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A non-player character (short NPC) is any person in the game that the player character (PC) can interact with. They are not controlled by anyone but a set AI, but may belong to a certain faction within the game, unlike the PC, who gets a faction just for him/herself. So basically, a NPC is just anyone you meet in the game besides yourself.

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"People" redirects here. For players in general, see Account. For ethnics in NPCs, see Race.
A player attacking an NPC.
An example of a non-player character.

A Non-player character, or NPC, is a character not controlled by a player. Players can usually talk to NPCs, but they are not attackable. (If they are attackable, they would be considered a monster) They include store owners, quest contacts, bankers and civilians. NPCs can give out quests, sell items, restrict access to certain areas and perform other vital duties. Many have no useful function, but provide atmosphere or interesting conversation. Some can talk in public, but this will not appear in the chat list. NPCs names have a yellow colour.

NPCs form the foundations for quests: beginning them, continuing the story, giving information and handing out rewards.

Talking to a NPC in RuneScape Classic

RuneScape Classic NPCs could only talk to one player at a time. Players took advantage of this and talked to NPCs and did not respond, thereby holding up the shops (in RuneScape Classic, players who stood in the same spot for five minutes would automatically be logged out, but this rule didn't apply when players were talking to NPCs). Players soon did this with new quests. Jagex changed the system such that if a player doesn't respond to an NPC when others were waiting, then the conversation would automatically end.


  • If a player blocks the path for an NPC for too long the NPC will reset to its "respawn" location. Similar to penguins in the distractions and diversions activity.
  • Most non-player characters have a small shadow, while player characters have a bigger one. Shown in the above film.
  • Technically, anything with a yellow name is an NPC. However, usually only those that represent actual characters rather than things like fishing spots are referred to as such.

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"NPC" stands for "Non-Player Character". They are characters that are in specific places throughout Tibia, and they are not controlled by a real-life human being.

Most NPCs in Tibia exist for the buying and selling of Items, but not all NPCs buy and sell things. Some NPCs are in the game as part of a Quest, and others are merely for roleplaying purposes.

These types of NPCs buy and sell various items and equipment. You will talk to these NPCs more than any other:

These types of NPCs offer travel services to both Free Account and Premium Account players:

These types of NPCs offer travel services only to Premium Account players:

If you need to learn a spell, then you will visit one of these NPCs:

Other types of NPCs are:

There are currently around 552 NPCs in Tibia; which includes Santa Claus and Ned Nobel.

If you want to help adding NPC pictures take a look here.

NPC List

See also: List of NPCs by Location.


These NPCs don't have a fixed location, they appear on different places in Tibia.

Ned_Nobel.gif Ned Nobel Rashid.gif Rashid Santa_Claus.gif Santa Claus

Free Account Cities

Irea.gif Ab'Dendriel NPCs Cornelia.gif Carlin NPCs
Sigurd.gif Kazordoon NPCs Elane.gif Thais NPCs
Alwin.gif Venore NPCs

Free Account Villages

Cipfried.gif Rookgaard NPCs Lorbas.gif Dark Cathedral NPCs
Uzon.gif Femor Hills NPCs Dermot.gif Fibula NPCs
Aneus.gif Fields of Glory NPCs Svenson.gif Folda NPCs
A_Lost_Soul.gif Ghostlands NPCs Tokel.gif Greenshore NPCs
Raffael.gif Island of Destiny NPCs Costello.gif Isle of the Kings NPCs
Hagor.gif Jakundaf Desert NPCs Markwin.gif Mintwallin NPCs
Skjaar.gif Mount Sternum NPCs Graubart.gif Northport NPCs
H.L..gif Outlaw Camp NPCs Oldrak.gif Plains of Havoc NPCs
Scott.gif Senja NPCs The_Orc_King.gif Ulderek's Rock NPCs
Ruprecht.gif Vega NPCs

Premium Account Cities

Ishebad.gif Ankrahmun NPCs Razan.gif Darashia NPCs
Zoltan.gif Edron NPCs Ongulf.gif Farmine NPCs
Jefrey.gif Liberty Bay NPCs Myra.gif Port Hope
Sven.gif Svargrond NPCs Timothy.gif Yalahar NPCs

Premium Account Villages

Pemaret.gif Cormaya NPCs Atrad.gif Goroma NPCs
Sinatuki.gif Grimlund NPCs Penny.gif Isle of Solitude NPCs
Nor.gif Krimhorn NPCs Erayo.gif Laguna Islands NPCs
Ariella.gif Meriana NPCs Sebastian.gif Nargor NPCs
Nilsor.gif Nibelor NPCs Jason.gif Treasure Island NPCs
Buddel.gif Tyrsung NPCs Nokmir.gif Beregar NPCs

This article uses material from the "NPCs" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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