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An Ice Hockey Wiki article.

The Ice Hockey Wiki

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Welcome to the ice hockey wiki. This project is now 3 years old and boasts 21,360 articles, a number that increases daily.
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Ice hockey wiki

Hockey is even played in the warmest countries nowadays, as shown here by Australia's Canberra Knights.

Dear visitor, welcome to the Ice Hockey Wiki. As its name suggests, this wiki is dedicated to ice hockey. But what is this? Ice hockey is a fast and exciting team sport played on a specifically designed rink. The goal of the game is very simple: the players, two defencemen and three forwards per side, must score goals in the opposing team's net, located at the other end of the ice and protected by a goaltender. Instead of shoes, each player wears a pair of skates to move around the rink. In order to score goals, they must send a vulcanized rubber disc called puck in the aforementioned net using a specially designed stick.

The game originates from Canada and has spread all around the world. If you want to learn more about this sport that passionates us to the point of dedicating ourselves to a wiki, then you've come to the right place. If you already know a lot, you've come to the right place, too. Please take a look around, read a bit, and, if you have knowledge we still miss, feel totally free to add it by editing our articles or creating new ones! This is a collaborative project where every little bit of help is welcomed.



Every country where hockey is played has some kind of a national championship. In some cases, such as National Hockey League or Continental Hockey League, the championship is that of a league comprising more than one nation; in many other cases, it is a multi-level system, with one top league and one or several lower divisions between which a system of promotion and relegation exists.

Here are some of the strongest leagues worldwide:

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International competitions

Major International competitions in ice hockey are sanctioned by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). This federation has 64 members and takes care of organizing the ice hockey events during the Olympic Games, the World Championships and several other competitions such as the European Champions Cup, the European Women's Champions Cup, the Continental Cup, the Champions Hockey League and the Victoria Cup. Its main aim is to help foster the development of the game worldwide; it also is the governing body of all the member nations' National Federations.

Several other major competitions are not ruled by the IIHF. Among them are the World Cup, the Canada Cup, the Deutschland Cup, the Spengler Cup and the Tournoi international de hockey pee-wee de Québec.

IIHF National teams
Armenia - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Belarus - Bulgaria
Canada - China - Croatia - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia
Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Great Britain - Hungary
Ireland - Iceland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Kazakhstan
Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Mexico - Mongolia - North Korea
Norway - New Zealand - The Netherlands - Poland - Romania - Russia
Serbia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - South Africa - South Korea
Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey - Ukraine - United Arab Emirates - United-States
Defunct teams: Bohemia - Czechoslovakia - East Germany - U.S.S.R. - West Germany - Yugoslavia
Teams that do not participate in IIHF competitions:
Andorra - Argentina - Azerbaijan - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Brazil - Chinese Taipei
Georgia - Hong Kong - Kuwait - India - Liechtenstein - Macau
FYR Macedonia - Malaysia - Moldova - Namibia - Portugal - Singapore - Thailand
Teams of non-IIHF member nations: Algeria - Morocco

List of Hockey Nations


Junior hockey

The Ice Hockey Wiki, in its aim to cover as thoroughly hockey as possible, pays a special attention to junior, collegial and university hockey, an area where informations are often difficult to find on the internet. Our members have already gathered results and standings of hundreds of seasons of Canadian and American junior hockey leagues and keep doing so, making IHW one of the most complete reference in the domain. Here are some major categories linked to this aspect of IHW:

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Other useful articles

If the article ice hockey is by far the most important to read for the neophytes, several more articles are of importance to understand the sport of ice hockey. This section lists some of the key articles to take a look at:


Featured picture

The 1959 edition of the Canadian National Team, made up that year by the Belleville McFarlands. They finished first and earned the title of world champion at the 1959 World Championship.


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Featured article

The Portage Terriers are a Canadian Tier II Junior "A" ice hockey team from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. They are members of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL), itself a part of the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) sanctioned by Hockey Canada.

Founded in 1967, the team was one of the founding members of the now defunct Central Manitoba Junior Hockey League, which merged after only one season of existance with the MJHL. They have been MJHL members ever since, and won 5 titles across the years (1973, 1990, 2005, 2008, 2009). 1973 turned out to be a special year for the team, which did not only win the Manitoba title, but also the Anavet Cup, the Abbott Cup and the Centennial Cup. The quadruple crowning earned the 1973 Portage Terriers to be inducted to the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame.

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In the news


Did you know that...

... in unlikely Australia is the fifth oldest ice hockey trophy in existance? The Goodall Cup is indeed awarded since 1909 to the national senior men's ice hockey champion team of Australia. Traditionally the prize of an inter-state tournament, the Cup became the Australian Ice Hockey League's championship trophy since 2000.

New South Wales is the most crowned state, with 38 titles. Of the AIHL era, the Newcastle North Stars are the most frequent victor with 4 titles. The Goodall Cup celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009.


Main categories

This section displays all the categories comprised in this wiki. Click the [+] signs left to a category to open it and see its subcategories.


About the project

The Ice Hockey Wiki (IHW) is a project created to cover ice hockey as thoroughly as possible. The wiki was founded on June 27th 2006 by DMighton and has, ever since its creation, kept growing at a steady pace. We encourage visitors to create an account and join us in our effort to build the most complete and accurate ice hockey encyclopedia ever.

You do not have to create 50 new articles every day to contribute. Heck, you don't even need to drop by every day either! There is no obligation here. You may want to begin by correcting little spelling mistakes our members may have made to begin with; you may as well correct a team roster, add a line or two about a particular event that occurred in the history of a particular team or league, add statistics for a player, create an article to "blue" a dead link... In the end, every little step counts, and every edit made makes IHW better.

This is a free project for everyone; therefore, everyone can contribute. We hope to have your help!


The community

The Ice Hockey Wiki community is a small but dedicated group of people who love ice hockey and are bound by a common goal: to build the most complete and accurate ice hockey encyclopedia ever written. We all have our very own

If you have any question about the wiki itself or about editing, you should ask our two administrators: DMighton, founder of the IHW, and Yannzgob.

We have a discussion page, the Locker Room. Don't hesitate to drop by the place and ask questions, propose things or join ongoing discussions!


Help to get you started

You decided to help us? Thank you! We are glad you stepped in. We realize there may be quite a few things confusing for people who are new to wiki editing, and several little technicalities you may not be aware of if you have not hanged around here for a long time, so we have some resources to assist you. We suggest you start by reading the Ice Hockey Wiki Guidelines. That's a good place to begin with, as our rules and policies are stated there. Don't worry, we don't have many, and they are very simple and instinctive.

If you are new to wiki editing, you should then read this help page about editing. You should also read the Manual of style. It is not a very long read, and it will tell you what you need to know about how to write a new article. If you want to practice using the editing interface, you should do it in the sandbox. We also have a small FAQ to assist you with some things.


IHW projects

The Ice Hockey Wiki is a pretty big wiki and is certainly not about to stop growing. Considering the fact that the world is a large place across which hockey is spread, IHW is beginning to create specific projects within the wiki for specific aspects of the sport. Here is a list of all the projects ongoing within the IHW. You are free to join any ongoing project or to start new ones at any time, but in the latter case, you should first check if there is not already one in progress covering what you plan to work on.

  • IHW Project:Ontario hockey - a project aiming to gather all the data about ice hockey in Ontario.
  • IHW Project:Hockey towns - a project aiming to build complete all-time lists of ice hockey teams and players based in or hailing from every city and town worldwide
  • IHW Project:NCAA Hockey - a project aiming to build the most complete reference about NCAA hockey.
  • IHW Project:Chronology of Hockey - a project that aims to gather all the important dates in the history of hockey
  • IHW Project:Hockey Cards - a project for the collectors, aiming at building a comprehensive and complete encyclopedia of the history of hockey cards, that so many of us probably collected at one point in our lives.

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This article uses material from the "The Face Off" article on the Ice Hockey wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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