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Type: Subatomic Robot
Created by: Chula
Appearances: DW: The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
NSA: Peacemaker

The Nanogenes were a type of sub-atomic robots capable of healing wounds.


Visibly, the nanogenes they look like glowing flying orbs. Nanogenes were capable of healing superficial wounds in seconds and even of reanimating the dead, provided they had an existing template for the individual. They were used as medical equipment by certain advanced races such as the Chula.

For use in war, the Chula used different nanogenes. These nanogenes also enhanced the subject's physical abilities, giving them superhuman strength, telepathic abilities and Om-Com capabilities. They were also capable of residing within a human host such as the Empty Child, and would emerge visibly when something of interest was revealed, such as when they encountered Jamie's mother Nancy and realized their error after scanning her; they recognized her as Jamie's mother and corrected the alterations they had performed on him. DW: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances)


In 1941, the con-man Captain Jack Harkness crashed a Chula ambulance in London, planning to sell it and then allow it to be destroyed by bombing. At some point, the ship was damaged and millions of nanogenes were released. This led to the Empty Child plague when the Nanogenes found a dead child wearing a gas mask, and fatal wounds. As they had never encountered a Human before, they believed that this was their default form. Using the child as a template they set about transforming all Humans to match the attributes of this child, with injuries and a gas mask bonded to the face.

They eventually recognized the real DNA by finding the child's mother, therefore coming to the conclusion that they were incorrect and reversing the process. (DW: The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances)

Nanogenes were apparently still in use by the year 5 billion, as the Doctor "borrowed" some from the New New York Hospital. (NSA: Peacemaker)

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Nanogene technology is the exibiton of either nanobots or chemicals to alter the genetic structure of a lifeform, as shown by Belia Darzu's techno-virus.

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