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From Dofus

Level: 5
Category: Resource
Weight: 1 pod
Sells to NPC: 1 kama
Official description
With or without cream, mushrooms are very tasty. The easiest way to get some is to kill a Mush-Mush.

Mushroom is a resource.


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Mushrooms are not a true vegetable in the sense that they do not have any leaves, roots, or seeds, and really do not need any light to grow. So what exactly is a mushroom? It is a fungus, which grows in the dark and creates more mushrooms by releasing spores. Mushrooms are found all over the world and have been a very honored food in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians considered mushrooms to be food for the royals. The French adored the fungus and began harvesting them in caves during the seventeenth century. These famous fungi didn't reach popularity in the United States until the late 1800s.


How do mushrooms grow?

Since mushrooms are grown from microscopic spores, Mushroom farming is a step-by-step process that involves:

  • two phases of composting
  • spawning (mushroom farmer's collecting the spores)
  • casing (a soil mixture that acts as a water reservoir that is placed on top of the mushroom spores)
  • pinning (the growth stage where the shape of the mushroom forms)
  • harvesting


It's best to buy your mushrooms from a reputable grower or grocer instead of hunting them yourself, as there are many poisonous mushrooms. Incorrectly identifying them can lead to symptoms of sweating, cramps, diarrhea, confusion, convulsions, and potentially result in liver damage, or even death.

Mushrooms are available all year long and although there are many different varieties, selecting any kind of mushrooms are easy. You should look for firm, moisture-free (not dry), unblemished caps, and free of mold. Place purchased loose mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator. Airtight plastic bags tend to retain moisture and will accelerate spoilage. Properly stored mushrooms will last for approximate five days.


There are over 38,000 mushroom varieties today. Some are edible and some are highly toxic. Here's a small sample of the most popular edible mushrooms you'll see in the market:

Agaricus (White or Button)

File:Mushroom button.gif

These mushrooms are the most common variety prepackaged in supermarkets; available fresh, canned, or frozen. White mushrooms are mildly flavored, are tasty when eaten raw but even more flavorful when cooked.

Chanterelles, or Girolle

These trumpet shaped fungi are highly regarded mushrooms favored for their gold to yellow color, and rich flavor, ranging from apricot to earthier tasting. Chanterelles are best eaten fresh, although they are also available dried or canned.

Crimini, or Italian Brown

These mushrooms are similar to the button variety, yet they are darker in color, have a richer flavor, and have a more dense texture. Criminis were once an imported mushroom but are now grown domestically.

Enoki, or Enokitake

This fungi takes on a sproutlike appearance with small caps and thin, long, stems. Native to Japan, white in color, with a light fruity taste, these mushrooms are excellent when served raw in soups and salads .


These mushrooms are highly priced and highly prized for their intense earthly flavor. They are usually found in the wild, although can now be grown commercially. This conical shaped, honey combed surface fungi is small, with dark brown hues, is suitable for stuffing and is ideal for sauces and stews.

Oyster, or Pleurotus

File:Mushroom oyster.gif

These mushrooms grow in clusters, and range in color from off-white to shades of brown. Subtly tasting like an oyster, its chewy texture is more suited to cooked dishes.


File:Mushroom porcini.gif

Porcini mushrooms are well valued for their meaty texture, interesting flavor, and distinguishing shape. These mushrooms vary in size and is domestically grown or imported from Europe depending on the season. This variety is usually expensive, but is considered one of the finest-tasting mushrooms.


These are large cremini-like mushrooms that are sometimes the size of a regular hamburger! These fungi are circular, flat, and long, with a dense, chewy texture. Portobellos are excellent for grilling or roasting.



Shiitake mushrooms were originally cultivated on natural oak logs and only grown in Japan, but are now available domestically. These mushrooms are large, black-brown, and have an earthy rich flavor. This fungi is enjoyed in stir-fries, soups, or even a meat substitute. Dried Shiitakes have more intense flavors and are sometimes preferable to fresh.


Clean mushrooms only when you are ready to use them. Remove any bits of the debris on the surface, rinse with cold running water or gently wipe the mushrooms with a damp cloth, paper towel, or soft brush.


Mushrooms are versatile and may be eaten raw or cooked whole, sliced or chopped. Certain varieties like shiitake and portabella, must have their stems discarded or used as a flavoring agent, as they are often tough.

Preparation Hint: Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice on the mushrooms to retain the color.

Using Dried Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are intensely concentrated in flavor and should be treated more like a seasoning than a vegetable. You'll need to soak the dried mushrooms in hot water for 20–30 minutes, rinse, then chop, and use. Saving the soaking water and adding it to your sauces or soups will intensify the mushroom flavor.

Freezing Mushrooms

Mushrooms can be frozen but they must be cleaned, cooked, and placed in a ½ cup or 1 cup container to freeze. Don't forget to mark the date on the container, frozen mushrooms will last several months.


  • Fruit & Vegetable of the Month: Mushroom by the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. public domain government resource—original source of article

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about Bittercap mushrooms. For the mushrooms obtained during Spirit of Summer, see Button mushroom. For the mushrooms found growing wild in Morytania, see Mort myre fungus. For Mushroom the troll, see Mushroom (troll)

The Mushroom (also called Bittercap mushroom or Bittercap) may be grown from a mushroom spore (taking 220 minutes to grow) by level 53 farmers in the mushroom patch near Canifis.

Once grown, mushrooms may be added to a compost bin to make supercompost (requiring 15 mushrooms, or a combination of supercompost items). Eight mushrooms may be used to pay a farmer to look after a whiteberry bush. Four mushrooms are the main ingredient for brewing Moonlight Mead at cooking level 44 for 380 cooking experience.

They may be chopped into a bowl with a knife in your inventory at level 46 cooking to make Fried mushrooms for 60 cooking experience. Fried mushrooms heal 5 hp. Most cooks combine the mushrooms with fried onions and a buttered baked potato to make a mushroom and onion potato.

Mushrooms are also dropped by Cockroach soldiers. Mushrooms do not usually sell very quickly. One counter-example is 3 December 2009, when Jagex introduced a fairy ring in the Ancient Cavern that must be planted with 5 mushrooms in order to function. This caused the mushrooms to sell extremely quickly around that time.


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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

English: Mushroom
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Normal Image:Normal.png
Card Lore: Recover 1000 life points.
Sets with this Card: Rise of Nintendo
Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
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Lores - Artworks - Names
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