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The interior of the Tower of Mysidia
The Tower of Mysidia on the World Map

The Mysidian Tower (ミシディアの塔 Mishidia no Tou) is a dungeon from Final Fantasy II. It is where the spell Ultima is sealed away. It is the longest dungeon in the game, on par with Pandaemonium.

The Mysidian Tower's floors 2 to 7 represent the standard elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. The enemies and treasure found vary depending much on the floor's theme. Floors 2 and 3 have a deep red tinge to their halls, and Floor 3 includes damaging pools of lava and the first boss, the Fire Gigas. Floors 4 and 5 instantly switch to a pale and frosty blue, complete with dangerous ice spikes set into the ground. On Floor 5, the Ice Gigas awaits. Floors 6 and 7 represent Lightning, and so their halls branch off into many forks, some over seemingly bottomless pits. Floor 7 holds the last elemental giant, the Thunder Gigas.

Floor 8 and 9 are a trove of powerful monsters and precious treasures. The White Dragon guards the Black Robe, and a copy of Gottos attacks the party after they obtain the Flare Tome from a chest. The final and highest floor is one large room that houses the hidden power of Ultima.



Firion and his allies attempt to reach the tower to unseal Ultima, and gain the power needed to defeat Emperor Mateus. However, as they approach the island where the tower is located, they are swallowed by Leviathan. They manage to escape, and continue to the tower. As they climb the tower, they must fight three powerful gigas monsters on their way up. At the top, they see Minwu attempt to break the seal. He succeeds, but uses all of his strength to do so, and dies as a result. Firion then proceeds into the chamber, where he acquires Ultima.


Item Location
Ether First Floor
Staff First Floor
White Robe First Floor
Staff First Floor
Flame Lance Second Floor
Flame Bow Second Floor
Flame Shield Second Floor
Flame Sword Third Floor
Flame Helm Third Floor
Flame Armor Third Floor
Ice Shield Fourth Floor
Ice Lance Fifth Floor
Ice Gloves Fourth Floor
Ice Armor Fourth Floor
Ice Brand Fifth Floor
Wizard's Staff Sixth Floor
Elixir Sixth Floor
Spider's Silk Seventh Floor
Hermes' Shoes Seventh Floor
Unicorn Horn Seventh Floor
Flare Tome Eight Floor
Hourglass Ninth Floor
Black Robe Ninth Floor
Cross Ninth Floor
Ultima Tome Tenth Floor


Mysidian Tower's floor 1, 8, 9 and 10 background
Mysidian Tower's 2 and 3 battle background
Mysidian Tower's 4 and 5 battle background
Mysidian Tower's 6 and 7 battle background


"Magician's Tower"
Image:FFII - Magician's Tower.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background music that plays in the Mysidian Tower is called "Magician's Tower", which was also arranged and featured in Chocobo Racing, as the background music for one of its tracks, The Black Manor.



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