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The Murasame.

The Murasame (村雨 Murasame) is a Katana appearing in some Final Fantasy titles. The blade is commonly confused with the Muramasa.



Final Fantasy

The Murasame is the second most powerful katana. Can only be used by Ninjas. Casts Protect if used as an item; obtained in the Lifespring Grotto, after defeating Omega.

Final Fantasy IV

The Murasame in the DS remake.
The Murasame in Final Fantasy IV.

The Murasame is one of the ultimate Katanas equippable by Edge, obtained in the Lunar Subterrane after beating its guardian, a White Dragon. It is a sister sword to the Masamune.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Murasame is a high-ranked katana that provides 55 Attack, 40% Accuracy, +5 Strength, Stamina, and Intelligence, and lowering Speed and Spirit by 5. It casts Protect when used as an item, and can be found only in the Subterrane.

Murasame in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy V

Murasame can be stolen from an enemy called Rukh. It has a high critical rate compared to other katanas.

Final Fantasy VI

The Murasame is a Katana equippable by Cyan and some other party members. Betting this in the Colloseum will allow the player to win a Masamune, localized as the Aura in the SNES version.

Final Fantasy VII

The Murasame is one of the swords equippable by Cloud Strife. It can be purchased in Wutai from disc 1 onwards. It has 2 sets of linked materia slots, and one single slot.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

The Murasame is the default weapon of the Katana (Male) Turk Character.

Final Fantasy X

The Murasame is a Katana equippable by Auron, and has One MP Cost as one of its abilities. Although it can be customized from any weapon, one can be obtained by entering the password "MURASAME" in the Airship.

Final Fantasy XI

Murasame appears in Final Fantasy XI as a treasure dropped by the Ash Dragon deep within Ifrit's Cauldron. It should be noted that it is a Great Katana by this game's classification system as opposed to a Katana, which is a single-handed ninja weapon.

Final Fantasy XII

The Murasame is found on the Phon Coast. Any character can equip it, provided they have learned the "Katanas 4" license. It is Water-elemental.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Murasame is used by Samurai, and is common enough to be purchased at most shops. Its power of Water is manifested as a gentle rain that restores HP to allies around the user.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Murasame is a Katana equipable by Ninjas and Assassins. It is of the Water element and can be bought in all shops.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Murasame reappears in the sequel with similar attributes to Tactics Advance. It is Water-elemental and teaches Wind Slash to the Parivir, Water Veil to the Ninja, and Aphonia to the Assassin.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Murasame is an artifact that increases Strength by 4. It can be obtained by defeating the Orc King in the third cycle at the Mine of Cathuriges.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Murasame is a level 60 katana with +41 Attack that increases EX Intake Rate by +3m.


Murasame directly translates to mean "village rain," but is occasionally translated "autumn rain." This contributes to it having Water damage.

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