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"My Home, Sweet Home" from Final Fantasy V
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My Home, Sweet Home is a tune, from Final Fantasy V, that plays whenever Bartz and the Warriors of Light visit his hometown, Lix, and during Bartz's flashbacks of his childhood in the town.


Other Versions


Piano Collections: Final Fantasy V

A piano arrangement of "My Home, Sweet Home" is featured in the Final Fantasy V Piano Collections album.

Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends

The Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends album features a vocal arrangement of "My Home, Sweet Home", named "Harukanaru Kokyou". It is sung in a mix of English and Saami.


English and Saami (Dear Friends)
So far away from my home, sweet home
Day by day, from land to land I roam.
Though told by the wind, which way to go.
Oh how I long for my home, sweet home.
Boađe ruoktot alot go
don dovtat tuski
Boađe ruoktot alot go
don dovtat váivu
du ruoktu vuordá
du alot
du ruoktu vuordá
du alot
Fragrant blossoms, blossoming far away
To my folks see them as I did long ago?
Are they still joyful, are they young at heart?
Will I see them again as I did that day...
(sang simultaneously with 2nd English stanza)
Bearaš, ushbat, ruoktu
dat eai goassige
vajaldahtc du
How far I've come from my childhood home...
There will come a time when my troubles are gone
And when I shall not be all alone.
Till then, I dream of my home, sweet home.
(sang simultaneously with 3rd English stanza)
Meahcci, čácit, albmi
dat buot vurdet du
dat buot vurdet du
English translation

Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow

Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow features a vocal arrangement of "My Home, Sweet Home", named "Harukanaru Kokyou" as well. This version is technically written in Japanese, although it is sung as if the Romaji were spelled inversely (i. e. from right to left). The song is mostly fragments of sentences, of which only a rough English translation can be rendered.


Idolem urodo iatu a wi rot,
Ukufu kush onuoy nehawuoch.
Etia di ukoik ura nakurah,
Enadu yoimi nnesar urugem.
Eteako ich atak--
Ureatu tso oodah.
Amia wibo koro yonneie!
English translation
The birds sing a dancing melody,
Butterflies are a strange blessing.
Embrace distant memories
And entrust yourself to a circling spiral.
Change form--
Tell [others] of this wave motion--
Eternal joy is now!

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