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P8 Blue, a Nasat

The Nasat are an insectoid species from the eponymous planet, which they share with a sentient plant-like species, the Citoac. A cautious people known for their aversion to taking risks, they are rarely seen off-world. In recent decades they have become slightly more visible, working within the Federation government at a number of levels and increasingly represented in the Starfleet. Still, they are stereotyped as a careful, conservative people who are slow to take action or change their ways.

Nasats inhabit the giant trees covering much of their planet's tropical regions. While the Capital Township is increasingly modernized as Nasat integrates into the Federation, more "rural" regions are still very traditional and occasionally opposed to alien influences.

Nasat come in five different colors, which are integrated into their names (Blue, Brown, Red, Green, and Yellow). They possess hard, chitinous shells which allow them to survive in a vacuum for limited periods of time.

Approximately one in every 750 Nasat have a distinctive "defect" in the language-processing center of their cerebral cortexes, making them incapable of normal communication. In the 24th century, a Federation neural-electric linguistics program was developed to facilitate the communication skills of these "quiets". It was discovered soon afterward that the Quiets were not "defective", but instead adapted to communicate with the Citoac, who stimulate the brains of Nasats with sound in order to interact with them. Quiets were historically essential to keeping the peace between the two races.

Nasat generally have little sense of history, and romantic love is an alien concept to them. Females are fertilized, then may wait several years before birthing larvae. The larvae are transferred to state nurseries soon afterward; there is no parent-child bond. (SCE eBook: Balance of Nature)



The Nasat had made contact with the United Federation of Planets by the late 23rd century. In 2269 one member of the species, M3 Green, accompanied Captain James T. Kirk and a multi-species team to retrieve and return the "Soul of Skorr" to Vedala. (TAS episode: "The Jihad")

By the 24th century, the Nasat were members of the Federation, although many Nasat decided not to leave their homeworld. One exception was P8 Blue, who served aboard the Federation starship USS da Vinci as part of the ship's Starfleet Corps of Engineers team for much of the 2370s. (SCE eBook: The Belly of the Beast, et al)

Another exception to this were a group of Red Nasats who left in the early 24th century to forge a new life for themselves. These Nasats settled on planet Phantas 61, where they integrated into Phantasian culture. (SCE eBook: The Art of the Deal)

Nasat individuals

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The Nasat, named in the first SCE eBook: The Belly of the Beast, are the same race as the "pillbug" alien character of Em-3-Green, from the TAS episode: "The Jihad".

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