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Level: 30
Category: Meat
Weight: 1 pod
Sells to NPC: 0 kamas
Official description
This muzzle of Miliboowolf, with its small firm chops, will perfectly accompany all your salads.

Muzzle is a meat.


Dropped by a Hunter (Lv. 30) from


Used in the craft of

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Biographical information



32 BBY

Physical description

Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Alpha-66, also known as Muzzle, was an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando in the Grand Army of the Republic. He was a veteran of the Clone Wars.



After the Clone Wars, all surviving ARCs were offered retirement. Some ARCs did so, and lived out a quiet life for the rest of their days. Others trained their successors, the stormtroopers; some defected to the Alliance to Restore the Republic; and some went rogue, following in their progenitor's footsteps by becoming bounty hunters and assassins.

Alpha-66 selected the latter option, founding the Aurodium Sword mercenary group, taking jobs for criminals and Imperial allies. Muzzle's erstwhile Imperial comrades were rather suspicious of his friendship with Wookiees, such as fellow bounty hunter Snoova.

Physical appearance

Muzzle, like all clones, was the spitting image of Jango Fett, though his once jet-black hair was now becoming white. Also, there was one other distinguishing trait—a massive X-shaped scar across his forehead.

Muzzle wore a hodgepodge armor set—while the upper half was ARC trooper armor, the lower half came from the Naboo Palace Guard.

Behind the scenes

Ryan Kaufman got the idea for Muzzle from his son, who played with a clone commander action figure backed up by three Wookiee action figures.[1]


  • "Underworld: A Galaxy of Scum and Villainy" - Star Wars Insider 89 (First mentioned)
  • Underworld Appendix: Swoops, Spice, and Wretched Rogues

External links

  • 'Insider 89 "Underworld: A Galaxy of Scum & Villainy" Endnotes

Notes and references

  1. 'Insider 89 "Underworld: A Galaxy of Scum & Villainy" Endnotes

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From TibiaWiki

This Object is in the Tools (Objects) class.
Object Class: Tools (Objects)
Attributes: Unknown.
Walking Time: Not walkable.
Location: All around Kazordoon, and some other places.
Notes: It is usually placed on a stone pillar and has Steaming Hot Lava poring out of it.
See also: Objects.
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Muzzle is a Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family.
Not being a teenage girl has limited his popularity.

Muzzle was a private eye on Nebulos, but he was framed and his career ended in scandal. He realized he had a chance at giving his life a new start when he heard there was an Autobot detective who was looking for a Headmaster partner. As a result, he and Nightbeat have one of the most harmonious relationships amongst the binary-bonded. Other than Nightbeat's sharpened eye for detail, one would hardly know Muzzle's in there.



Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.
Blink and you'll miss me!
Shortly after being made a Headmaster and joining Optimus Prime's crew on Earth, Nightbeat learned of a mysterious robot corpse which had seemingly washed up on the California shoreline. Finding a serial brand from a Decepticon prison on the body, and identifying a signature Decepticon blaster as the murder weapon, Nightbeat concluded that a lone, well-armed Decepticon was hunting down escaped Autobot prisoners. Siren returned at that moment, correcting Nightbeat's analysis by informing him the prisoners weren't escapees, but deliberately let loose as prey to be hunted down. His source? The surviving prisoner, Hosehead, and the lone, well-armed Decepticon named Thunderwing who was right on their tails.
Blinked again, didn't you.
Thinking quickly, Nightbeat had Muzzle binary-bond with the dead Autobot in order to reactivate his motor functions partially. Caught off-guard by his prey supposedly coming back to life right in front of him, Thunderwing left himself wide open when Muzzle disengaged and Nightbeat blew up the Autobot's fuel core at close enough range to send Thunderwing packing into the waves to douse the flames. The Big Shutdown!

Following the Transformers' victory over Unicron, the Autobots secretly followed the Decepticons to Klo. However, the Decepticons were aware of the Autobots' surprise attack, and all but five Autobots were destroyed. Snapdragon kicked a head away from Nightbeat's remains. End of the Road! (Marvel US comic)


Generation One

  • Nightbeat with Muzzle (Headmaster, 1988)
  • Accessories: "Muzzle" Headmaster driver, seat/helmet, "Plasma Blaster" rifle, right and left "Photon Pistols"
Inch High Private Eye!
Muzzle transforms into part of Nightbeat's head, with the vehicle mode's "chair" and the hood's photon pistols forming the rest. When Muzzle is connected, folding down a flip-down panel on Nightbeat's chest uncovers a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives readings for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumblers are activated when Muzzle (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into his neck socket. Muzzle has Nightbeat's face plainly visible on his back because, as a smaller Headmaster toy, he lacks the flip-down panel that covers the face, featured on larger Headmasters.
While Nightbeat is in vehicle mode, his roof opens, allowing Muzzle to ride inside, sitting on the chair that forms Nightbeat's helmet.
He shares a mold with the Japanese Headmaster Junior Minerva, who also got a mail-order exclusive version in Nightbeat's colors.


Your legs are BLUE!
  • Packaging photography depicts Muzzle with blue legs instead of black.
  • Other than within Nightbeat's Universe-style profile, Muzzle's existence is never acknowledged in the Marvel US material—or, indeed, that Nightbeat is even a Headmaster.
  • Muzzle's character model was animated once in a television commercial that advertised 1988's Headmaster Autobots and Decepticons. While Muzzle drove Nightbeat on the surface of an unidentified planet (with Siren and Hosehead at their sides), Muzzle leapt out as Nightbeat transformed into robot mode. Of note is that Muzzle's legs are blue instead of the toy's black, like the early packaging photography, and that he transforms into all of Nightbeat's head, including the "seat" and antennas.

External links

  • Muzzle at
  • Nightbeat's Universe profile at
  • Nightbeat's patent on Google.

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