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Ever since the early days of Sam and Friends and Muppet commercials, there has been a long tradition of Muppet characters eating each other.

In the "Inchworm" sketch, which Jim Henson performed on many variety shows in the 1960s, Kermit the Frog would sit on a wall, eating passing worms. A Muppet monster would drag Kermit off the wall and then re-appear making a chewing motion, creating the illusion that Kermit was eaten whole.

For later sketches, a "slit" in the second Muppet's mouth was made so the eaten Muppet could be pulled through and, if necessary, performed from inside the second Muppet after being "eaten".



Big V swallows Mack

The Ed Sullivan Show

Sesame Street

  • Cookie Monster tries to eat Guy Smiley in a bakery segment when he thinks that he is the thing Guy told him that's eatable and rhymes with "buy"
  • In Episode 0001 of Sesame Street, a yet unnamed Cookie Monster tries to eat Kermit (by his frog leg), after devouring the letter "W" in his lecture.
  • A cow nibbles on a Muppet stack of hay as they exit frame in Forgetful Jones' "Oklahma" sketch.

The Muppet Show

Gorgon Heap eating Wayne
Gorgon Heap about to eat Lenny
Behemoth tries to eat Zero
Behemoth eats Shakey Sanchez
  • Episode 202: Behemoth tries to eat Zero in the opening.
  • Episode 202: Zero tries to eat Sam and Mean Mama tries to eat Zero during the closing.
  • Episode 205: Judy Collins: The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly swallowed a fly, a spider, a bird, a cat, a dog and assorted other shadow-puppet animals before she exploded.
  • Episode 316: A lunchbox eats a construction worker.
  • Episode 419: A shark tries to eat a lobster during the UK Spot "Boom-A-Raka-Sacky".


  • Episode 115: Candice Bergen: During the talk spot, Kermit tells Candice Bergen that last week, Sweetums ate the guest.

Muppets Tonight


  • Episode 101: Michelle Pfeiffer: Rizzo the Rat reveals that he ate the Dancing Cheeses.

Fraggle Rock

  • Boober and the Glob: A big pink glob eats Cotterpin and several other Doozers.

The Jim Henson Hour

  • Food: A lizard eats a bumblebee, then a snake eats a lizard, a hawk eats a snake, the hawk crashes into a tree and falls and gets eaten by a crocodile, who gets eaten by Luncheon Counter Monster, who gets eaten by Doglion.
  • Food: Animal eats a bee.

From the Balcony

Muppet Meeting Films

  • Leo and the Monster: Luncheon Counter Monster threatens to eat Leo if he doesn't shorten his speech.

Kokomo Music Video


  • Episode 105: The Howling: Roy Hess eats a live creature who can be seen while Roy eats with his mouth open, but spits it out.
  • Episode 214: Fran Live: Robbie eats a live creature, but spits it out.
  • Episode 316: Steroids to Heaven: Dolf and Robbie eat some of the Thornoids.
  • Episode 413: Into the Woods: The Swamp Monster eats a baby dinosaur in the "Your Solo Wilderness Ritual" video.


  • Episode 203: I Never Ate for My Father: A small creature in the woods says that he tried to get his son to be a carnivore, and ate him when his son didn't become one.
  • Episode 217: A New Leaf: B.P. Richfield says that he ate a little boy for breakfast and was planning to eat that boy's sister for lunch.
  • Episode 224: WESAYSO Knows Best: B.P. Richfeild says that he bit his nephews head off.
  • Episode 308: Hungry for Love: It's revealed that B.P. Richfield ate his daughter Wendy's last four boyfriends.

Disney Xtreme Digital

Haunted Holidays



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