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Nanotechnology was an advanced form of molecular engineering involving the manufacturing, by molecular chemistry, of tiny machines smaller than living cells.

The applications of the technology were potentially limitless. In medicine, it could result in nanomachines capable of being injected into the bloodstream and traveling to specific areas of the body to begin repairing injuries or aid in the healing of diseased tissue. In structural engineering, it could result in building materials that could reassemble themselves on a molecular level.

Circa the 13th century, an unknown race provided nanotechnology to the inhabitants of the Ilaiyen Archipelago on planet Sigma Niobe II, which kept them free from disease and allowed them to quickly recover from even fatal injuries. These abilities became the stuff of legends around the globe, and even on other worlds. (TOS short story: "As Others See Us")

By the mid 22nd century, the Denobulans were known to have experimented in creating examples of nanotechnology. This form of research was recalled by a United Earth researcher at Arctic One in 2153. (ENT episode: "Regeneration (episode)")

The enigmatic Grigari species were known to had made extensive use of nanotechnology which as the secret of their medical technology. They made use of molecular assembly machines that were capable of expertly weaving together both steel and fleshing; uniting the living nervous system to link directly with the computer control circuits. They used this type of technology to save the life of Adrik Thorsen and extend his life span. (TOS novel: Federation (novel))

By the middle of the 24th century, research into this field of science was conducted by both the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, though neither were successful in producing effective examples for active use. (TNG novel: The Romulan Prize)

A powerful Gamma Quadrant race had developed advanced nanotechnology centuries before 2369. They imprisoned the Ennis and the Nol-Ennis, two of their factions, on a moon and deployed nanoprobe-like devices which would resurrect those who had been killed in an eternal war. A countermeasure against the nanotechnology had been found by 2376. (DS9 episode: "Battle Lines", DS9 novels: Lesser Evil, Rising Son)

In 2381, USS Titan Chief Engineer Xin Ra-Havreii designed upgrades to the vessel's holotank to allow Chief Science Officer Melora Pazlar to operate the system in a zreo-g environment. Part of the control interface included a network of embedded nanosensors in a suit extending from the souls of her boots to a pair of form fitting gloves. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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From Lostpedia

Nanotechnology* is the science of substances on the nanoscale level (10^-9m, 1 billionth of a metre). In has been cited around Lost and within The Lost Experience as a popular theory to explain the Monster. The producers have repeatedly refuted this theory - see this podcast taped at Comic Con for one such denial; another can be seen in a post [1] on The Fuselage by Javier Grillo-Marxuach. In another podcast, Damon Lindelof says again very definitively:

Damon Lindelof: Ohhh, nanobots. I don't know how many times you can you can go on record 
saying that the black smoke is NOT made up of nanobots before you stop getting asked that 
However, Damon Lindelof in the 4/30/07 podcast stated the following: "Basically anything
that appears in a Michael Crichton novel -- dinosaurs,
nanobots, time travel -- they're all in play." 

Even so, Lost fans repeatedly bring up this theory, much like purgatory, due to the superficial similarities between the entity on the show and the one described in Michael Crichton's science fiction Prey.

* Though the study of microscopic machines (slightly larger than this scale) is sometimes incorrectly interpreted as nanotechnology, but this more properly comes under the auspices of microtechnology or micro engineering.

See [2] for more real world info.

References from The Lost Experience

  • In DJ Dan's podcast on June 14, he fields a call of a scientist describing nanotechnology, miniature machines that can carry out tasks. The caller suggests that with a electromagnetic field, they can work together to form a storm cloud that can actually think - this appears to be a clear inside joke and nod to mockery of confused fan theories.
  • In the DJ Dan Live Broadcast, Dan says that he doesn't believe in nanotechnology and mocks the idea of a nanotech monster. He specifically says regarding nanotech, "I sure as hell don’t think you’re going to be seeing it on your television screens anytime around September of this year."

Smartdust references on fake websites

  • became a mirror site for the known fan-made hoax website, Bigspaceship1. Smartdust is basically a term for a network of nanobots, and the word is used on these fake sites to reference the debunked theory.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Nanotechnology involved the practice of creating small, or nano, pieces of technology.


  • Boba Fett: Hunted

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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Nanotechnology is the applied science of working with atomic and molecular sized machines. Generally nanotechnology concerns itself with working with things on the scale of 100 nanometers or smaller.

Nanotechnological innovations begin around TL-8 with the construction of machines capable of imaging and moving individual atoms. This bottom up approach to construction of devices and materials is quickly supplemented with better understanding of chemical properties and the ability to finely manipulate chemical processes through electrical, magnetic, or photomanipulation techniques. Many of these techniques borrow from biological processes. This places nanotechnology studies somewhere between biology, mechanical engineering and chemistry.

Many of the technological advances made for TL-9 and beyond are due to the advances of nanotechnology. Nanotech processes are a "wet" technology, requiring specialized equipment to create and manipulate.

There remains a large area of study for "dry" nanotechnology, where the nano machines are used outside a laboratory or manufacturing facility to manipulate the environment to a particular end.

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