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1,010 BBY

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"My Master was a great Sith Lord. He was particularly adept in the arts of lightsaber combat - a skill he passed on to me."
―Kas'im on his Master, Na'daz

Na'daz was a Twi'lek Sith Lord near the end of the New Sith Wars.


When traveling on Nal Hutta, Na'daz discovered Kas'im, a young Twi'lek slave who was strong in the Force. Na'daz bought the boy and journeyed with him to Ryloth, where he trained him as a Sith. In 1,010 BBY, his apprentice challenged Na'daz to a duel. Kas'im had grown stronger in the Force than his Master, and slew him. Kas'im then took his master's lightsaber, which had a curved hilt, as a trophy.

Kas'im later went on to become the greatest lightsaber duelist of his time, training many Sith at the Sith Academy on Korriban. Kas'im eventually gave Na'daz's lightsaber to his greatest student: Bane after training him to defeat his rival apprentice in the Academy, Sirak.

Powers and abilities

Na'daz was a skilled lightsaber duelist, a trait he imbued in his apprentice. He was a master of both the single- and Double-bladed lightsaber, utilizing the former and training Kas'im in the latter. It is unknown whether Na'daz was familiar with Jar'Kai, a technique Kas'im became highly proficient at, and so is unknown whether he taught this method to his apprentice or whether Kas'im learned this from another teacher.


  • Darth Bane: Path of Destruction (Mentioned only)

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