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Nail beasts are encountered on all three paths of the Temple Trekking minigame. The combat levels of Nail beasts are based on the difficulty of the path chosen: they are level 69 on easy, level 98 on medium, and level 141 on hard. The number of Nail beasts that players encounter depends on the level of the player's follower: three for strong, four for medium, and five for weak. (This also is the same pattern for other events.) For example, the player will encounter three level 69 beasts on the easiest path with the strongest follower, and five level 141 beasts on the hardest path with the weakest follower.

They are not very strong, but they hit very fast with melee (it hits 3 times every attack), so players should keep an eye on their escort's hitpoints.

They move towards the player relatively slowly, so the player should be able to get in front of his follower and position himself to shield the escort. Nail beasts can be poisoned, and they are weak against melee.

Nail beasts drop the tertiary ingredient for the Summoning familiar Talon beast, which yields the highest experience of all pouches. They also drop Nail beast nails, which are used as a tertiary ingredient for making Sanfew serum, and possibly a long or curved bone.

When doing the wishlist for Fur 'n' Seek, they may sometimes drop Sabre-like teeth and Long, sharp claws

Drop table

100% drop:

Nail beast nails

Talon beast charm


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