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Myrkr strike team
General information

Luke Skywalker

Notable members

Eclipse Station

Formed from

New Jedi Order


27 ABY


27 ABY

Other information

New Jedi Order era


New Jedi Order

The Myrkr strike team was a group of young Jedi led by Apprentice Anakin Solo, with the support of two YVH droids and various personnel, who went to infiltrate the Yuuzhan Vong worldship Baanu Rass in Myrkr's orbit in order to destroy the voxyn queen during the Yuuzhan Vong War in 27 ABY. The operation was known as the Mission to Myrkr, a concurrent event with the fall of Coruscant.



The mission was a success with Jacen Solo destroying the voxyn queen, but it came at a huge price: six Jedi, that was almost half of the task force, were killed, including strike team commander Anakin Solo. Jacen Solo was taken prisoner by Vergere after killing the queen. The craft Raynar Thul stayed on was hijacked by Nightsister Lomi Plo and Dark Jedi Welk, and all three were presumed lost during Myrkr outbound. Jaina Solo and the remaining eight members of the strike team hijacked Nom Anor's craft Ksstarr and survived Myrkr outbound.


Eight years later, the survivors of the strike team all received a desperate call through the Force, emanating from the Unknown Regions. The Jedi journeyed to the Unknown Regions, and fell under the influence of the Dark Nest. Alema Rar turned against her fellow Jedi, and all except Jacen (and Tenel Ka, who refused to leave Hapes due to her duty as Queen Mother) became Joiners, their minds open to manipulation by Raynar Thul—now known as UnuThul, Welk and Lomi Plo, who survived the Myrkr outbound and crash-landed elsewhere. The influence marked the beginning of the Dark Nest Crisis which eventually led to the Swarm War. Five years after the war, Jacen Solo turned to the dark side and was taught the ways of the Sith during the Second Galactic Civil War. He would later flow-walk with Tahiri back to the mission where she passionately kissed Anakin Solo before he was killed. As a result, Tahiri joined Jacen in his attempt to bring peace to the galaxy.


Before leaving the Eclipse Station, tacticians projected that the successful rate of the mission would be 72%, which would decrease by 2% per standard hour. Once Anakin Solo applied Plan D during Myrkr inbound, the successful rate decreased to 21% with a casualty projection of over 90%. Ulaha Kore stayed behind aboard the Exquisite Death to boost the successful rate to around 50%, which decreased by 0.2% per standard minute. As the strike team carried the mission for over at least thirty standard hours, one can state that the strike team achieved the impossible against all odds.

Taking Jedi and droids into calculation, 40% of the original strike team participants were killed in action, 45% survived the mission and the outbound, 10% were missing in action, and 5% were captured by the enemy. 10% of the original strike team survivors were later killed in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Around 78% of the strike team survivors in 35 ABY became Joiners or partial Joiners.

Strike team roster


Field operatives

Jedi apprentice Anakin Solo, strike team commander.

Given the title of Strike team commander, Anakin Solo was tasked with the detection of Yuuzhan Vong on the mission. He would later die in action, allowing the remaining Jedi to flee slaughter. Second-in-command, Jacen Solo was named Meld coordinator; the individual that would keep spirits high on the mission. He was also the animal expert out of the group, an ability that would come in use when dealing with the bioforms of the Vong technology. Jacen would be captured by Vergere and tortured while the surviving task force members fled Baanu Rass. Jaina Solo was third-in-command, and the pilot for the group. Her task was to located and operate the hijacked Ksstarr out of the worldship. Ganner Rhysode served as the decoy commander on the assignment; used to draw fire away from Anakin Solo.

Jedi Zekk served as the equipment scavenger; picking up as many weapons as he could to assist in the operation. Tahiri Veila used her abilities to understand the Vongese as the group's translator. Lowbacca and his droidEm Teedee were the biomechanics experts, while Tekli served as the groups field medic. Tesar Sebatyne and Alema Rar were meant to be used as stealth and underground infiltration agents, but both were forced into action with the rest of the team.

Ulaha Kore would lend her piloting and tactical analyst skills before being killed in action; Eryl Besa would contribute her powers of space navigation before being killed in the worldship. Bela and Krasov Hara provided their stealth skills before meeting their death, along with team sniper, Jovan Drark.

Dark Jedi Lomi Plo and Welk were discovered by Raynar Thul and Tenel Ka Djo; who were providing ground support for the team. The Dark Jedi hijacked the Tachyon Flier, the groups escape transport, along with Raynar. They were eventually rediscovered in a Killik hive during the Dark Nest Crisis.

In addition to the Jedi, the YVH droids YVH 2-1S and YVH 2-4S provided cover fire, before being felled by Yuuzhan Vong.

Supportive personnel and strategists

Under the alias of Fitzgibbon Lane, Lando Calrissian and his wife Tendra piloted Lady Luck and delivered the field operatives to the Yuuzhan Vong on Exquisite Death. The chef, Yarsroot and droid YVH 1-1A helped to create the illusion that Lane was delivering the Jedi to the Vong for payment.

From Eclipse Station, Luke Skywalker and the other Jedi present provided strategy; along with the hopes and prayers from Han and Leia Solo.



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