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Naboo Swamp Battle


End conflict, Mission to Outland Station

Naboo Space Battle

Invasion of Naboo


32 BBY


Naboo system


Decisive Naboo victory


Bravo Squadron

Trade Federation


Ric Olié

Daultay Dofine


Numerous starfighters

  • Dofine and entire ship staff
  • All Vulture droid starfighters
"This is tense! Whoa! Artoo, get us off this auto-pilot! It's gonna get us both killed!"
Anakin Skywalker to R2-D2

The Naboo Space Battle was the skirmish in orbit around Naboo during the Invasion of Naboo that marked the end of all battles down on the planet.[1]


The battle

The N-1 starfighters of Bravo Squadron led an assault against the Droid Control Ship, which coordinated all droid forces on the planet. Various wings of pilots, including Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes[2] and Rhys Dallows,[3] engaged the ship, taking down its first wing of fighters.[1] At this point, a mercenary leader allied with the Federation, appeared and took down many starfighters.[3]

As the battle raged, the young Anakin Skywalker, accidentally entered the battle when his starfighter refuge took off from the Theed Royal Palace hangar. He succeeded in taking down several starfighters before having his starfighter shot down, and landed in the hangar while its shield was down and starfighters were launched.[1]

Rhys Dallows and other Naboo pilots, realized the ship would be destroyed only if they could enter it through one of the hangars and reach the main reactor. As one of its bay shields went down to allow landing craft to exit, the Naboo attempted to board the vessel. Rhys Dallows managed to pass through, but he was locked inside as the shield went up again. He did, however, locate the mercenary leader and chased him into the depths of the ship, where he killed him.[3]

Naboo victory

The control ship explodes.

In the hangar, Anakin unintentionally launched a pair of proton torpedoes into the main reactor when trying to escape, causing an explosion which practically ripped the ship in half, killing Daultay Dofine and all on board; this process deactivated all the battle droids occupied on Naboo and thus marking the end of the Droid's invasion of Naboo.[1]

Rhys Dallows narrowly escaped by destroying the shield generator inside Hangar 3 and escaping through the entrance to a side hangar.[3]


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