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  • Indian cress

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Nasturtium (literally "nose-twister"), as a common name, is a genus of roughly 80 species of annual and perennial herbaceous flowering plants Tropaeolum, one of three genera in the family Tropaeolaceae. This genus, native to South America and Central America, includes several very popular garden plants, the most commonly grown being T. majus, T. peregrinum and T. speciosum. The hardiest species is T. polyphyllum from Chile, the perennial roots of which can survive underground when air temperatures drop as low as -15°C.

They have showy, often intensely bright flowers (the intense color can make macrophotography quite difficult), and rounded, peltate (shield-shaped) leaves with the petiole in the center. The flowers have five petals (sometimes more), a three-carpelled ovary, and a funnel-shaped nectar tube in the back. The flowers can be added to salads for an exotic look and taste; they have a slightly peppery taste reminiscent of Watercress. The unripe seeds, when pickled, have been used as a substitute for capers. The mashua (T. tuberosum) produces an edible underground tuber that is a major food source in parts of the Andes.

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Nasturtiums are a type of flower that members can grow from nasturtium seeds. This requires level 24 Farming, and grants a total of 130.5 experience - 19.5 for planting, and 111 for harvesting[1]. Only one bunch of nasturtiums is ever harvested, even if they grow without becoming diseased.

Players can pay a farmer one bunch of nasturtiums to look after growing wildblood hops[2].

Nasturtiums growing in a flower patch helps to protect watermelons in a nearby allotment patch from disease[3].

Players can also use nasturtiums to make their own imp repellent by adding them to anchovy oil[4].

The nasturtiums in RuneScape may be based on Tropaeolum majus - see Tropaeolum majus, Wikimedia Commons for more pictures.


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