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Final Fantasy

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In Dissidia Final Fantasy, there is a Museum that showcases cutscenes, voice-overs, biographies, and more. It is unlocked by clearing any two Destiny Odysseys.


Character Files

Warrior of Light

Final Fantasy I
A legendary Warrior blessed by the light. Bearing sword and shield, he is skilled in all aspects of combat.

In the original game, the Warrior set out to rescue Princess Sarah of Cornelia, and ended up saving the world.

His origins, his destination, his goals and motivations are unknown—even to him.


Final Fantasy I
A knight sworn to face the Warrior of Light. He wields a powerful, adaptive weapon.

In the original game, he was a famed knight of Cornelia when he suddenly went rogue, kidnapping the princess of Cornelia and taking her to the ruins of the Chaos Shrine.

Just before dying, he was transported 2000 years into the past, where he robbed the future of its strength as he survived in solitude. Chained by time and growing ever-more hateful, one can only imagine what sort of eternity he dreams of...


Final Fantasy II
A young warrior skilled in many types of weaponry. He is hot-blooded, with a strong sense of duty.

In the original game, his hometown of Fynn was invaded by the Empire of Palamecia, killing his parents and severely wounding him.

Later he joined a resistance group identifying themselves by the watchword "Wild Rose." The reference to his hometown holds deep meaning for him, but he is reluctant to speak it aloud for fear of attracting imperial soldiers.

The Emperor

Final Fantasy II
A ruthless, single-minded man with an insatiable lust for power.

In the original game, he lead the military empire of Palamecia, bringing country after country under his heel. With his incredible sorcery, he was even able to command demons and the Cyclone.

He will do anything for power—including selling his soul. His pride is almost fearsome in its intensity.

Onion Knight

Final Fantasy III
A youth bearing the title of Onion Knight. Intelligent and mischievous, he unquestionably believes there's nothing he can't do.

In the original game, he was an orphan raised by the Ur village elder, Topapa. After a sudden earthquake opened a cavern in the ground, the boy and his friends went to investigate and fell into the Altar Cave. Eventually they were chosen as Warriors of the Light by the Wind Crystal.

Cloud of Darkness

Final Fantasy III
An existence that wishes for all to return to nothingness. She has transcended the abstract and is the embodiment of fear.

In the original game, she had been defeated by a flood of light 1000 years previous. However, a flood of darkness created by Master Xande allowed her to return. Seeing the imbalances of light and darkness in the world, she decided to destroy all existence.

The two tentacles at her right and left have differing special abilities. It is rumored their personalities are different as well.

Cecil Harvey

Final Fantasy IV
A kind-hearted knight that wields the accursed power of darkness.

In the original game, he was Lord Caption of Baron's airship force, the Red Wings, until circumstances led to his dismissal and embarkation on a journey of self-discovery. Eventually he was able to overcome his dark past and start down the path of a paladin.

He is gentle and humble towards everyone, including children such as Porom and Palom.


Final Fantasy IV
A figure clad in armor of deepest night who walks the path of darkness.

In the original game, he commanded the four elemental archfiends and took control of the Red Wings after Cecil's departure.

He resents that evil was able to cloud his soul, despite being of the same pure Lunarian blood as Cecil.

Bartz Klauser

Final Fantasy V
A cheerful man with a strong sense of justice and the inability to ignore those in trouble.

In the original game, at his father's dying wish, he traveled the world along with his chocobo, Boko.

Free-spirited and spunky, one would never know that a childhood trauma left him with a paralyzing fear of high places. For good or ill, this too is part of his innocent, youthful personality.


Final Fantasy V
A magus of supreme darkness, born from a great evil sealed into a tree.

In the original game, his soul was sealed away by the sage Ghido and the four Dawn Warriors, but he was still able to use the power of darkness to be reborn.

By joining the world's two dimensions into one, he desired to gain the power of the Void.

Terra Branford

Final Fantasy VI
A pure, innocent girl born with the power of magic.

In the original game, she was a soldier for the Geshtahlian Empire, which aimed to take over the world. In reality, her mind and actions were controlled by a hypnotic device. Upon traveling to the snow-covered mining town of Narshe, she met a man named Locke and was stolen away to the resistance group, the Returners.

She has a fondness for moogles and enjoys fluffing their fur, especially as she drifts off to sleep.

Kefka Palazzo

Final Fantasy VI
A mage who finds no greater joy than in destruction.

In the original game, he was the right hand of Emperor Gestahl. A proven military strategist, he favored effective, if inhumane, methods that caused countless casualties. His pushy methods left him disliked by anyone unlucky enough to work under him.

Infusions of Magitek power have caused him to lose his grip on sanity. Thirty-five years old, he is known for his high, lingering laugh.

Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII
An acerbic young swordsman with glowing eyes who wields a blade as large as he is.

In the original game, after leaving the Shinra Company, he started working as a jack-of-all-trades in the city of Midgar. After joining the anti-Shinra group Avalanche, he became entangled in a battle for the future of the planet.

On the surface he looks disaffected with most everything, but he is quite a fan of extreme sports such as snowboarding, motorcycling, and chocobo riding.


Final Fantasy VII
A legendary member of SOLDIER once revered as a hero.

In the original game, after learning that he was the product of genetic experimentation, he decided he was fated to destroy the planet—and he had more than enough power to do so.

During his stint in SOLDIER, he learned well how to slash enemies with an impossibly-long sword. His fighting prowess is perhaps the only thing he values from the time he considered himself to be human.

Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy VIII
A cold, taciturn youth who wields a gunblade, a weapon part sword, part gun.

In the original game, he was raised as a mercenary at the Balamb Garden Military Academy, and belonged to the special military force, SeeD.

It is arguable whether his decision to train with the old-fashioned and notoriously difficult to master gunblade is more of a show of strength or of stubbornness.


Final Fantasy VIII
A powerful sorceress possessing a deep-seated rage and the ability to control space and time.

In the original game, she reigned over the far future. Using time compression magic, she aimed to create a world where the past present, and future were one, and only she might exist.

Zidane Tribal

Final Fantasy IX
A thief with great energy and a sharp wit, though all is lost when it comes to women.

In the original game, he was a member of Tantalus, a gang of thieves masquerading as a traveling theater group. After kidnapping the beguiling Princess Garnet, he was drawn into a conflict that concerned his very birth.

While usually cheerful and waggish, he does have bouts of despair. However, this may be another part of his charm.


Final Fantasy IX
A sadistic, narcissitic silver-haired man of a delicate, epicene beauty.

In the original game, he threw the continent into disarray by providing black mages, mass-produced soldiers created from Mist, to Alexandria's Queen Brahne.

Born for the stage, he has a tendency to get carried away with his own flowery speech. On the other hand, those who get on his bad side are treated with bitter venom.


Final Fantasy X
A light-hearted, cheerful youth able to calm others even through the most trying of situations.

In the original game, he was an ace blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes.

After an assault from the monster Sin, he found himself in a world called Spira and began traveling with a summoner, Yuna.


Final Fantasy X
A former blitzball star, and Tidus's father, His surly and rough-spoken nature belie a much gentler heart.

In the original game, he accidentally came into contact with Sin while training out at sea—an event which doomed him for eternity.

Tidus's signature move, the Jecht Shot, was originally named the "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III." Until Tidus, no one else could successfully perform it.


Final Fantasy XI
A war hero with immesurable magical power.

Former minister of the Orastery, then head of the Parliament of Patriarchs, in the original game, Shantotto was one of the top minds in the Federation of Windurst.

It's said her pride is higher than the pinnacles of the Gustaberg range, and her temper hotter than the magma flowing from the mighty Mount Yuhtunga. Her age is unknown, and having thus far neglected to marry seems to be her only regret in life.


Final Fantasy XII
A warrior who swears his life to those he trusts.

In the original game, he served as a Judge Magister of the Archadian Empire.

Despite being non-native to the Empire, he advanced to the position of Judge at an impressive speed. However, his heart was filled with regret from being able to protect his home country, and he despised his older brother Basch for abandoning him and their mother.


Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Goddess of harmony.

For eons, she has struggled against the god of discord, Chaos. In order to protect the ten warriors from his immense power, she chose to sacrifice herself and is being absorbed by the power of discord.

Despite her waning strength, she holds the world together on her own, continuing to believe in the ten warriors.


Dissidia: Final Fantasy
God of discord.

Taking the world's subjugation as his given duty, he has fought unyieldingly for ages to defeat the goddess of harmony, Cosmos.

Why does he fight? What does he wish to gain? Perhaps the answer to that can only be found when all conflict ends.

Summon Compendium

Ifrit (AUTO)


A powerful djinn with control over scorching flames hot enough to turn the whole world to ashes.

Often appearing early in the story, Ifrit has saved many a low-level adventurer with his "Hellfire" attack.

As the series has progressed, little by little his appearance has changed. In recent games he has grown more feral.



A powerful djinn with control over scorching flames hot enough to turn the whole world to ashes.

Ifrit seems to be on good terms with many other summons. In particular, he has been seen to be close enough to Shiva and Ramuh to converse with them at times.

Considering that he is acquired near the beginning of each game, he seems to be a familiar face to humans.

Shiva (AUTO)


The empress of ice, wreathed in frost.

She is known for her signature move, "Diamond Dust," which freezes everything in an instant.

According to one source, she is moody and temperamental. However, she has never gone against her summoner's wishes, making her easy to use for beginners.



The empress of ice, wreathed in frost.

Throughout the series shes has worn everything from dresses to capes, but her graceful stance has remained unchanged.

Depending on the world, she is known as a snow or ice spirit.

Ramuh (AUTO)


An ancient, ageless mage bearing the dazzling power of lightning.

From far off, he can ascertain evil and hand down punishment with his "Judgment Bolt."

That said, he has a comparatively gentle personality. In Final Fantasy IX, by giving Dagger many trials, he helped awaken her ability as a summoner.



An ancient, ageless mage bearing the dazzling power of lightning.

His imposing gravitas and bushy beard have remained unchanged throughout the series.

In Final Fantasy VI, he nursed Terra back to health after she went berserk, as well as taught a moogle human language. No matter how you look at it, he is a kind soul at heart.

Carbuncle (AUTO)


A beast with a crimson jewel shining from its forehead.

The stone is known as Carbuncle's ruby, and has different powers depending on the game.

In Final Fantasy IX, the ruby can be switched out with other add-on jewels to give Carbuncle different spells and effects— something very useful in battle



A beast with a crimson jewel shining from its forehead.

In this game, like others, Carbuncle's form is cute, but as a monster appearing in Final Fantasy III, it had a much more gruesome appearance.

In Final Fantasy V it gained its current form, and it has only become more and more adorable.

Magic Pot (AUTO)


A mysterious being that hides within a pot, patiently staring out.

It has a mischievous personality, crying for Elixirs, but fleeing once it receives them.

Owing to their considerable defensive power, Magic Pots are quite difficult to defeat by ordinary means.

Magic Pot


A mysterious being that hides within a pot, patiently staring out.

Depending on the game, some Magic Pots, instead of wanting Elixirs, have used various tinctures on adventures.

Defeating one gives great rewards—something that is uniform across the entire series.

Demon Wall (AUTO)


A demon living within a wall, usually trapping adventures as it creeps closer and closer.

Depending on the game, they are more than just walls, sometimes appearing as fearsome foes bearing blades or feet.

Even after fleeing them once, they eventually must be fought. These inescapable battles have brought more than a few adventurers to tears.

Demon Wall


A demon living within a wall, usually trapping adventures as it creeps closer and closer.

Its tough body and unquestionable strength have led countless treasure-seeking adventurers to their demise.

Not allowing enemies to live, yet not killing them outright—just cornering them... The actions clearly show the depth of its depravity.

Magus Sisters (AUTO)


Eldest sister Cindy, middle sister Sandy, and youngest sister Mindy: the Magus Sisters.

For some reason, they wear bug costumes, dressing as a mantis, ladybug, and bee. By the way, from the tallest on the right they are Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy.

Each of them is quite strong, but if the three of them were to fight each other, common knowledge puts money on Mindy as the fiercest.

Magus Sisters


Eldest sister Cindy, middle sister Sandy, and youngest sister Mindy: the Magus Sisters.

Casting Reflect and then bouncing spells at foes, their "Delta Attack" has been the bane of many an adventurer. When one of the sisters is defeated, the others quickly bring her back—testament to their strong link.

They never forget to introduce themselves before a battle, considering it part of the nature of a warrior.

Odin (AUTO)


A legendary knight who rides his beloved horse Sleipnir to deliver a crushing blow, the "Zantetsuken."

Usually he is known for his stunning one-hit kills. However, in Final Fantasy VIII, Seifer was able to counter the Zantetsuken, splitting Odin in two instead.

Odin's memory of this shameful event is something he would gladly sunder with Zantetsuken.



A legendary knight who rides his beloved horse Sleipnir to deliver a crushing blow, the "Zantetsuken."

In Final Fantasy VI, a queen loved him with all her heart. However, their love was a star-crossed one, as they were torn apart for a thousand years due to the War of the Magi.

Phoenix (AUTO)


An eternal, undying bird.

Its tears are rumored to have curative properties, and it is said that he who tastes the Phoenix's blood will have eternal life.

Its signature move is "Flames of Rebirth." Sealed in magicite or called through a Phoenix Pinion, its form has changed throughout the series.



An eternal, undying bird.

Every few hundred years, it immolates itself, rising from its own ashes—or so the legend goes.

Throughout the series, the Phoenix has saved adventurers from countless predicaments. In Final Fantasy V, a strong desire to protect Lenna allowed the wind drake Hiryu to be reincarnated as the Phoenix.

Alexander (AUTO)


An ancient weapon imbued with a sacred power.

When overconfident men summon intractable powers, Alexander appears as a guardian deity, handing down judgment.

Its "Divine Judgment" sacrifices the wicked with blessed fire.



An ancient weapon imbued with a sacred power.

In certain games, Alexander has directly challenged—and defeated—the likes of Bahamut, proving itself to be among the strongest of summons.

While it has a fearsome amount of power, its true purpose is unknown.

Leviathan (AUTO)


A massive sea serpent that effortlessly controls water and rules all who dwell in the oceans.

The raging swell of his "Tsunami" is enough to consume even the fiercest of foes.

Known even outside of the world of summons, Leviathan is the name of an airship in Final Fantasy XII.



A massive sea serpent that effortlessly controls water and rules all who dwell in the oceans.

As king of the Eidolons in Final Fantasy IV, he took Rydia to hone her summoning powers.

In Final Fantasy II, he appeared not as a summon, but as a dungeon, in which the heroes must fight their way out of his innards.

Bahamut (AUTO)


Conqueror of the skies, Bahamut has known many names—the Dragon King, the Hallowed Father, the First Sire.

He knows many diverse spells, such as Aura and Mega Flare. He also has advanced forms, such as Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO.

Considering his evolution throughout the series, he can no longer be classified strictly as a dragon.



Conqueror of the skies, Bahamut has known many names—the Dragon King, the Hallowed Father, the First Sire.

In Final Fantasy I, he was not a summon, but ruler of the dragons. In that capacity he helped the heroes become stronger.

His first outing as a summon was Final Fantasy III, and he has been a regular fixture ever since.



Large forest-dwelling birds that run quickly on two legs.

In addition to the common yellow chocobo, there are many other types, such as white, black, mountain, river, and fat chocobos. No matter the variety, chocobos are always valuable companions.

Healthy chocobos can maintain a pace of 20 mph. Due to their remarkable speed, some worlds require riders to have a chocobo license.



Mysterious creatures with red pom-poms on their heads and wings on their backs.

Different varieties have different traits. Many moogles say "kupo," while others say "nyaa."

They can fly, but not by flapping their wings. They suck up a large amount of air, allowing them to float. The wings are only used for steering.



Plant-type monsters with buds sprouting from their heads.

Common legend has it that the shriek the emit at being pulled from the ground inspires despair in even the most stouthearted of men.

Though favoring salt water, they are often found wreaking havoc in fields. This causes them to be frequent targets of hunters hired by wronged farmers.



Living explosives, prone to destroying themselves along with their enemies with their powerful "Self-Destruct."

Bombs take the rage built up by being attacked and transform it into energy. This, in turn, makes them grow, sometimes to incredible sizes.

To maximize the efficiency of their explosions, their limbs have regressed, and their bodies have evolved into an almost perfect sphere.



A six-armed summon with three faces—anger, benevolence, and joy.

Her attacks change according to her personalities. In Final Fantasy IV, she ruled the Feymarch as Leviathan's queen.

She has only appeared in the series once thus far, but in that outing made a considerable impact.



A legendary giant with considerable physical strength.

Rending the earth itself and tossing slabs at foes, his attack, "Gaia's Wrath," crushes his enemies to death.

In most games, his attacks are ineffective against enemies that fly, causing him much bitterness. However, in this world, he is not so limited.



A summon with control over gravity.

Its vast mouth inhales all that comes near. Some say it is the gate to another dimension.

It specializes in attacks as hyideous as its appearance—crushing enemies down to the molecular level before swallowing them into its gaping maw.

Iron Giant


Armored giants known by their dark blue-black armor and massive weapons.

The strength radiating from their massive bodies causes even the bravest adventurers to abandon their weapons and flee the oncoming colossus. That said, Iron Giants often carry rare items, which serve as valuable rewards for those who succeed in bringing down these lofty warriors.



Anthropomorphic cactus monsters. Usually the seem to be running towards something.

Due to their rarity, they are often sought by adventures, but their speed has enabled them to not only survive but even branch out into different subspecies.

Their signature move "1000 Needles," send a great number of spines shooting towards their foe.



Sneaky beings that slowly creep through the darkness carrying knives and lanterns.

Their incessant, innocent stare stabs through opponents, pushing them over the brink of despair. Recently, the have learned a new move, "Karma."

Every so often, they trip and fall, becoming unable to move.



Grotesque, strange, plant-like beasts with countless tentacles and gaping maws. Despite being plant life, some are able to fly.

Malboros frequently inflict status ailments on opponents with their "Bad Breath."

Their tentacles are used as ingredients in many different things, one of the most famous being malboro wine. Its pungent scent makes it quite popular with tired travelers.



An octopus-like monster. He often hires "Mr. Typhon" to help out with his exploits.

He appears in Final Fantasy VI, attempting to disrupt the opera in which Celes appears by dropping a large weight onto the stage. However, he is foiled when the weight proves too heavy for him to move.

All of his subsequent plots are foiled, and in the end he just gets a normal job.



A monster first appearing in Final Fantasy VI. Ultros never fails to call him "mister."

With a harsh cry of "FUNGAH!!!" he uses his powerful Snort to send foes flying.

As he disposes of most enemies without getting his hands dirty, perhaps Ultros was right-on when he hired Typhon as his bodyguard.



An outlaw who terrorizes the skies with it's massive wings.

In the past, it has assaulted airships, causing major problems for the people inside.

While it is terribly disruptive, it's said Deathgaze has quite an advanced sense of danger. Perhaps that's why it does not appear before airships plotting its extermination.



Ferocious beasts with regal, fluttering manes and roars violent enough to shake the earth itself.

After rending foes with long claws and horns, they usually use their sharp teeth to deal the killing blow. Also known to use high-level magic, Behemoths are enemies of the top rank.

It is common occurrence for adventurers to run across Behemoths just when they especially wish to avoid enemies and keep up their strength.



Odd creatures that appear after unidentified flying objects have been knocked down.

It is unknown why they desire Elixirs so, yet if given them, they often return the favor with rare items.

One source suggests that the name "PuPu" comes from the unique sound it makes when it walks.



The Fiend of Earth, who drains and decays the soil itself.

Using vampires as his minions to terrorize the populace, the Lich lives in a cave deep underground, feeding off the power of earth.

Outside of Final Fantasy I, he has appeared as an undead monster. Nothing seems able to completely extinguish his dark malice.



The Fiend of Fire, who uses the many limbs of her serpentine body to wield deadly weapons.

Of the Four Fiends, she is the only one crimson in color. Her slumber was disturbed when she sensed the Fiend of Earth's demise, throwing her into a fearsome rage.

In Final Fantasy XII, Marilith secretes Serpentwyne Must, the main ingredient of Serpentwyne.



The Fiend of Water, who nests in the Sunken Shrine, befouling the waters and stealing the ocean's light.

Shaped similarly to a squid or octopus, the Kraken is surprising eloquent. However, its voice always sounds slightly distorted, as if heard through water.

Perhaps it has learned to speak solely from listening to the other Fiends.



The Fiend of Wind, who dominates the heavens from her lofty perch.

Having taken over the Flying Fortress built by the ancient Sky People, she saps the power of wind. In Final Fantasy I, she is the first Fiend to awaken to her purpose.

Well-suited to the name of a demonic dragon lord, she is one of the rulers of hell.



One of Golbez's elemental archfiends, the Blighted Despot, archfiend of earth.

Even after being killed, he returned from the grave to attack once again, thus making him known as one fearsome even in death.

He is infamous for his peculiar, creepy hiss and characteristic death knell.



One of Golbez's elemental archfiends, the Drowned King, archfiend of water.

His abilities are many—one of those being the power to control the hearts of men, which he used to dispose of the king of Baron before taking his place. When things stop going his way, he hides in his shell.

His defeat triggered the collapse of a nearby passage, trapping the heroes inside. Porom and Palom sacrificed themselves here to save the others.



One of Golbez's elemental archfiends, the beguiling Empress of the Winds.

She can use her hair, which is three times the length of her body, to whip winds into cyclones, or as a protective shell. However this lends her no defense against jumping attacks, making the dragoon Kain her mortal enemy.



Leader of Golbez's elemental archfiends, dubbed the Aurach of Flame.

Only interested in strength, he takes the trouble to restore weakened opponents to full health before challenging them in battle.

To protect himself from frost, he hides beneath a cloak of flame.



A master swordsman wandering the Dimensional Rift.

He fancies himself a seeker of rare blades, but is easily duped with fakes and often mistakes people for others, calling his judgement into doubt.

These humorous foibles have helped him become a beloved character, but his strength is no joke. He wields a power that once decimated an entire army.

Ultima Weapon


An incredibly powerful mystic beast created in the distant past.

Its name has often been given to incredibly powerful weapons. It neither harbors nor represents life, but is rather a manifestation of pure power.

A constant stream of adventurers challenge the beast, aiming to test themselves. While it seems a ridiculously difficult challenge, it is an adventurer's nature to do such a thing.



A soulless entity from a faraway sky.

Created by an ancient civilization as a machine capable of utter destruction, no one is certain for what purpose it was built. One source suggests it was created to eliminate some other massive power.

With its creators long gone, it traverses dimensions, aiming only to complete its objective.


V, X

An ancient dragon dwelling in the Dimensional Rift.

A massively strong will once consigned it to a certain task, but all details are unknown.

It often rains devastation on those who would destroy it, causing even gods to fear its strength.



Contains cutscenes found within the game.


Contains music within the game.


Voice acting of the different characters.

Cosmos Reports

Main article: Cosmos Reports

Chaos Reports

Main article: Chaos Reports

Player Icons

Main article: List of Dissidia Final Fantasy Player Icons


Characters ranked by number of battles fought.

Characters ranked by number of victories.

Wins by Opponent
Number of victories ranked by opponent.

Wins By Level
Number of victories ranked by opponent's maximum level.

Characters ranked by number of losses.

Losses by Opponent
Number of losses ranked by opponent.

Battle Time
Characters ranked by time in battle.

Max Level
Characters ranked by their maximum level.

Damage Dealt
Characters ranked by the amount of damage dealt.

Damage Taken
Characters ranked by the amount of damage taken.

Bravery Gained
Characters ranked by the amount of bravery gained.

Bravery Lost
Characters ranked by the amount of bravery lost.

Average Damage
Characters ranked by average damage dealt.

Max Bravery
Characters ranked by max amount of bravery gained.

Image:Circle-button.png Attack Count
Characters ranked by Image:Circle-button.png attack count.

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Distance Traveled
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Blows Blocked
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Blows Evaded
Characters ranked by blows evaded.

EX Cores Obtained
Characters ranked by EX cores gained.

Entered EX Mode
Characters ranked by times they have entered EX Mode.

HP Regenerated
Characters ranked by HP regained with Regen.

EX Burst Finishes
Characters ranked by number of EX Burst finishes.

Damage to Stage
Characters ranked by Wall Rushes/times stage was damaged.

Opponents ranked by number of prizes generated.

Opponents ranked by number of items dropped.


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Museum[1] is a live-action TV trailer that was part of the Believe advertisement campaign for Halo 3. It was the first video released in the Believe campaign, beginning the only authorized real world Halo 3 live action film series to date other than the Halo Shorts and We Are ODST.

It takes place in the Museum of Humanity and portrays an interview with a retired UNSC soldier who fought in the Battle of Earth. The soldier in question is Major Pawel Czernek, who served from 2551 to 2581.

In the trailer, an unknown voice questions the retired soldier while he views a miniature representation of a battle between UNSC and Covenant forces. This representation turns out to be the Diorama, and was later available for fans to take a closer look at on

The text "Next Halo 3 Video Premiere: 9/14/07 9 A.M. PT" appears at the end of the video.[2]


Note: The dialogue in this video is not seen - it is heard as a voiceover while Czernek (and the camera) looks at the diorama.

(cut to a dimly lit museum room. An elderly man walks towards a glass case in the center of the room. These words appear onscreen:)

Maj. Pawel Czernek; UNSC (ret.)
active duty: 2551-2581
loc: Museum of Humanity

Interviewer: Can you tell us what you remember about the battle?

Czernek: We'd been fighting for a while. On the seventh day, we ran out of ammo. We had to scavenge all we could from the weapons that had been left behind. The pistols, shotgun rounds, a handful of grenades...

Interviewer: Do you remember where you were?

Czernek: When Master Chief armed his grenade, I was in the back of an overturned Warthog, firing an M41.

Interviewer: How did you manage to keep it together?

Czernek: We knew Master Chief was still in the fight. He gave us hope.

(Czernek sees the figure in the diorama representing himself, and is silent in thought. Fade to black. Tagline "BELIEVE" fades in)

See also



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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
Location on World map
Varrock Palace Varrock Museum Digsite

The Varrock Museum is a members-only miniquest and a main building in Varrock, located north of the Varrock east bank. Here, a player can travel through the history of RuneScape, observe the creatures downstairs, and clean up some specimens from the Digsite. By doing these things, players may earn up to 173 kudos.

  • 28 kudos - basement - Natural History quiz
  • 50 kudos - ground floor - clean digsite specimens
  • 95 kudos - 1st-2nd floors - quest stories

Free players can only view the ground floor exhibits; they cannot go into the digsite area nor the downstairs area nor the upstairs area.


Information clerk

The Information Clerk is located in the north-west corner of the ground floor. She has information about the 3 sections of the museum. A museum map is available of the exhibits. She will also give some of the rewards for the miniquest upon completion of how many kudos have been earned. Varrock Museum workmen models were updated on 9 November, 2009.

Basement (Natural History section)

For a comprehensive guide to the displays found on this level visit Varrock Museum - Basement

A simulated Red dragon.

The basement is the Natural history section. Here are various creatures on display, and when you push the button the creature comes to life. All the creatures include a Red dragon, Tortoise, Desert lizard, Skeletal Wyvern, the Kalphite Queen, a Terrorbird, Snail, two Sea slugs, a Snake, Penguin, Camel, Leech, the Giant Mole, and a Monkey.

Speak to a nearby Natural historian, who will give a lecture about each creature. These lectures are the basis for the quiz which follows.

Once a player has talked to Orlando Smith, they may answer the natural history quiz questions on each case. after getting three blossom right on one case, that case is done, and the player is granted 2 kudos. When a player has answered the wrong answer the previous answers won't be reset. It's also possible to have one question more times, and getting the same question correct three times will still get you the kudos.

Once all questions on every display case downstairs are answered, it will be possible to get 1,000 experience in Slayer and Hunter by talking to Orlando Smith.

Completing the Natural History Section will give a total of 28 kudos.

Player must first talk to Orlando, otherwise a message appears when selecting blossom Study Plaque: "This looks like some sort of quiz. I wonder if I can take part..."

Ground Floor

For a comprehensive guide to the displays found on this level visit Varrock Museum - Ground Floor

The ground floor is the main floor of the museum. This floor is dedicated to artefacts from the Digsite.

Image Of The Ground Floor

Specimen Cleaning

A player cleaning rock samples in search of artefacts.
The south end of the blossom ground floor is partitioned off for the processing of incoming samples from the Digsite. A player can earn Kudos in this section by helping the archeology staff clean off incoming samples.


Players wishing to participate must have completed the Digsite Quest. Additionally, the player must be wearing leather boots and leather gloves and must also be holding a trowel, rock pick and specimen brush. All of these items are available from the tool rack on the south wall of the museum.


Start by taking an uncleaned find from the Dig Site specimen rocks pile. Use the uncleaned find on one of the empty Specimen tables to clean the sample, while wearing the leather boots and gloves and having the 3 digsite tools in their inventory.

Once a player finds something interesting, they may show it to one of the four archaeologists in the room, who will then tell them what case to put the object in. Putting a sample in the correct case results in a reward of 10 Kudos. Completion of the digsite participation section (5 possible finds) yields 50 kudos in total.

The display case numbers are not in order. This is a map of case numbers with the top of map being North.

Display case numbers
Ground floor
40 - gods jewellery 38 - Saradmin pot -
22 - Zaros and Saradomin bowls 41 - crude bronze arrowheads 27 - ground layers
44 - Zamorak coin 37 - Old Saradomin Symbol 43 - Zaros tablet
45 - Saradomin coin 36 - New Saradomin symbol 42 - Zaros symbol

Some samples contain low value items:

  • Bones
  • Coins
  • Iron dagger
  • Uncut Jade
  • Uncut Opal

Some samples have no value and are not of interest to the archaeologists. These samples can be disposed of in one of the storage crates found in the south-east corner of the area. Disposing of a sample will give a player a random reward from the storage crate, usually of very small value.

Samples that can be placed in the crate:

  • Ancient arrowheads
  • Old chipped vase
  • Pottery
  • Jewellery

Note that the jewellery can also be given to one of the archaeologists. They will give 5 coins for the jewellery.

Possible random items from crate:

A special specimen is the Clean necklace, which appears as a Ruby necklace. Instead of recommending the player to place a Clean necklace in a display case, the archaeologist will teach the player how to enchant a Ruby necklace into a Digsite pendant. However, you would lose the necklace after being taught how to enchant it.

Some items are completely useless and cannot be used or placed in the crate:

  • Broken arrow (Can be fixed in Player owned houses on a whetstone)
  • Broken glass
  • "The find crumbles to dust in your hands - oops! Better not let the professionals see that one!'

First Floor

For a comprehensive guide to the displays found on this level visit Varrock Museum - First Floor

The First Floor Of the Varrock Museum
First floor
- 30 31 28 13 16 - -
19 20 8 29 34 24 23 -
- - 11 4 7 21 6 15
- 17 25 32 2 5 1 -

There are many display cases on this level. Talk to one of the museum staff here and tell them about completed quests, they will give kudos as reward as well as antique lamps, which give 1,000 experience in a skill above 20. You can be rewarded with a lamp which gives 10,000 experience in a skill above 50, after reaching the maximum of 173 Kudos. The quest stories result in filling the corresponding display case in the museum.

Talking to Minas at entrance of the upstairs museum section about quests gives kudos for relating stories on the following quests and/or miniquests:

Free quests

Members quests

Minas will reward 95 Kudos in total.

After the The Golem quest, the player will have stolen the Statuette, which is why case 30 will be empty and stay empty. No kudos is awarded for completing it.

This section is also a timeline, with all the exhibits in chronological order. The timeline continues upstairs.

Second Floor

For a comprehensive guide to the displays found on this level visit Varrock Museum - Second Floor

The 2nd Floor of The Museum
Second floor
46 - -
48 9 47
3 10 18
35 26
12 14 33

The second floor contains several more display cases, along with a painting that is being reviewed by the Museum's only art critic, Jacques. There is also a central display of a gnome glider (10), as well as a portrait of King Lathas (46).


  • Looking Back


  • If you speak to the Information Clerk with a certain level of kudos, you will be rewarded with a one-off chunk of experience.
Digsite barge.
  • With 100 kudos, players will have future access to an unreleased island north of Morytania. The barge to travel there is currently being built just north of the Digsite. The workers are too busy now to talk.
  • 3 antique lamps which give 1,000 experience each in any chosen skill above 20.
  • There's also a lamp which gives 10,000 experience in a skill above 50, which Minas hands out after telling him about the Curse of Zaros Mini-quest.
  • Talk to Orlando Smith after completing all the Natural History cases to get 1,000 experience in Slayer and Hunter.

Old Museum

Before the complete make-over of Varrock, the museum had only 2 floors with a smaller inventory. The Curator was on the ground floor and involved in The Golem, The Digsite, and Shield of Arrav quests.

Ground floor - It was possible to view and telegrab an iron full helmet, iron platebody, and iron sword. View medieval torture devices - rack, stocks and on the south wall was a red Dragon’s Head, Bull's Head, and various portraits and statues of RuneScape heroes

First floor - There were pre-historic fossil bones, Egyptian style Sarcophagi, mummies, and a throne. Also, a statue of a great king, and in the south-west corner was a statue of a Dark Beast before its graphic update; Examine: "Intimidating". On RuneScape Classic, this floor only contains a replica of a bear.

See also

  • Varrock Museum Displays. Complete directory to the displays in the museum.
  • Varrock Diary - completing 50 and 153 kudos will allow completing 2 tasks after a player starts this miniquest.

External links

  • RS Knowledge Base - Varrock Museum


  • Upon completion of The Golem quest, the golem statue display will be vacant. This is the handiwork of the player concerned, as the statue must be stolen during the quest.
  • The song 'Looking Back' is a rendition of the song 'Scape Original'.
  • The RuneScape Knowledge Base page gives the image of the lamp as yellow, while in-game it is red.
  • The flag animations in the Varrock Museum have been improved on 9 November 2009.
  • On 9 November 2009 the animations of the children in Varrock Museum  were improved and tweaked.
  • Also on 9 November 2009 an animation for pressing the case buttons in Varrock Museum was added.
  • There was a glitch where you could walk between two cases. The glitch has been fixed and now acts like a normal wall, as it was meant to function.

This article uses material from the "Varrock Museum" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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