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Species: Lirin
Gender: Male
Eye color: pink/purple
Homeworld: Liria
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Occupation: Starfleet communications officer
Assignment: communications officer, USS Enterprise (2250s)
Insignia: Starfleet insignia.
Insignia image.

Nano was a male Lirin who, in his civilization's custom, was generated for one purpose in life: in Nano's case, as an emissary to the Federation, which he fulfilled by being the only of his kind to become a Starfleet officer. In the 2250s, he served as a communications officer aboard the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Like all members of his race, Nano was a skilled pyrotechnic, able to mentally generate fires. Nano himself was classified as a "grade two pyrotechnic". (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

The Lirin culture has a delicately balanced finite population where everyone serves a specific function. After making contact with the Federation in 2225, the Lirin generated Nano to serve as their emissary to the Federation. This meant Nano could never return home, as he would disrupt the balance. (EV comics: "Flesh of My Flesh", "One of a Kind")

Nano joined the crew of the Enterprise in 2251, when it re-launched on a five-year mission after Captain Pike assumed command.

In 2254, Nano was amongst a rescue party to retrieve Captain Christopher Pike from Ngultor captivity. After securing the captain, the Enterprise's first officer, Number One, was attacked by the organic Ngultor ship, but Nano was able to use his pyrotechnic abilities to drive off the attack. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

On the Enterprise's next mission Nano was again a member of a landing party, this time to investigate a loss of communications with Project Pharos. After boarding the Pharos lighthouse the party came under attack by Klingon team who had attacked the facility. When Ensign Raeger was shot by Klingons as they announced their presence, Nano exclaimed "By the Unity!" (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

Shortly afterward, he was among the crew taking shore leave on Rigel VII on the eve of the planet's admission into the Federation. Unfortunately rogue elements of the Rigellian warrior caste, the Kaylar, were not content to let their traditions die out and began a coup. Crew persons from the Enterprise were attacked and Nano received a head wound' damaging his chitin' while he was distracted using his pyrotechnic abilities to save Spock from a Kaylar attack. Nevertheless Nano was still sufficiently functional to modify a communicator so that Yeoman Dermot Cusack could track down a Rigellian jamming device and call in aid from the Enterprise. (EV comic: "Our Dearest Blood")

Later that year Nano was summoned back to his homeworld, after the unexpected death of a member of the Lirin Unity. Nano was to act as replacement, but the shared consciousness of the worldmind repelled his attempts to rejoin it. With the help of Spock and José Tyler, he learned that the deaths were outbursts of the Unity's uncontrollable fear of the outside world. He suggested the insular Unity ask the Federation for help, and he rejoined the Enterprise crew. (EV comic: "One of a Kind")


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Virgil Adams was a scientist who worked for S.T.A.R. Labs' Manhattan facility. He spearheaded the Project Nano program and worked for fifteen years developing technologically enhanced combat armor that was impervious to all forms of physical and mental attack. Under Adams' leadership, the project failed and he was removed from the program. In time, the rest of his staff succeeded in bringing Adams' designs to fruition. Adams felt that he deserved credit for his contributions, but failing to achieve that, he decided to break into S.T.A.R. Labs, steal the Nano suit and hold several scientists hostage. Project leader Doctor Caldwell placed an emergency call to the Titan known as Cyborg to help out. Cyborg answered the call, and Caldwell gave him an update on the situation. Facing Adams (who now called himself Nano), Cyborg attempted to override the suit's operating system. The Nanotech had built in safeguards against this type of attack, and Nano reversed the effect, and began shutting down Cyborg's cybernetic systems. Cyborg rebooted his own components and figured out the password that enabled him to hack into Nano's armor. From there, it was an easy enough task for Cyborg to shut the suit down and Nano was taken into custody.

Nano was incarcerated at Alcatraz island, but his time spent there was very brief. The Calculator hired Shimmer and Jinx to stage a massive break-out and they reunited with their old Fearsome Five teammate, Mammoth. They found Nano and decided to make him a new member of the team. [1]

Powers and Abilities


This individual does not possess any superhuman capabilities. All of Nano's capabilities stemmed from his Nano armor. The armor itself had the ability to alter and contort it's physical shell, forming a variety of geometric shapes. According to Doctor Caldwell, the armor was also impervious against most forms of phyical combat.

  • Mechanical Engineering: Nano was an expert in the field of mechanical engineering, though not necessarily up to the standards expected of a S.T.A.R. Labs engineer.


  • The password to Nano's operating system was "Josephine", named after his pet parakeet.

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