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Final Fantasy

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Naga may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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Nagas leaping out of the water to ambush passers by

Naga are a serpent race that dwells in the hills near the shores of the Jade Sea and on Shing Jea Island. Their lower torso is a snake's body while their uppor torso is human, and they have Cobra-like heads. They are probably a reference to the Nagas of Indian Mythology: according to the Oxford English Dictionary, Nagas are [members] of a race of semi-divine creatures, often part-snake, associated with rivers, rain, etc. Despite a similar appearance to The Forgotten of the Crystal Desert, they are unrelated species.

In Factions lore, Naga are the mortal enemies of the Tengu. Once driven to near extinction when the Jade Wind turned the Jade Sea into the mineral from which it took its name, they now aggressively attack those who venture near their territories. According to the Factions manuscripts, the intelligent Naga were in the past a species of merchants and artisians who were at peace with the Humans, until the Jade Wind nearly destroyed the entire race. If not for the Naga priestess Hanasha Coralfin, who united the less than 40 remaining Naga and established a warlike and expansive culture that seeks vengeance on the humans who they blame for their catastrophe.



Unit Hierarchy

Profession Shing Jea Island Jade Sea
Low-level Mid-level High-level
Warrior 2 Naga Welp
6 Naga Scout
10 Naga Warrior 23 Elder Naga Warrior1
23 Naga Warrior
Ranger     24Elder Naga Archer1
24 Naga Archer
Elementalist 2 Naga Spellblade
6 Naga Wizard
10 Naga Raincaller  
Ritualist 2 Naga Sibyl
6 Naga Witch
10 Naga Bone Collector 24 Elder Naga Ritualist1
24 Naga Ritualist
Collectable Drop Naga Hide Naga Pelt Naga Skin
  1. Elder Naga are only fought during the Challenge of Strength quest.

For a list of all Naga including Bosses, see Category:Naga.

Item Drops


During the Day of the Tengu players received quests from the Master of Celebrations in which they had to destroy Naga.


Naga in myth are sprites that work for the gods. The naga in Guild Wars appear to be from Dungeons & Dragons

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Marvel Database

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Naga (Earth-616)
Real Name


King of Lemuria. Can be considered an associate of Llyra

Merro (son, deceased); Llyra (daughter-in-law)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Reptilian features: Scales, no apparent ears, and a more snake-like skull



Demon worshipper

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Sub-Mariner #9 (1969)



Naga, a member of the homo mermanus species, was born five hundred years ago in Lemuria, a submarine continent in the Pacific Ocean.

Through some means, Naga became the emperor of Lemuria and a worshipper of serpent god Set, who considered Naga a valuable servant. Apparently, Set wanted Naga to conquer the world in his name. As a mark, Set provided Naga with reptilian features to make him similar to Set himself.
The Lemurians discovered Set's long-lost Serpent Crown and Set convinced Naga to hold the Crown. Naga ordered one of his lackeys to get the crown from the skeletal hands of its previous owners, but the lackey died when trying. However, Naga could hold the crown himself and wear it on his head.
Set, satisfied with Naga, explained him how to grease the crown with some fish oils to stop his aging - however, this effect could not last if the Crown was not on Naga's head. Thus, Naga ruled despotically for centuries with the Crown, although, in time, his features became more and more reptilian. Even Naga's subjects, the Lemurians, began to share this features.
During his time as a despot, he resorted to torture, murder and prison of any subject he could consider his enemy. He was mad even before his immortality, and this made it worse.

Many rebellions against Naga appeared, but he used his powers to annihilate them. A group of telepathic young Lemurians formed a disident movement and, under the leadership of Piscastos, stole the Serpent Crown while Naga was sleeping. They ran away and used a special serum to allow them breath air. They found a small city in the Antarctic and settled there; they would be known as The Ancients.

Without the Crown, Naga began to grow old. He formed a group of warriors, The Searchers, and sent them after the Crown, but they failed for decades.
Meanwhile, the High Priestess of Set and half-Lemurian mutant Llyra manipulated senile Naga to arrange her a marriage to Naga's oldest surviving son, Merro, wanting to became empress of Lemuria herself.
Finally, a Searcher named Karthon found the Serpent Crown in the hands of Prince Namor of Atlantis, The Sub-Mariner. Karthon took both the Crown and Namor to Lemuria.
Naga took the crown again, expecting to recover his youth, but that did not happen: He stop aging, but he did not became younger. He also recovered his other powers. To break Namor's will, Naga killed a Lemurian woman and used an illusion so that Namor would believe that the corpse was that of his lover, Dorma.

Karthon respected Namor as a foe, and begged Naga for mercy in the name of his faithful Searchers. However, Naga destroyed the Searchers (except for Karthon) in a simple show of power, and threw Namor to a colysseum to fight for his life while he and his people watched for fun.
Namor survived the fights and Naga offered him a grace: Namor could choose the next beast he would fight. Namor chose "The most dangerous beast of them all: The beast called Naga!". Naga jumped to the colysseum, opened a rift in the ocean floor and ordered Namor to jump there using his mind control.
But Namor resisted, wanted to avenge Dorma. Naga then showed that the corpse was not Dorma's, and broke the illusion. Karthon recognized the corpse as his sister's and, suddenly mad, betrayed his ruler and stabbed him, saving Namor.
Namor placed the Serpent Crown on Naga's corpse, so that Set could only hold a dead's mind. Besides, due to the recently created rift, an earthquake destroyed the colysseum and swallowed Naga and the crown.
Years after Naga's death, human Hugh Jones fell under the influence of the Serpent Crown and conjured the spirit of its previous holders to fight the Scarlet Witch and the Thing. One of these spirits was Naga's.

Years later, Deviant priest Ghaur allied with the new empress of Lemuria, Llyra, to re-build the Serpent Crown and sacrifice seven super human women, The Brides of Set to bring Set physically to Earth. Ghaur mind-probed the Crown and unwittingly freed Naga's spirit, who wanted to recover the Crown's power. Naga fought Ghaur in a will duel until both of them and Llyra vanished due to Set's power and his fight against different super-heroes. After that, the Brides of Set threw the Crown to a new rift.

Powers and Abilities


Known Powers:

  • Resistance to Cold
  • Swimming
  • Water breathing due to gills on his neck; can breathe both fresh and salt water; however, cannot breathe air. Can resist water pressure in the ocean, and see perfectly underwater.

Known Abilities:

  • Has shown some administrative skills to govern Lemuria.

Strength Level:



  • Serpent Crown: As a wearer of Set's Serpent Crown, Naga is a user of different powers, including:
    • Energy Shield
    • Illusion Generation
    • Improved Psyche
    • Improved Strenght
    • Matter Transformation only affecting objects he was touching himself and to a maximum mass of 85 pounds
    • Mind Control
    • Mind Reading affecting only superficial thoughts; probing required an effort
    • Mystic Energy Bolts
    • Levitation
    • Retarded Aging
    • Telekinesis including the ability to create rifts in the ocean floor.
    • Teleport


  • Levitation throughout the Serpent Crown


  • Naga is also the name a mythological race of snake-men in Southern Asia, considered monsters in India or ancestors of the people of Cambodia. In Sanskrit and many languages derived from it, Naga means "snake" or "dragon". Notice that the name has been used in other media as in Naga the Serpent, a character in the anime Slayers or fictional monsters in Dungeons & Dragons, Warcraft or World of Darkness.


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A Naga was a creature. Its natural prey was the Rikitik. The Naga was somehow able to easily lull the Rikitik before catching it in a grapple.

Behind the scenes

A Naga is almost certainly a reference the characters of the short story Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, cobras Nag and Nagaina.


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