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Garden Master NORG
""Bujurururu! THIS-IS-MY-GARDEN!""
—Master NORG

NORG (ノーグ, Nōgu) is a wealthy Shumi but unlike his humble, good-natured race NORG is proud, selfish and cowardly. He ignores the Shumi custom of concealing hands, displaying his proudly. He is regarded as the "black sheep" of the tribe. His speech pattern is peculiar, speaking continuously in a loud voice, occasionally making his "bujururu" noise.

As Balamb Garden's proprietor NORG comes to believe that people, especially Cid Kramer and his wife; Edea, are trying to take the Garden away from him. The Garden Faculty and his supporters refer to him as the Garden Master.



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NORG is one of the Shumi who left Shumi Village in hopes of finding something of worth as life in the village seemed destitute. During this absence he had somehow amassed a large fortune and it was a chance meeting with Cid Kramer that led to the establishment of the Garden program and SeeD; Cid was seeking financial assistance in creating the Garden to ensure the future against other Sorceress Wars, which was the brainchild of his wife. NORG was interested in the idea of building the Garden and training SeeDs and poured his fortune into funding the project.

Once the project was successful Cid was made Headmaster while NORG continued to be the proprietor of the Garden. However, it turned out that they needed a large sum of money to run the Garden and the two went with the idea of dispatching their first batch of SeeDs as mercenaries across the world to gain an income. The idea worked perfectly and a large amount of capital began flowing into the Garden's budget. However Cid's vision of training SeeDs to fight against the Sorceress menace was eventually covered up by their use as paid mercenaries. A rift soon formed between NORG and Cid.

When the second Garden, Galbadia Garden, was formed soon after Balamb, its Headmaster, Martine, was a subordinate of NORG. When President Vinzer Deling of Galbadia was killed and its "ambassador" Sorceress Edea took over talk began that the sorceress wanted to control all the Gardens. NORG, afraid of losing control of Balamb Garden, issued an official order to Martine to kill the sorceress. He had manipulated the order so that, should the assassination fail, the Sorceress would retaliate on Martine instead of him. However, the Galbadia Garden master contacted Cid over the matter and the latter agreed to send the SeeDs to assist in the assassination.

NORG was angry when he found out about this, and was much more furious to know that the assassination had failed. Knowing that the Sorceress would strike back with outer-continental missile attacks, NORG was desperate to appease her and decided that they should hand over those involved in the assassination to show the Garden's sincerity. A search was carried out to find the SeeD responsible and an order was placed on the students to find Cid, who went missing during the ordeal. As a result, Balamb Garden was split between those who sided with Garden Master NORG and those who sided with Headmaster Cid.

Squall and the party showed up and NORG explained his fear of losing all he had worked and paid for the Garden, thanks to the failure of the SeeDs. Now driven by obsession and selfishness NORG went mad and attacked the SeeDs. However, even with the magic contained in his NORG Pod, he was defeated. Despaired, NORG closed himself away in a cocoon-like form.

At a later stage if Squall visits level B1 again there will be a Shumi who intend to retrieve the Cocoon and apologize for NORG's behavior.


Main article: NORG (Boss)

NORG is fought in Disc 2, after the Missile attack on the Gardens. Upon Squall's return to Balamb, he had to go through the small civil war taking place at Balamb Garden. NORG hides within his NORG Pod, and the party had to pry it open to get to him.

Triple Triad

Shumi Tribe
Image:TTNORG.png Level 6 (Boss Card) Element none
Refine 5 refines into 1 Gambler Spirit
Drop n/a
Card T-Rexaur, Grat
Win n/a

Musical Theme

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The musical score "Heresy" is played during the conversation between NORG and Squall just before their battle.


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