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race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Megaton
role: Megaton inhabitant
location: Megaton and Raven Rock
family: Manya Vargas Wife
Vargas Son (unconfirmed)
Maggie Adoptive Daughter (if Billy Dies)
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: The American Dream
SPECIAL: 6ST, 5PE, 4EN, 4CH, 4IN, 6AG, 4LK
actor: Paul Eiding
base id: 00000A67
ref id: 00003b57

Nathaniel "Nathan" Vargas[1] is a citizen of Megaton and husband of Manya. He believes all the Enclave propaganda he hears on the radio (even though he doesn't have a radio in his house), and openly praises them. Nathan promises the Lone Wanderer that although he is considered by many to be a senile old man, that "things will be different when the Enclave gets here". He holds a tab at Moriarty's Saloon of 8 caps.



Nathan was born in 2212.[1] He ran a caravan route for over 30 years with his wife, Manya. It was during this period that he became obsessed with the Enclave.[1]


  • Nathan will be oblivious to the Enclave's arrival (even though it is proclaimed on both radio stations) and cannot be told about it. His dialogue options remain the same.
  • He later appears in the Enclave's Raven Rock base in one of the cells next to yours, warning "They're not who they say they are, get out while you can, before they get you too!" You cannot make him follow you and attempting to talk to him will simply result in him repeating his warning. It is highly likely that he will be killed during the escape from Raven Rock. His body will have the key for Nathan and Manya's House. In the event that he does survive the escape from Raven Rock, he can be found in Megaton, however he says nothing about his escape and his dialogue options about supporting the Enclave are the same as before. It can be assumed this is due to the developers not adding new dialogue.
  • If you do not open the cell where Nathan is, you will still find him alive and well in Megaton after escaping Raven Rock.
  • If you, or another power kills Nathan, he will often mutter 'Manya' (His wife) as he falls to the ground
  • It may also be amusing to give him Enclave Power Armor or Tesla Armor through reverse-pickpocketing him
  • When asked "why do you support the Enclave?" Nathan will say, "Because American is the greatest country on Earth." Even though he says America while speaking.
  • Nathan has the same last name as Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Vargas, It's possible they are related but there is no other evidence to support this theory.
  • In the quest Take it Back! near the Jefferson Memorial when the large group of Enclave Soldiers come to attack there is a Enclave Officer that looks exactly like Nathan Vargas. It's possible that he was able to join the Enclave After the Lone Wanderer escaped Raven Rock especially because he just like the lone wanderer being prisoned 1 or 2 cells left of your own.


Nathan appears only in Fallout 3.



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