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Mutated Bloodveld are first encountered during the Legacy of Seergaze Quest whilst passing through the Meiyerditch Dungeon on the way to the blood altar. This monster can be killed instead of regular Bloodveld for slayer tasks, as it gives more slayer experience. They have very high hitpoints (level 146 ones have more hitpoints than a Black Dragon), but very low defence, making it a very good choice for training. Safe spots when using non-melee attack can also be used.

Little is known about this monster's origins. They may have been created by the Vampyres as part of their experimentation (this is supported by the Quest Journal and examine info), or they may have been discovered while they were digging. If this is the case, they may be the reason the blood lab was closed.

At a glance, the level 146 Mutated bloodveld may be distinguished from their level 126 brethren by their more blunt tongues, the bolts on their face and legs, and the lack of fur on their head.





A location suitable for ranging Mutated bloodveld safely
Meiyerditch Dungeon

Mutated bloodveld may be found in the Meiyerditch Dungeon. The dungeon may be accessed in one of three ways; the quickest being direct access through the abyss and the blood altar, which will lead players into a cavern slightly to the north of the bloodveld. This method, however, will result in players becoming skulled and, unless a forinthry bracelet or abyssal parasite is used, losing prayer points. An alternate method is to use a Blood altar teleport acquired by spending points from the The Great Orb Project

An alternate method of access is through the hidden passage behind the Hair of the Dog pub in Canifis. This passage passes though Ivandis Seergaze's tomb and past the blood altar to the bloodveld's cavern. This route is undoubtedly safer than access through the abyss, however it should be noted that path requires an Agility level of 65 in order to pass an obstacle on the way. Refer to the map for directions through the passage.

A third method of accessing the mutated bloodveld is from the Meiyerditch end of the Meiyerditch Dungeon, through the Laboratory. This method, however, is not recommended unless the player is below level 65 Agility, as it would take considerably longer than any of the methods listed above.

Safe spots

Mutated bloodveld can be Ranged or Halberded safely by employing one of several safe spots located in the cavern. The various tables located throughout the cavern provide a barrier that will provide cover.


Slayers assigned to kill Bloodvelds may kill Mutated Bloodvelds as an alternative. The advantages of killing the mutated variety are that the dungeon allows a cannon to be set up, so that multiple Mutated Bloodvelds can be killed at the same time (therefore making the assignment quicker), and of course - they are higher levelled and have a higher hp so as result give more slayer experience per kill (note that there are two separate levels of Mutated Bloodvelds, each giving different experience). If a player wishes to use a cannon to slay them, it is advised that they use the Protect from Melee prayer or hide in a safespot, as they will be attacked by up to seven Mutated Bloodvelds simultaneously, and this can be very damaging.

If the player chooses to fight these without using a safe spot, all 3 level 146 Mutated Bloodvelds in the room will attack you at once. This, however, is an advantage because the player has access to a never-ending stream of enemies to attack. When the they are no longer aggressive, the player can run west and kill one of the normal Bloodvelds in that room and return to find the Mutated Bloodveld are aggressive again. The player can combine his attack with a Summoning Familiar and/or a cannon for maximum effectiveness. It is never recommended to use food instead of prayer if the player is facing these head on.

Finding food

To the west of the Mutated Bloodveld's cavern are several item spawns that can be used to prepare food. Players are able to find two piles of logs as well as a tinderbox to assist in the lighting of fires. To the north of the room is a stack of fishing rods, one of which may be taken. Players are then able to access a bait fishing spot in the cavern to the east of the Mutated Bloodvelds' own cavern, where you can catch Raw cave eels, which heal 8 after being cooked. It should be noted, however, that no fishing bait is provided, so if players wish to make use of the fishing spot it is important that they bring their own bait (but it is also dropped by the nearby Skeletal hand and Zombie hands).

Other drops


Charm drop percentages
No Charm


41 - 46%

5 - 8%

5 - 8%

1 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 937 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)




Ores and Bars




See also


  • When a level 146 Mutated Bloodveld gets injured, their eyes stretch an absurd amount. This could be a small graphical glitch or actually a fysic sign of weakness.
  • These creatures seem to restore health at an extremely quick rate when not in combat.
  • The Mutated Bloodveld are similar to Glouphrie's Warped terrorbird experiments - giving the intelligence of humanoid races to monsters and making them stronger. The bloodvelds have only human face, no known signs of intelligence though. Another similar monster is Chaos dwogre, which is a mix of dwarf and ogre.

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