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A mute is a form of admonition given out by in-game Player moderators, in-game Jagex moderators, and Customer Support to those who are guilty of breaching the hardest-weighted Rules of Conduct.

Permanently muted players are unable to speak freely to other players.
A player has been temporarily muted.



There has been some criticism against Jagex's use of mutes.The main criticism is that Player Moderators can mute a player to a period of up to 48 hours at their own discretion. This results in players receiving a mute without sufficient examination of the evidence. There are cases where a player is muted and upon examining the evidence, there is nothing resembling the offence. This commonly occurs with 'Offensive Language' mutes. Upon appealing the offenses, many of these players find the appeal to be denied, even though there is no solid evidence against them. Even if the player wins the appeal, the decision is usually long after the mute, meaning the player has suffered through the wrongful conviction (legally 'Miscarriage of justice') without receiving any compensation or even receive the name of the player moderator who wrongly convicts them. Before the offence system update in May 2009, players with perfect or near perfect records who received minor mutes were not even given the chance to appeal the mute. The appeal would be deferred until a more serious offence was committed. This effectively made the player moderator the court judge, and also the executioner.

These criticisms support the assertion that there is a serious growing trend of player moderators who abuse power in the game and mute players with the slightest provocation. Also, the instant nature of the mute and a prolonged and flawed appeals system increases the severity of the situation, going against the widely accepted judicial philosophy of 'innocent until proven guilty.'

Support for Mutes

Mutes, unlike many may believe, are not a form of punishment, but a way of stopping any more damage from being done by the rule-breaker. In some cases, these rule-breakers may not have been aware that they were breaking the rules, so a mute actually may save that player from being reported possibly hundreds of times and getting blackmarks for each reported breaching of the rules. Mutes given out by player moderators can last up to 48 hours, just long enough for Jagex to investigate the situation or longer if Jagex deems that it is necessary to do. Many permanent mutes have been reported to be given up after a period of one year. Note players that are muted cannot use the notes system or use the Runescape Official Forums.

In-game repercussions

A muted player will not be able to talk in-game (except through quick-chat) or on the forums, however, they can still play the game as usual and trade with other players. Muted players usually communicate with others by using emotes, Quick Chat or external forms of communication. If a player is on his or her last chance, and they commit an offence, they will be permanently muted or possibly permanently banned. Also, if a player is muted for website advertising or real-world item trading, the player may become banned by Jagex right away. Mutes may be appealed if the player is past the green zone.

Quick Chat

Since 21 May 2008, muted players are able to communicate with others in the game, to some extent, by using the Quick Chat system, so being confused with macroers does not happen anymore. However, there is no option on Quick Chat to inform other players that they are muted. However there is an option that says "I can only use Quick Chat."

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This is one of the several anti-spam solutions implemented by CIP. When you talk too fast, you will be "muted" for a certain amount of time. For that amount of time, you will be unable to speak. You can be muted in the default channel as well as all public channels and private messages. Also remember that attempts to spam or bypassing the mute function may be considered as breaking the Tibia Rules.

Here is a list of the seconds you will get muted for and when. First, you will be muted for 5 seconds. Next, you will be muted for 20 seconds, etc.:

  • 5 seconds
  • 20 seconds
  • 45 seconds
  • 80 seconds (1 min. 20 sec.)
  • 125 seconds (2 min. 5 sec.)
  • 180 seconds (3 min.)
  • 245 seconds (4 min. 5 sec.)
  • 320 seconds (5 min. 20 sec.)
  • 405 seconds (6 min. 45 sec.)
  • 500 seconds (8 min. 20 sec.)
  • 605 seconds (10 min. 5 sec.)
  • 720 seconds (12 min.)
  • 845 seconds (14 min. 5 sec.)
  • 980 seconds (16 min. 20 sec.)
  • 1125 seconds (18 min. 45 sec.)


The formula for the muting time is OLDTIME + 10X + 5.


  • 5 seconds + 10*1 + 5 = 20
  • 20 seconds + 10*2 + 5 = 45
  • 45 seconds + 10*3 + 5 = 80


This time re-sets to 0 (or no muting) at server save.

This article uses material from the "Mute" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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