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Narshe Mines

The Narshe Mines are a dungeon in Final Fantasy VI. They are a fiercely defended coal-mine behind the town of Narshe. Within the caves are a hidden base of Moogles and the frozen Esper Valigarmanda.



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The Gestahlian Empire sends in a force consisting of Biggs, Wedge, and Terra Branford to capture the Esper recently discovered. After fighting their way through the Narshe Guards, they finally find the object of their search. However, the Esper resonates with Terra, killing off Biggs and Wedge. The Narshe Guards move the Esper up to a safer position at the top of the cliffs.

Terra escapes to the safety of Arvis, but is pursued by Narshe Guards out for revenge into the mines. She loses consciousness when a floor collapses. Arvis sends Locke Cole to rescue her. He arrives just in time, for a Narshe force prepares to capture her. With the help of twelve Moogles, Locke defeats the Narshe force and takes Terra out of Narshe to the safety of Figaro Castle.

The Moogle, Mog can be recruited in the Mines in either the World of Balance or World of Ruin.


Enemy formations


Outer mines (WOB)

Inner mines (WOB)

  • Wererat X2
  • Bandit, Spritzer
  • Spritzer X2

Outer Mines (WOR)

Inner Mines and snowfields (WOR)


"The Mines of Narshe" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - The Mines of Narshe.ogg
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The Narshe Mines have its eponymous theme as a background theme.


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