hutts.

She was sent to capture Evon Gane in 15 ABY, but failed when Kugahtaro Leihai arrived and saved him. Kugahtaro spared her life, but Oopatcha was furious and executed her along with her comrades.




Birth (18 BBY)

Nati was born in 18 BBY on Kuat into a wealthy family. Her father owned a section of the famous Kuat Drive Yards. She had three older siblings, all of whom were older than her.

Early life (18 BBY - 4 BBY)

In 13 BBY a ship exploded at their piece of the shipyards, destroying it. Their finances were ruined, and her dad went insane and disappeared. She lived with her mom and siblings until 4 BBY, when she was kidnapped by a smuggler who took her to Oopatcha the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa.

Slavery (4 BBY - 9 ABY)

Oopatcha forced her to dance for him until 5 ABY, when he discovered her blaster pistols skills. He then began to use her as a bounty hunter, though she still danced for him from time to time. She quickly proved her worth, hunting down 12 people in 4 years. In 9 ABY Oopatcha granted her freedom as a reward for her work, but she continued working for him as he had hoped.

Final years (9 ABY - 15 ABY)

After setting her free, Oopatcha set Kulo Dri-Ma and Dehajiim under her command, and they became a very skilled bounty hunting team.

In 15 ABY Oopatcha wanted his money back from Evon Gane, who had gotten the Hutt to buy him a house. Sure that she would be successful, Oopatcha sent Nati and her men to go get the money from him. They put Evon and his droid into submission and could have killed them, but Nati toyed with them, as usual. Unfortunately this gave Kugahtaro Leihai time to arrive, and he saved Evon. The Jedi spared her life, but when she returned to Oopatcha, he was furious. He ordered the immediate slaughter of the trio, and they were killed.

Personality and traits

Nati was hard-working, and would do almost anything to further her career. She made sure to not offend the Hutts, and even gained some favor with Oopatcha the Hutt because of her sadistic sense of humor. She was very strict with her command over Kulo and Dehajiim, and would threaten to kill them if they questioned her. She preferred a stealthier approach to bounty hunting, often sneaking up behind her victim. She did not care about whether or not she captured her bounties alive, just as long as she got her money.

She was very slim, had reddish-brown hair, and brown eyes. She was very fast and strong, guaranteeing that she could catch an escaping target if her blasters failed her. But her blasters almost never did fail, due to her extreme skill. She often wore brown sweatpants and a black tank-top with a blue jacket over it, along with black gloves and boots.

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