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Naddist army
General information
Notable members

Iziz, capital city of Onderon[1]



Formed from

4,018 BBY (presumably)


4,000 BBY[3]


4,000 BBY[3]


3,998 BBY[1]

Other information
"…And, I am hardly alone. As you can see, I have an army!"
―King Ommin

The Naddist army was the name given to the military force that Queen Amanoa commanded against the Beast-Lords Modon and Oron Kira and his Beast Riders, during Onderon's Beast War conflict of 4,000 BBY. The army consisted of lightsaber-wielding Dark Jedi, dark side adepts, battalions of darksiders, and Naddist troops, as well as regular Onderonian soldiers that comprised the bulk of the infantry. The army appeared to be predominantly Human males, though several of the Dark Jedi commanders were female. By 3,998 BBY the army had been further augmented by the addition of Sith war droids. The Naddist army was also disbanded later that year, since all of its members and factions were eliminated during the Freedon Nadd Uprising.




Beast Wars

Main article: Beast Wars of Onderon
King Ommin with members of his incarnation of the Naddist army.

In 4,000 BBY, the Naddist army, captained by Amanoa's apprentice Novar, went to war against the Beast Riders of Onderon. During the battle, Amanoa employed ancient Sith techniques to bolster the strength of her army's military tactics against the Beast Riders. However, intervention on the part of Jedi Knights, led by Jedi Master Arca Jeth, quickly turned the tide of battle and delivered victory into the hands of the Beast Riders. Through use of ancient Jedi techniques, Jeth was able to revive the Beast Riders' morale while diminishing the will to fight of the darksiders.[3]

Freedon Nadd Uprising

Main article: Freedon Nadd Uprising

Two years later, a new dark side army surfaced, under the direct command of Amanoa's husband, the sorcerer King Ommin. This new army went to war against the Jedi, again led by Arca Jeth, and the full might of the Galactic Republic Navy. King Ommin made heavy use of his Sith war droids in the ensuing battle, and his military commander, a Dark Jedi named Warb Null, led the ground troops from the front lines. Arca Jeth and his team of Knights defeated Ommin's army again, using the same Jedi battle meditation technique that was employed in the last war. With the death of King Ommin, his Dark Side Army was also wiped out, and peace restored on Onderon.[1]

Organization of forces

There was a solid chain of command implemented in the Naddist army. The supreme commander was by right the monarch of Iziz, and through said King or Queen, orders were disseminated through the ranks. During the reign of Amanoa, direct military command was given to the Royal advisor Novar, who managed the theater of war while overseeing the progress of the Naddist troops in battle. Occasionally, Novar would join the fray, and engage the enemy alongside his subordinates.[2]


The Naddist army consisted of many different ranks and factions. During the reign of Queen Amanoa, the ranks were comprised mainly of dark side adepts, individuals who worshiped the memory of the Dark Lord Freedon Nadd.[2] Officers led from the front lines, with commanders stationed along the walls of Iziz, as well as in the thick of things on ground. Snipers were also secreted throughout the city, in places that made it difficult for enemy forces to advance through the streets.[3]

Amanoa's bodyguards

Main article: Royal Protector
"Guards! Defend us!"
―Queen Amanoa, to her Royal protectors
A Royal protector severs the arm of Jedi Knight Cay Qel-Droma.

Though the Queen's Royal advisor Novar commanded most of the forces directly, a special cadre of dark side adepts was specifically commissioned to serve and protect the Queen.[2] These Royal Protectors were clad in all white armor, and wore flowing cloaks; neither of which seemed to restrict their movement. Their heads and faces were fully enclosed in their helmets, and a visor allowed the Protectors to view their surrondings. They carried bladed, staff-type weapons, and wielded them with considerable efficiency in combat,[3] in conjunction with the ranged energy weapons they used when engaging in firefights with the enemy.[2]

Wave gunners

Main article: Wave gunner

Naddist Wave gunners were soldiers who specialized in the operation of Iziz's outside wall defenses. From these defense towers The Wave gunners unleashed both ion cannon and turbolaser fire against incoming air and ground attacks. They too wore full-body white armor, and helmets with visors to shield their eyes from the blinding discharge of the cannons and lasers. Though their trappings afforded them basic protection in combat, a few well-placed blaster bolts could penetrate the plates, and kill the individual inside.


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