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Mutant Blood Samples
(Broken Steel add-on)
location: Citadel
given by: Paladin Tristan
reward: 50 caps and 10 XP per sample
related: Who Dares Wins

Mutant Blood Samples refers to an unmarked and repeatable quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.



After the completion of Who Dares Wins (and assuming you did not destroy the Citadel), Paladin Tristan asks you to kill Super Mutants and bring back Super Mutant Blood Samples so the Brotherhood could research a weapon that could destroy Super Mutants with ease. These samples can be found on any super mutant you kill, and can be exchanged with Paladin Tristan in the Citadel's A-Ring for caps and XP.


  • The dead Super Mutant corpses littering the Statesman Hotel during the quest Reilly's Rangers will contain blood samples for the most part. If you have done the Reilly's Rangers quest prior they will not contain the samples.
  • This is one of the most effective ways to gain exp and caps. A mere 40 samples are worth 2000 caps! (this can be easily obtained in the Capitol Building and the Outcast Outpost)
  • Unlike the ears and fingers found on corpses through perks, the super mutants can be killed by a follower and still have the blood sample on their bodies.
  • For some reason, killing Fawkes does not yield a blood sample.
  • The area near the Washington Monument is good for samples as the super mutants continually respawn.


  • 50 caps and 10 XP per blood sample


  • Occasionally, Tristan's dialogue for exchanging the Blood Samples for caps will go normally, but neither Blood samples nor caps will be transferred. This can be solved by not speeding through Tristan's dialogue during the actual transaction event.
Broken Steel (add-on)
The Citadel

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