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Napoléon Bonaparte
Also known as: "Boney"
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: Late 18th and early 19th century
French Revolution
Napoleonic Wars
Appearances: DW: The Reign of Terror
Actor: Tony Wall

Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a military and political leader of France.

Barbara and Ian met the young Napoleon during a visit to Paris in 1794, when they became involved in the plot by Napoleon and Paul Barras to overthrow Robespierre (DW: The Reign of Terror). The Doctor did not meet Napoleon during these events, but he did later, at some point between then and his third incarnation. At that time he advised "Boney" that "an army marches on its stomach. (DW: Day of the Daleks). Soldiers from Napoleon's Russian Campaign were kidnapped by the War Lords (DW: The War Games). The Third Doctor claimed to have been "a close personal friend" of Horatio Nelson, who defeated Napoleon's fleet at Trafalgar (DW: The Sea Devils). During one of his megalomaniac rantings, the newly awakened Davros misquoted Napoleon, as pointed out by the Doctor (DW: Destiny of the Daleks).

Other Encounters

  • While fleeing from the Ants, Bernice Summerfield found herself in Egypt in 1798, where she met Vivant Denon, leader of an archaeological team sent to that country by Napoleon. (NA: Set Piece)
  • The Doctor met a girl, Dusha, living in Moscow during Napoleon's advance on the city, whom he later found was the emotional half of a Magellan who had been divided and exiled from the future to two different time zones. (EDA: Emotional Chemistry)
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Napoléon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821) was a Human who lived in the 18th and 19th centuries on Earth. In the aftermath of the French Revolution, he took control of the country as Emperor Napoléon I.

Spock considered Bonaparte to be yet another in a long line of Humans - which included Julius Caesar, Gengis Khan, and Adolf Hitler - who sought absolute power. (TOS episode: "Patterns of Force")

One 23rd century admirer of Bonaparte was the USS Enterprise historian Marla McGivers. Among her possession in her quarters was a painting and a sculpture of his head. Upon seeing the image of Napoleon and similar men from Earth's past, Khan Noonien Singh commented that she must've been drawn to bold men from Earth's past. (TOS episode: "Space Seed")

When Khan and over 80 of his followers disappeared from Earth in the 1990s, that fact had not been recorded in most historical texts. Spock speculated that it was because the governments of Earth did not want to reveal to what he termed as a war weary populace that there was about 80 to 90 Napoléons that were possibly still free. (TOS episode: "Space Seed")

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