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[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Nail]]
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Ring Names Nail
Height 5'10"
Weight 260lbs
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Billed from Portugal
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Nail is a Portuguese hardcore wrestler currently employed by Championship Rasslin' Federation where he is best known as the leader of Hardcore Uproar and the first and most-reigning CRF X-Division Champion. He is also a former World champion with the company, having had one reign with the CRF Carnage World Championship.


Championship Rasslin' Federation

Nail came to Championship Rasslin' Federation in August of 2006, and was immediately disrespected due to his being Portuguese, a country with few noted professional wrestlers. Nail declared that he would give other wrestlers a painful lesson in hardcore wrestling and Portuguese pride. He went to have his first match and win against Zappa Omega. From that match he went undefeated in CRF Judgement and the training division, winning the graduation tournament against several other trainees.

After this period on Judgement he was hired to wrestle on CRF Carnage and became a member of The Revolution, a faction headed up by Eban Thor and also including future CRF Championship holder Eric Omega. However the group disbanded after Thor parted ways with CRF and Nail began fighting solo. Nail suffered his first loss in CRF on the Anniversary Show after being the last wrestler eliminated from an elimination match by Rappier. After this he began targeting Jake Jones, demanding his respect. The two went on the have a series of brutal confrontations, although they never actually met in the ring at the time. This feud led Nail to fight Magician, the leader of the RuffRyders, the faction to which Jake belonged. Nail lost this match but the confrontations between he and Jones continued.

Nail received his first shot at the CRF Hardcore Championship at the King of Hardcore tournament, although he lost. After three more failed attempts at the Hardcore title he decided to take time out from his quest and hone his skills by focusing on the newly-created CRF X-Division Championship. He won that title against Smokey and Test, becoming the first ever CRF X-Division champion. Shortly after that Nail got a shot at fighting Jake Jones and lost, which served as the culmination of their feud's first incarnation. During this time Nail also racked up a series of wins over both current and future CRF legends including Fighter-X, Draven and Darkness.

Nail's mentor The Sandman came to CRF and they decided to form a new stable in opposition to the other factions that dominated Carnage. The faction was named The Hardcore Uproar, with the mission statement of teaching a lesson to a lot of "posers calling themselves wrestlers", as Nail and Sandman saw it. In the course of this Nail had a series of confrontations against Palau, during which he lost the X-Divisions Championship but soon regained it again. A month and a half later he lost it once more, this time to Goliath. Meanwhile Sandman left the CRF leaving Nail as the only member of the Hardcore Uproar. He held auditions for new members and recruited his former nemesis Jake Jones, as well as Matt Adams and Gary Howe. However, a few weeks later Jones betrayed Nail and the other members of the Uproar. Following this Nail was shocked to learn, upon the death of his father, that Adams was his brother.

Although Nail's second feud with Jones ended the same way as the first when he and Adams were defeated by Jones and The Bad Lander, he went on to win a contendership match for the CRF Championship against Darkness and Fido The Wolf. Nail failed to win the title and resumed the long-running feud against Jake Jones as he and Adams defeated Jones and Bad Lander. After the match, however, Adams viciously attacked his older brother and Nail was forced to end the Hardcore Uproar. After weeks of attacks, which sent Nail to the hospital, Nail returned more violent than ever and was able to defeat his brother in a loser leaves Carnage match.

Another background feud of Nail's was against Darkness. Throughout much of his career Nail and Darkness had verbally attacked each other and fought on several occasions, over who was more Hardcore: Darkness, the record three-time CRF Hardcore Champion, or Nail. Their rivalry never got resolved as they split a number wins over the course of the feud.

After his feud with his brother the Warfare event came and Nail led his own team, Team Hardcore, into battle. During this period of time a brief rivalry between Nail and Eric Omega started, both men ripping at each other and vowing to win the leader's competition at the major event. Omega won the final however. Nail went back to the X-Division and won the title for a third time in less than 3 minutes against Goliath. After a couple of weeks CRF closed its doors and Nail became the last ever champion of that division.

Upon the return of CRF Nail made peace with former rival Darkness and together with Magician and Andy Anderson formed Bloodbath, a group consisting of the most hardcore and violent stars of CRF. Nail went undefeated in the first four shows back after CRF's return and on the CRF Mayhem show of 27th April 2008 Nail fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming the CRF Hardcore Champion by beating Egon, after cashing in the title shot he had earned as final X-Division Champion. However his reign lasted less than a month as Nail was attacked by Darkness and the title had to be vacated on the 25th of May 2008. Darkness's attack revealed the heel turn from the entire Bloodbath faction who began to mock Nail for being in a coma due to not being Hardcore enough.

One week later, Nail's sister Ammit debuted on CRF, beating the entire faction of BTY. Ammit fought several matches in CRF but eventually left the company after a couple of months when Nail made his return. Once over his coma and following some soul-searching about his career, Nail returned on the Judgement show of the eighth of October, crushing Darkness's plans of holding a funeral for Nail. Nail and Darkness' feud continued to the Bloodlust pay-per-view at which Nail challenged for Darkness' CRF Carnage World Championship. Nail defeated Darkness and won the title, his first World championship with CRF and becoming winner of the first ever Gauntlet match in CRF. A month later he lost the belt back to Darkness.

In early 2009 Nail decided to reform the Hardcore Uproar, this time with Baby Dogg and Hardcore Harry by his side. The reformed faction achieved a degree of success as Harry and Dogg racked up victories, but Nail himself both lost the chance to fight Vayne for the Carnage World Championship and had his contract come into the ownership of The Dominate Two, Vayne and old enemy Jake Jones. The pair made Nail their servant and subjected him to multiple humiliations, as well as making him face his own stablemates.

Shortly after this CRF Chairman Fighter-X got fired by new owner Draven. Draven began to take control of CRF, wanting to reform the entire federation by removing the supporters of Fighter-X. Nail was one of the first to rebel against Draven, and suffered more defeats in the process. Coming off a total of nine defeats in a row, Nail was nominated captain of the team that would defend CRF's honor and Fighter-X's side against the team of Draven. In a long, hard fought match Nail survived more than an hour in the ring and eliminated 3 members of the opposing team being the last man standing and the winner for his team.

Nail attacked the owners of his contract and two of Draven's closest allies, The Dominate Two, giving a chair shot to Jake Jones. Vayne exercised his control over Nail's contract, forcing him to retire from active competition. He began to focus on managing Harry and Dogg in the Hardcore Uproar, including to a joint CRF Hardcore Championship reign, and helping other members of the CRF roster who wanted to bring Fighter-X back. During this period of time Nail also began promoting his products, advertising everything that he could get his hands on, shamelessly plugging every single one of his brand new products on television.

After four months in retirement and performing several roles for the CRF Nail was named the special guest referee for the main event of Armageddon 2009, in a match where Nail's enemy Draven was set to defend the Chairman position against a mystery opponent, who turned out to be Fighter-X. At the event Nail was consistently refereeing in Fighter-X's favour, counting fast for Fighter-X and slow for Draven, until he suddenly refused to count a fall for Fighter-X and then shockingly attacked him, delivering two successive Death Valley Drivers to the former Chairman and counting a quick pin for Draven. After the match, however, a masked man ran down and challenged Nail to an impromptu match, which Nail lost.

At the following Carnage, Nail was defeated by Fighter-X's ally Eric Omega. The masked man was revealed as Magician, while Baby Dogg made her return to CRF after a few weeks' absence. When Magician and Nail both challenged Dogg as to which side she was with, she responded by superkicking both men. This saw her effectively quitting Hardcore Uproar, leaving the faction as just Nail and Harry, until Nail announced he had found a new ally who would be revealed soon.

Signature & Finishing Moves

  • Death Valley Driver
  • Shoulder DeathLock
  • Brainbuster
  • Double-arm suplex
  • Huracanrana
  • Northern lights suplex
  • Poison mist
  • Spinebuster
  • Spinning wheel kick
  • Sunset flip

Championships & Accomplishments

Championship Rasslin' Federation

  • CRF Hall of Fame
  • CRF Legend

Theme Music

  • Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
  • The Extremist - Joe Satriani
  • When - Megadeth


  • "I will Nail you into the ground!"

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Nails can be made of any free play metal that can be smithed. Only steel nails are free-to-play, as they are used in the Dragon Slayer quest. Bronze, iron and mithril through rune can only be used by members. Nails are also used in the Construction skill, but only for objects that use normal planks. Players should bring more nails than needed as nails will bend occasionally depending on the metal type. To use nails, the player needs to have a hammer in their inventory.

Nails can also be used in Fletching to make brutal arrows.

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Nail during his time with the Fellowship of Destiny.

"Nail" was a male assassin of an unknown species. He worked as a black ops assassin for the Republic Army before and during the Jedi Civil War. He later left to join Keese Somar and the Fellowship of Destiny.

Nail often worked alongside his friend, Hammer, during special forces missions and operations.

Behind the scenes

Nail is portrayed by Thane from Mass Effect 2, a 2010 video game.


  • Force Legend I: Convictions (First appearance)
  • Force Legend II: Peak of Disaster
  • Force Legend III: The Fall
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This item is in the Other Items class
Attributes: Stackable
Weight: 0.05 oz.
Loot value: 10 or more gp.
Dropped by: Worker Golem, War Golem, Damaged Worker Golem.
Buy from: Players.
Sell to: Harog (Beregar) 10 gp
Notes: It is said that they can be used for fishing mechanical creatures. Nails are one of few items that weigh less that 0.10 oz. The other items are Christmas Token, Vampire Lord Token, Candy, Gear Wheel and Mushroom Spores.

See also: Items.
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