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Series: The Original Series, No. 18
Miniseries: Rihannsu, No. 1
Author(s): Diane Duane
Publication information
Published: paperback - July 1984
Reprint(s): paperback - 2000
Pages: 309
ISBN: ISBN 0671502859
Omnibus: Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages
Date: 2275
Stardate: 0304.6

Romulans board the Enterprise—and Kirk joins forces with his deadliest enemy!



From the book jacket 
Ael t'Rllaillieu is a noble—and dangerous—Romulan commander. But when the Romulans kidnap Vulcans to genetically harness their mind power, Ael decides on treason.
Captain Kirk, her old enemy, joins her in a secret pact to destroy the research laboratory and free the captive Vulcans.
When the Romulans discover their plan, the Neutral Zone seethes with schemes and counter-schemes, sabotage and war!


Ael i-Mhiessan t'Rllaillieu, a Romulan commander, ponders her situation and that of the Romulan Empire. Due to her objections to a dangerous and immoral scientific project being carried out at Levaeri V, she has been assigned command of the vessel Cuirass, on Neutral Zone patrol, as a form of exile. She receives a message from her son, Tafv, now in command of her former vessel Bloodwing, covertly informing her that he is ready to implement their plan. Ael then receives word of the arrival of a new Federation patrol group at the Neutral Zone, a group that includes the USS Enterprise.

Aboard Enterprise, Spock has been investigating the increasing severity of ion storms in the part of the galaxy they are currently exploring. In Recreation, Kirk and Spock play a game of 4D chess. As Kirk is about to resign, McCoy steps in for him and wins the game when pieces Kirk had "timed out" reappear in the cubic playing area. Kirk receives orders from Starfleet Command to lead a task force consisting of Enterprise, USS Intrepid, USS Constellation and USS Inaieu to the border of the Neutral Zone. The reason for the mission is not specified. Kirk requests a report from Uhura on any information in recent Fleet dispatches that might provide insight into what Starfleet is concerned about. When Kirk reads the list in Uhura's report of Romulan ships patrolling the Neutral Zone, he is startled and concerned by the absence of Bloodwing.

Ael takes her personal gig, Hsaaja, on an inspection tour of the other three ships in the small fleet she is commanding, all of which were purchased from the Klingons. To her horror, she discovers that all four ships' ID signals still identify them by Klingon names, and realizes that Command's intent is to order her across the Neutral Zone to fool the Federation into thinking the Klingons are attacking them and start a war between the two enemy powers. She returns to Cuirass to prevent the orders to cross the Zone from arriving, on the way launching a small probe that will carry a message to Tafv on Bloodwing.

Enterprise meets the other three ships of the task force in the sigma-285 Trianguli system. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty attend a briefing with the senior officers of the other three ships aboard Inaieu, a destroyer crewed primarily by natives of the Deneb system. Kirk is especially interested to meet Captain Suvuk of Intrepid, famous for his heroic actions during the most recent conflict with the Klingons. The four captains agree on their patrol pattern and guidelines for the conduct of the operation.

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USS Enterprise

Christine ChapelPavel ChekovJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraAbernathyAhrensAmekentraAthendëAustin • Roz Bates • BischoffBrandBrassardLia BurkeCanfieldCarverClaremontEisenbergFederEdward FisherJerry FreemanHarrisonHwavirëJaníce KerasusKhalifaKorrenTom KrejciWinston KyleLangsamLeeLihwaLittRobbie LondonDiane MaassDonald MaassMalksonColin Matlock • Mahásë • M'BengaMiñambrésMorrisMosleyMullerNarahtNortonOranjeboomPaulRemnerRotsler • Satha • Sjveda • Harb Tanzer


USS Constellation personnel
Randy Cross • Raela hr'Sassish • Aline MacDougall • Iwao Sasoaka • Mike Walsh
USS Inaieu personnel
Nhauris Rihaul • LAhiyn Roharrn • Syill • Lellyn UUriul • Aroun Yihoun
USS Intrepid personnel
Sehlk • Setek • Si'jsk • Sobek • Suvuk • T'Kiha • T'Leiar
Other personnel
K. Malcor • T'Kaien • K. Willson


Ael i-Mhiessan t'RllaillieuAidoann t'Khnialmnae • Ameh • Dhiemn • Dhiov • Dhisuia • Ejiul • Gehen • Giellun tr'Keirianh • Gwiu t'Laheiin • Haehwe • Hei • Helev • Hilae • Hvaid t'Khaethaetreh • Ireqh • K'haeth • KhiyKhoal • Lhair • Liha • Llaaseil • LLunih tr'Raedheol • Lyie • Lyirru tr'Illialhae • Mrian • N'alae • Ndeian tr'Jelai • Nniol t'AAnikh • Rai • Rhioa • t'Hrienteh • t'Kaenmie • t'Liun • tr'Arriufvi • tr'Iawaain • tr'Jaihen • tr'Khaell • T'maekhTafv ei-Leinarrh tr'Rllaillieu • Triy • V. Raiuhes Ahaefvthe
Referenced only 
Samuel Barber • Ludwig van Beethoven • Marlon BrandoLiviana Charvanek • Frédéric Chopin • Devo • GorganAmanda Grayson • Inaieu • John LennonSarek • Igor Stravinsky • Ralph Vaughan Williams

Starships and vehicles


USS ConstellationUSS EnterpriseUSS ExcaliburUSS HoodUSS IntrepidUSS Intrepid IIUSS PotemkinUSS Inaieu

Klingon Defense Force

IKS Hakask

Romulan Star Empire

ArakkabChR JavelinKenekYkirChR ArienChR BattlequeenChR BloodwingChR CourserChR CuirassChR EisnEhhakChR HelveHsaajaChR LahaiChR Rea's HelmChR Wildfire


Beta Pavonis IVAlpha QuadrantBeta Quadrant128 TrianguliEisnch'HavranRomulus IIRemusch'RihanRomulus • Airissuin • 40 Eridani AVulcanSol systemJupiterEarth • Baltimore Harbor • CaliforniaCanadaLos AngelesMexico • New York Harbor • North AmericaOklahoma • Oklahoma City • Rocky MountainsRussiaSan FranciscoSeattle • Sespe • Sydney Opera House • Levaeri • Levaeri VAndromeda constellationBeta Andromedae • Iota Andromedae • Cygnus constellationDenebDeneb VCassiopeia constellationLacerta constellation • Ha-Suiwen • Sagittarius Arm • 15 Trianguli • 218 Persei • 2450 Trianguli • 415 Arietis • 56 Arietis • 766 Trianguli • 780 Arietis • Altair • Arcturus VI • Eta TrianguliJanus VI • Romulan Outmarches • Phi Trianguli • RegulusRomulan Neutral Zone • Sigma-285 Trianguli • Hihwende • Triacus • Vega

Species and cultures

!'hewAndorianDeirrDenebian • Elaasian • Eseriat • EyrenHortaHumanKlahaKlingonOrganianOrionRihannsuSulamidTellarite

States and organizations

Federation • Federation Intergalactique des Échecs • Romulan Star Empire • Romulan High Command • Romulan Praetorate • Romulan SenateStarfleet


admiralAesculapiusanabolic protoplaserantecenturionApolloAreinnyeBattle of Organia • biomathematics • centurion • cesium • cheese • class N star • class R star • class S starcommandercommander generalcommunicationsDoctor Whofour-dimensional chess • cryotherapy • dilithium • gender • ion stormkhre'Riov • enzyme • ereinfvai • gallium • goldGreek • Heathrow Airport • Hilaefve's Paradox • Hippocratic Oathhlaihnoiyika • hyponeutronium • interactional mesophysics • intradermal translators • USS Intrepid (CV-11) • iridiumIrishironkahs-hirkan-sorn • lead • LIhrei'sianLlaekh-ae'rlM-5 • matter-antimatter converter • mercury • meson • mnhei'sahe • Moira • mother hen • multistate equivocator crystal • Murphy's Law • neodymium • nickel • NZRM 4488 • NZRM 4486 • On the Waterfront • palladium • Pentares Peace Commendation • pizza • psychiatry • psychology • recreation deck • rhodium • Romulan language • rubidium • samarium • S'harien sword • swordshuttlecraftsilicon • simulpericardium • sonic grenadeStarfleet AcademyStarfleet regulationsSteinway • strontium • Sunseedsusse-thraiTaer'thaiemenhtantalumthraithree-dimensional chess • Titanian two-step • tribble predatorTrojan Horse • T'Saien Clinic • ulna • voder • Vulcan languagexenobiology • yttrium


  • The original cover depicts the Starfleet uniform of the original television series, as do the descriptions in the text, when the story's 2270s timeframe suggests Kirk would have instead been wearing the Star Trek: The Motion Picture era uniform.
  • A holographic representation of "The Doctor" (from Doctor Who) is shown, with the programme explicitly stated to be a work of fiction.
  • This novel's descriptions of the Deneb system and its native species were subsequently contradicted by TNG episode: "Encounter at Farpoint", in which Farpoint Station is located on Deneb IV. Star Trek: Star Charts explained this discrepancy by stating that the "Deneb system" described in My Enemy, My Ally was the Deneb Kaitos system, while Farpoint Station was located in the Alpha Cygni system (orbiting the "true" Deneb). This retcon, however, does not explain the passage in the book's epilogue in which Kirk smiles at the sight of "Deneb" in Earth's sky, in a context indicating he is looking at Alpha Cygni.

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