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Narshe in the World of Balance
Narshe's secret passage to the mines
"Narshe is a neutral city. We want no war here, but that @#$% Empire won't listen!"
—Narshe resident

Narshe (ナルシェ Narushe) is a city in Final Fantasy VI. It is a coal mining town at the northern edge of the world. It is ruled by an Elder. There are two dungeons located within, the Narshe Mines and Yeti's Cave. It also has a classroom where players can learn the basics of the game.


World of Balance

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On the eve of the adventure, Narshe is a neutral city that strives to keep the war between the Gestahlian Empire and the Returners away. However, the miners dug up a frozen Esper one day. The Empire quickly found out about this, and sent Terra, Biggs and Wedge there to investigate. The Narshe guards were furious at this and tried to stop them. However, they failed to do so. Despite this, the Esper managed to kill Biggs and Wedge and free Terra from Imperial control. Terra was rescued by Arvis, a Returner living in Narshe who helped her escape. However, the guards caught up to her and cornered her in the mines. Locke Cole, a Thief, along with Mog and ten other Moogles, rescued her, and Locke took her out of Narshe.

Meanwhile, Arvis was trying to get Narshe on the side of the Returners, but the Elder was hesitant as Narshe would be no match for the Empire. Banon, the leader of the Returners, tried to convince the Elder that the Empire was going to attack anyway due to the Esper being dug up, but the Elder was not convinced until the Empire actually attempted an invasion of Narshe. The Returners helped fend off the invasion.

Afterwards, Banon and Arvis continued to convince the Elder to go to war, and succeeded. After the player party returns to Narshe, a plan is devised to attack Vector, in which the Narshe guards and Returners would invade from the north, and Terra would send a plea for help to the Espers to attack from the east. The plan worked.

A sidequest can be undertaken involving Mog and Lone Wolf the Pickpocket after acquiring the Blackjack. Lone Wolf attempts to steal a treasure from the house in Narshe with all the treasure chests, and the player party can chase him all the way up to the cliffs where Valigarmanda is. Lone Wolf holds Mog prisoner, and warns the party not to take another step closer. However, the ground shakes and Lone Wolf and Mog fall off the cliff. The player can choose to either rescue Lone Wolf and win a Gold Hairpin or rescue Mog and have him join the party.


Narshe in the World Map in the World of Balance


Before acquiring the Blackjack

Item Price
Tonic 50 Gil
Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Soft 200 Gil
Sleeping Bag 500 Gil
Tent 1200 Gil
Smoke Bomb 300 Gil
Weapon Price
Air Lancet 950 Gil
Regal Cutlass 800 Gil
Mithril Pike 800 Gil
Kotetsu 800 Gil
Mithril Claw 800 Gil
Flail 2000 Gil
Full Moon 2500 Gil
Armor Price
Mithril Shield 1200 Gil
Magus Hat 600 Gil
Bandana 900 Gil
Iron Helmet 1000 Gil
Silk Robe 600 Gil
Iron Armor 700 Gil
Relic Price
Barrier Ring 500 Gil
Mithril Glove 700 Gil
Jewel Ring 1000 Gil
True Knight 1000 Gil
Sprint Shoes 1500 Gil
Fairy Ring 1500 Gil

After acquiring the Blackjack

Item Price
Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Green Cherry 150 Gil
Tent 1200 Gil
Fire Skean 500 Gil
Water Edge 500 Gil
Bolt Edge 500 Gil
Weapon Price
Blossom 3200 Gil
Trident 1700 Gil
Poison Rod 1500 Gil
Morning Star 5000 Gil
Boomerang 4500 Gil
Hawk Eye 6000 Gil
Armor Price
Gold Shield 2500 Gil
Mithril Helm 2000 Gil
Bard's Hat 3000 Gil
Green Beret 3000 Gil
Tiara 3000 Gil
Gold Helmet 4000 Gil
Mithril Mail 3500 Gil
Power Sash 5000 Gil
Relic Price
Sniper Sight 3000 Gil
Black Belt 5000 Gil
Earrings 5000 Gil
Wall Ring 6000 Gil
Running Shoes 7000 Gil

World of Ruin

The entrance to Narshe in the WOR

Narshe has been depopulated by Kefka's Light of Judgment. Monsters roam the streets, and all have abandoned and locked their doors. However, there are still things to do. Locke can pick the locks on each door, and enter each building. In the Weapon Shop, the owner has discovered a piece of Magicite known as Ragnarok. He offers to forge it into a sword, and the player can choose whether to take the sword or the Magicite. A sick man in another house gives up his Cursed Shield. The sick man is in an unmarked house behind the relic shop. There is a path to the unmarked house on the right side of the relic shop.

In the mines, Mog has returned to his cave, and talking to him has him rejoin the party. Also, traveling to the snow fields allows players to meet and fight the Ice Dragon, one of the Eight Dragons. If the player continues on, he or she can fight Valigarmanda, the frozen Esper, and acquire it as Magicite. This opens up a cliff to a new cave, where one can find the Magicite Midgardsormr and Umaro. After fighting Umaro, talking to him with Mog in the party recruits him.


In Town

Monster Formations

Outside Narshe: Plains (WOB)

Outside Narshe: Forests (WOB)

  • Leaf Bunny X2, Darkwind
  • Leaf Bunny X2, Darkwind X2

Raid on Narshe at the beginning

Battle to save Terra

Room outside checkpoint (WOB)

Checkpoint room (WOB)

Battle for the Esper

Outside Narshe: Barrens (WOR)

In the town (WOR)

Snowfields (WOR)


"The Mines of Narshe" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - The Mines of Narshe.ogg
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"The Mines of Narshe" is the track used as the background theme for Narshe, but it's replaced by the theme "Dark World" in the World of Ruin.


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