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Musa Point is the northeast edge of the Karamja, located west of Port Sarim. It hosts a dungeon for members, as well as the only spot to cage and harpoon fish for free players outside of the Wilderness.



Musa Point can be entered two ways by free players. To enter Musa Point, players need to go to Port Sarim and look for the three sailors, Seaman Lorris, Seaman Thresnor, and Captain Tobias. They will ask if the player wants to go to Karamja. However, it costs 30 coins to sail to Karamja and 30 coins to sail back to Port Sarim.

Members can also enter via the gate to the west from Brimhaven, use the Amulet of Glory to teleport just south of the fishing spots, or take the Charter Boats for a fee.

When the player lands on Musa Point, they can then get off the boat to walk on the dock and explore the island. There are monsters near the north-western part of the island around the volcano, so low level players are recommended that they stay away from that part of the island. It is a spot for level 14 scorpions, level 5 snakes, and level 3 monkeys. For lower/almost mid level players, it is a good training spot, as well as a prayer spot, as monkey bones are dropped by the monkeys.


Musa Point has only one store.


Karamja General Store

Karamja General Store is located west of the boat players arrive on in the F2P part. The general store rarely has anything of value other than fish players sell. Since this part of Karmaja is far away from a bank, players rarely sell anything to this store. However, fishers on the island will sometimes sell their fish to this general store, allowing other players to buy them. Players also sell burnt fish, as it is a faster way of getting rid of them.


Karamja has a few bars, though only one is available to non-members.

Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers

Karamja Wines, Spirits, and Beers is the bar east of the general store. The store is owned by a man named Zambo. Players can purchase beer, Karamja rum, and wine from Zambo.


  • Pirate's Treasure - In the quest, players need to buy a Karamja rum from Zambo's bar for Redbeard Frank, the pirate. It costs 30gp and can only be transported off the island by being stashed in a crate during Luthas' banana picking game.


There are few things players can do on the island.

A player fishes for Tuna off the pier at Musa Point.

Fishing spot: This is the only place in the free world where players can fish for tuna, lobsters, and swordfish (except for the Wilderness, but it is more dangerous there because of revenants), thus making it the most popular fishing spot in for non-members (it is listed as Karamja Dock in the Game Guide). It is also a popular chatting place among fishing players. Common topics here are "fishing level's?" & "FIRE" as there are no ranges available to free players. Because the nearest bank is so far many players bring logs and a tinderbox to cook their fish right on the dock, freeing up a few inventory spaces by dropping the burnt fish. The Fishing Spot is also a common place for Random Events. A glitch has been spotted at the pier. When using a granite crab to aid fishing, the familiar may get stuck tilting at the corner of the pier.

Water Sources: Players can obtain water from a well on the west side of Zambo's bar. However, water is not needed on the island [unless you have grapes, and a jug/1 coin to make wine, which could be sold to Zambo, as his wine is almost always out of stock for some reason], making this well obsolete.

Luthas' Banana Plantation: Luthas' Banana Plantation is the small hut across from Zambo's bar. Players can collect bananas for Luthas and put them in the box outside his hut. When they've filled the box with 10 bananas, Luthas will pay them 30 coins. Luthas is useful if a player forgot their money and cannot go back from the island. There are 33 banana trees in the plantation, each with 5 bananas on each tree. There is also a single respawn 1 air rune north of Luthas' house.

Karamja Volcano: Karamja's volcano is in the western part of the island. The volcano contains a dungeon underneath it. There are lesser demons farther west, while the entrance has a few mid-level skeletons. After completing the Dragon Slayer quest, players can go through a hidden wall that leads to the crash site on Crandor. On the rim of the volcano lie a multitude of dead trees. These trees can be cut for logs, which can subsequently be used to light fires; handy for high-level fishing and cooking at the docks. There are also 2 trees east of Luthas' house.

The entrance to TzHaar City is located inside just east of the dungeon entrance. Members can access this city for its bank, stores, cooking fires, furnace and fairy ring.

The combination of Lesser Demons a General Store and a Fishing Spot makes this one of the few good training areas for free players. There are even 3 Moss Giants who drop Big Bones on Crandor. The entire area is single combat only and during peak times it can be hard to get a monster over other players. Bring weapon and armour, Harpoon or Lobster Cage, a hatchet, Fire Staff, and Nature Runes to cast High Level Alchemy. Tinderbox and chisel can be bought at store.

Random Events: Karamja seems to have the most Random Events out of any place in RuneScape. Random Events seem to happen more often on the docks. This is of course an effect of randoms appearing after a certain amount of experience has been gained. If you go near the plantation, the Security Guard and Drunken Dwarf can be seen there.

Christmas Event

The 2006 Christmas Event could be started and done on Musa Point.

You had to talk to Shanty Claws to start it. He was on the north-eastern dock.

What to bring

Here are some things you may need while Fishing:

  • Coins (to get on and off the island)
  • An Explorer's ring 3 will save you from a lot of walking when leaving the island, as the ring works as a teleport to the cabbage field outside Draynor village. However, you will need 30 coins to sail back.

If you want to make your own fire, also bring:

  • Hatchet or a lot of log-notes (you can change the notes in the shop for some money)
  • The hatchet can be used on two cuttable trees near Luthas' house. You can also cut down some dead trees on the volcano.

Note: The closest range is at Brimhaven, but that is member so if you are F2P it is recommended you bring firemaking equipment.


The "Ditch glitch"
  • Musa is also part of the scientific name for bananas. Banana trees dominate most of the free-to-play part of the island.
  • When Stealing Creation was released, there was a ditch at the point where characters embark from Port Sarim. It was removed about 3 weeks later.
  • The coast of Rimmington can be seen from the fishing pier.
  • There are often ropes or knives in stock in the General Store because these items respawn inside the shop.
  • There are often riots and protests here on F2P worlds, usually about the lack of a bank or range here.


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