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Mytaranor sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim. Planets in Mytaranor sector included Mytaranor itself, Kwookrrr, Trandosha, Alaris, and Kashyyyk. The sector was plagued by the Mytaranor Slaving Council.


In the last years of the Old Republic, Mytaranor sector was represented in the Galactic Senate by Yarua, but after the Declaration of the New Order, it came under the authority of the Moff of Sector Three, apparently a larger territory with its headquarters on Bimmisaari in Halla sector.

During the Imperial era, the Mytaranor Sector was plagued by attacks of the Mytaranor Slaving Council. The Sector was far away from most of the Imperial activities and slaves were "needed" to make the most of the natural resources.[2]

Following the Battle of Endor, it appears to have become independent once again, being represented by Kerrithrarr on the New Republic Provisional Council and Kybacca in the New Republic Senate.


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