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The Multiverse is the sum total of all existence, the compiled mass of every universe and presumably other extra-dimensional realms such as Fluidic Space.

Very few races have the capabilities to explore the entire multiverse and the vast majority stay well within the confines of there own universes. One race that can and readily do traverse the mulitverse are the Q. (TNG novels: Q-Zone, Q-Space, Q-Strike)

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DC Comics

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The Multiverse consists of multiple versions of the universe existing in the same physical space, but separated from each other by their vibrational resonances.

The Original Multiverse was created as the result of interference in the Big Bang by Krona. It was destroyed by the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

An Interregnum Multiverse was created by Alexander Luthor during Infinite Crisis.

After the events of Infinite Crisis, the remaining Earths created collapsed back together, combining historical remnants to form one New Earth. However, the single universe was too small to contain the energy inside it and it began replicating -- into 52 identical Universes, the 52 Multiverse.

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The Original Multiverse

Main article: Pre-Crisis


In the Beginning

Krona was a member of the ancient race of powerful, blue-skinned humanoid immortals from the planet Maltus (they would later relocate to Oa and style themselves the Guardians of the Universe). He was a scientist obsessed with observing the creation of the universe, despite an Oan legend that said discovering that secret would cause a great calamity. Krona created a machine that allowed him to see into the moment of creation. Somehow, his experiment disrupted the process of creation, with terrible consequences -- it caused the creation of not a single universe, but the generation of an infinite number of universes.

Flash of Two Worlds
Earth-One Flash, Barry Allen
Earth-Two Flash, Jay Garrick

From the perspective of the Earth-One Universe, the first travel to another parallel universe occured when The Flash (Barry Allen) accidently changed his vibrational frequency to match that of Earth-Two, where he met Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. That meeting resulted in years of interaction between the original super-hero team, The Justice Society of America, and their younger Earth-One counterparts, The Justice League of America.

As Barry Allen was the first traveller, the honor of naming the two earths fell to him - his universe's Earth was called Earth-One, Jay Garrick's became Earth-Two. As noted years later by the elder Superman, the JSA were too polite to mention that they were around first [3].

Over the years, various other Earths (i.e. an Earth part of another parallel universe) were visited by super-heroes (and villains).

Crime Syndicate

After Earth-Two, the next parallel world encountered by the JLA was that of Earth-Three, a partially "reversed" Earth populated by their evil "opposites", the Crime Syndicate of America. However the general populace of Earth-Three reflected a society based on laws and good values, despite the majority of their super powered beings having an evil nature. The Syndicate would eventually be imprisoned by the JLA and JSA, escaping at various times throughout the years to cause trouble.

The End of All Things
Main article: Post-Crisis
The Anti-Monitor

The Multiverse co-existed with an Antimatter Universe. The Anti-Monitor caused a wave of antimatter to sweep across the infinite universes in an effort to gain absolute power and remake existence to his liking. He was opposed by his opposite number, The Monitor.

The Monitor's plans did not completely work against the Anti-Monitor, ultimately costing the Monitor his life. Five universes remained. The heroes, at the Spectre's urging, pooled their resources and traveled back to the Dawn of Time where they confronted the Anti-Monitor. The villains, meanwhile (1,000,000,000 years later), traveled to Oa to try to stop Krona from peering back in time and creating the Multiverse (and the Antimatter Universe the Anti-Monitor came from).

The Anti-Monitor revealed to the assembled heroes that he lured them to him to absorb their life forces. He explained:

Only here, before creation can the future be changed! When Krona taps the cosmic forces, opening the door between matter and antimatter ... it shall be my hand he sees! My hand which shall destroy the positive matter multiverse for now and forever! My hand which shall make the antimatter universe supreme! ... The Multiverse will no longer exist! [4]
The Spectre

However, the Spectre, aided by Earths' mightiest sorcerors, managed to (apparently) defeat him.

Flashes and Supermen discover -- Earth-Two is Gone!

As Krona peered back through the cosmic veil, the Big Bang began:

In the beginning there were many. A Multiversal infinitude ... so cold and so dark for so long ... that even the burning light was imperceptible ... but then the light grew, and the Multiverse shuddered .. and the darkness screamed as much in pain as in relief. For in that instant a Universe was born. A Universe with mighty worlds orbiting burning suns. A Universe reborn at the Dawn of Time. What had been many became one.[5]

As explained later by Harbinger, in this reality, there only ever was one Earth with one history.[6]

From a functional perspective, the histories and peoples of Earth-One, Earth-Two, Earth-Four, Earth-S, and Earth-X were effectively merged to form one composite universe, the Post-Crisis Earth. Earth-One became a sort of template, onto which the other Earths were apparently added.


Area/Dimensions: Infinite

Location Details

Universe: n/a
Identity: The existence of the Original Multiverse was unknown to the general populace of any one particular planet.

The Multiverse consisted of multiple versions of the universe existing in the same physical space, but separated from each other by their vibrational resonances.

As Allen explained to Garrick in their first meeting:

"..I vibrated so fast -- I tore a gap in the vibratory shields separating our worlds! As you know -- two objects can occupy the same space and time -- if they vibrate at different speeds!

My theory is, both Earths were created at the same time in two quite similar universes! They vibrate differently -- which keeps them apart! Life, customs -- even languages -- evolved on your earth almost exactly as they did on my Earth! Destiny must have decreed there'd be a Flash -- on each Earth!
" [7]
Passage of Time

The JSA and JLA would get together once a year when the temporal matrices of the two universes were at their closest point, using a dimensional transporter [8].

As Batman once explained about the differences between Earth-One and Earth-Two:

"This Earth (Earth-Two) rotates at a slower speed -- time passes less quickly than on our Earth!"

Green Arrow added:

"The idea is that Earth-Two is about twenty years behind because of some time flux." [9]


List of Original Universes

Below is a partial list of notable alternate worlds, and universes with known numerical designations. Beyond these, many other alternate worlds have been visited or explored by denizens of the DC Universe.[10]

Interregnum Multiverse

Main article: Infinite Crisis


Alexander Luthor

This Multiverse existed only during Alexander Luthor's attempts to recreate the Original Multiverse during Infinite Crisis. Luthor's plan to use the Multiversal essences of natives of the original Universes to recreate Earth-Two also required:

"the rest of the Multiverse back as well. I need thousands and thousands of worlds. Worlds I can sift through like sand, one grain at a time, combining and mixing until I find it. Until I find the perfect Earth." [11]
"... everything comes from Superman." - Alexander Luthor

Luthor further noted that:

"The Superman of Earth-Two is the key to the return of the rest of the Multiverse. For some reason I can't explain or understand, and probably never will ... everything comes from Superman." [12]

After activating his device and the program "Earth: Spawn", a multitude of Earths (and their respective Universes) appeared.

The elder Superman, Kal-L, explained to his younger counterpart that:

"your Earth [New Earth] has been splintered back into a multiverse made up of thousands of worlds. But the Multiverse is unstable. The Earths will become weaker and weaker as they're divided. And if they aren't brought back together soon, the entire universe will explode in a new Big Bang. Everything will be destroyed. We need to get back to Earth-One." [13]

That proved a difficult task, as the sky was filled with visions of multiple Earths, some mirroring Pre-Crisis Earths, others representing visions of past and future timelines, some known, some unknown.

The Earths collapsed back into a New Earth at the end of the Crisis.


Area/Dimensions: Presumably infinite in each of the created Universes, although may only have consisted of multiple versions of Earth separated by their vibrational resonances.

Location Details

Universe: n/a
Identity: The existence of the Interregnum Multiverse was seen by the general populace of New Earth.

List of Interregnum Universes

Luthor's "Multiverse"

Below is a partial list of alternate worlds created by Alexander Luthor in his attempt to create the perfect Earth.

52 Multiverse

Main article: 52
Main article: Monitors


In the Beginning

After the events of Infinite Crisis, the remaining Earths created by Alexander Luthor collapsed back together, combining historical remnants to form one New Earth. However, the single universe was too small to contain the energy inside it and it began replicating - into 52 identical Universes, a new Multiverse.

As Rip Hunter revealed to Booster Gold aboard his Time Sphere, in the few seconds after the creation of this new Multiverse, the Earths (and their corresponding Universes) "will occupy the same space, each on a different vibrational plane".[14]

Mr. Mind: Pre-Transformation
Doctor Sivana

During their efforts to stop the vastly powerful Mr. Mind from destroying every universe, Hunter described Mind's efforts as "eating years and events from this universe's history -- altering the Earth with every flap of his wings". This resulted in the Earths changing, becoming different from New Earth in varying degrees.

Mr. Mind post-transformation

Hunter further states that "the notion that there's a Multiverse beyond the reality we know -- that's too dangerous a secret to spread." However, he had let that very thing slip in front of Doctor Sivana.

Hunter also revealed that there is a coming Megaverse. How this may relate to other multiverses previously encountered (ex. the Marvel Universe), if at all, remains to be seen.


Area/Dimensions: Infinite in each of the 52 Universes

Location Details

Universe: n/a
Identity: The existence of the full 52 Multiverse is unknown to the general populace of any one particular planet.

The general populace of New Earth (Earth-0) is fully aware of various other populated Earths though are not fully aware of the exact nature of the 52 other realities as of the end of Final Crisis.

It remains unknown if the general populace of the other Earths in the 52 Multiverse are also aware of other existing realities in the 52 multiverse.

The parallel dimensions were separated by an an interdimensional sub-reality barrier called The Bleed. The Bleed was also spatially connected with the Source Wall, the Multiversal Nexus and the Nanoverse. The Bleed was completely collapsed in the Final Crisis event by Nix Uotan.

The Source Wall and the Anti-Life Equation exist between each matter universe. Knowledge and control of the Anti-Life Equation, the Speed Force, and quantum mechanics were needed to travel between universes. [15] Some have learned to travel the universes between the dimensions without knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation such as Professor Michael Holt of Earth-2 though on a limited basis.

The Multiversal Nexus is the reality in between known parallel matter based universes. Currently, the Nexus is occupied by the Monitors and their satellite station. From here, they observe and analyze variances within the Multiverse; specifically citing instances wherein individuals migrate from one reality to another.

According to the Guardians of the Universe:

... upon Earth now rest 51 more parallel Earths -- and beyond this universe, 51 parallel universes ... if Earth is ever annihilated, it will start a chain reaction that will destroy the others. The Multiverse will collapse, leaving only our opposite antimatter universe in existence. [16]

The Guardians' Book of Oa contains a prophecy called "The Blackest Night" which states:

A face of metal and flesh shall speak of the secrets of the 52. Fear will rise. Willpower will gather. And a wave of light will unleash the truth behind the power of the ring.[17]

The meaning, or truth, of this prophecy remains to be seen.

List of 52 Universes

The following is a list of the other Earths thus created, as seen for the first time:


52 Multiverse

  • Writer Grant Morrison had this to say in an interview with Newsarama:
And the parallel Earths you see in issue #52 are not the familiar pre-Crisis versions. If you think you recognize and know any of these worlds from before, you'd be wrong. We all wanted to do something new with the multiple Earths so what you've already seen in 52 is simply the tip of the iceberg - each parallel world now has its own huge new backstory and characters and each could basically form the foundation for a complete line of new books. If you like the ongoing soap opera dynamics of New Earth, you can watch Mary Marvel turning to the dark side as her skirt gets shorter and shorter, or you can buy the Earth 5 line of books featuring more iconic versions of the Marvel Family. If you miss Vic Sage as the Question, you should be able to follow the adventures of Vic's counterpart on the Charlton/Watchmen world of Earth 4. [48]
Why bring it back? Simple answer? It was a great idea in the '60s (tip of the hat to legendary DC editor Julie Schwartz) and it's a great idea now -- if managed properly. And that's what we plan to do, and believe it or not there is a plan in place for all the goings-on in the Multiverse. This new Multiverse has 52 (the magic number) distinct universes, half which are cataloged, half which are not. But as for the ones we know, you will be seeing glimpses of them throughout the year in several series like Countdown and Countdown to Adventure featuring the Challengers from Beyond. Which brings us full circle to the first group.
If you loved the original Multiverse then you will be happy to know that some of these new universes are close to the ones you remember (evil versions of the Justice League, Nazis winning World War II) and some new universes might seem vaguely familiar (Vampire Batman and Russian Superman?), but all of them will have the same level of thrills and excitement the old pre-Crisis Multiverse had.
  • Dan Didio:
What’s fun about all of that is that these are new interpretations of these worlds. It’s not the Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths multiverse, but something that is much more contained, and will hopefully be well managed as the months and years go by so that people will clearly understand the differences between the worlds. Of course, the 52 monitors help with making sure that the rules are followed among the earths…or do they? [49]


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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

The Multiverse, also known as the Omniverse, is the collection of alternate universes that share a universal hierarchy. A large variety of these universes were originated from another due to a major decision on the part of a character. Some can seem to be taking place in the past or future due to differences in how time passes in each universe. Often, new universes are born due to time traveling, another name for these new universes is an "alternate timeline".

Earth-616 is the established main universe where the majority of Marvel books take place.

In each universe, a Captain Britain protects the British Isles. Altogether, the Captains make up the Captain Britain Corps.


Dimension vs. Universe

Dimensions and Universes are not the same thing. Many dimensions can exist in one universe. For instance, Mephisto and Dormammu both come from different dimensions, but belong to the same universe (Earth-616).


2005's Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes compiles all of the then-known universes in a Earth-number format. Supposedly, the method of delineating a Universe's number is to derive the numbers from the publication date of the issue where the universe first appeared. First being the two-digit year followed by the number of the month. For instance, it is commonly and erroneously thought that "Earth-616" was named after the publication date of Fantastic Four #1, 61 from its year of publication and 6 from June.

Universe Listing

A list of alternate universes with known numerical designations resides below. Many other alternates have been visited or explored, but are yet to be named by Marvel.

Name First Appearance Notes
Earth-0 Comics:Thor #162 (March, 1989) Known as the Reality that Existed Before the Big Bang. Home to DSpayre, Dweller-in-Darkness, Galactus, Taa.
also known as Turingville
Mighty to Marvel #13 (1984) Also known as Turingville, Earth-9 is a cyberneticly governed world where robotic life rebelled, taking over the planet. This resulted in a seemingly democratic utopia. Home to Saturnyne and Officer Joe Pi.
Earth-12 Exiles #1 (2001) Mimic of the Exiles was born here.
Earth-15 Exiles #12 (known)
Exiles #83 (2006) (seen)
Spider's (from Weapon X) birthplace.
Earth-23 Marvel Mangaverse: Fantastic Four #1 See: Earth-2301.
Earth-27 Exiles #83 (2006) Magnus' birthplace, (son of Rogue and Magneto). Magnus' was not returned to Earth-27 until Exiles #83.
Earth-33 Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules #1 (2001) A 1950's, powerless version of the Fantastic Four, including Susan Sturm, reside here.
Earth-36 Thing: Night Falls on Yancy Street #1 (2003) Hazel Donovan's birthplace.
Earth-65 Excalibur #44 (1991) Brother Brit-Man's birthplace.
also known as Earth 1961
Fantastic Four Annual 1998 (1998) The same history as Earth-616 except until Gwen Stacy died in 1973, where this universe's characters began to age in real-time.
Earth-110 Fantastic Four: Big Town #1 (2001) Reed Richards developed technology for the entire globe.
Earth-111 Fantastic Four Vol 3 #47 (2001) The Challengers of Doom birthplace.
Earth-127 Exiles #83 This reality's versions of Magneto, Wolverine, Scarlet Warlock Quicksilver, and Mesmero accidentally combined to form Brother Mutant.
also known as Ee'rath
Excalibur #1 (1988) This Universe adopted Kylun.
Earth-172 Exiles #83 Wolverine's home world (from Weapon X).
Earth-181 Exiles #62 (mentioned)
Exiles #83 (seen)
Daredevil's home world (from Weapon X).
also known as Crooked World
Marvel Super-Heroes #377 (1981) Crooked World is home to Captain UK, the Fury, Mad Jim Jaspers; it was eliminated by Mandragon while trying to destroy the threat of Mad Jim Jaspers and the Fury. Home to various counterparts of British comic book characters of the 1950s and 1960s.
Earth-253 X-Man #71 (2001) The Protectorate, whose members included Professor X and Thor, resided here. It was oblitterated by Qabiri against Nate Grey's wishes in X-Man #72.
also known as the Age of Apocalypse
X-Men Alpha (1995) Professor X was accidentally killed by the time-traveling mutant Legion, causing his dream of human and mutant harmony to never come into existance. Magneto leads the X-Men against Apocalypse. Blink, Sabretooth, X-Man, Dark Beast, Holocaust, and Sugar Man all hail from this reality. It was thought to be destroyed, (in X-Men Omega), but turned out to still be in existence in Age of Apocalypse #1.
Earth-305 Mighty to Marvel #13 (1984) Captain Angleterre's home world.
also known as 1602
1602 #6 (2003) A reality where modern-day Captain America was sent back in time to 1587 A.D. thus altering the timeline. Caused the heroic age to occur in the year 1602. The damage was fixed by Thor and Enrique, causing Rojhaz (Captain America) to be returned to the future along with Nicolas Fury. Preserved by Uatu the Watcher and his superior, this world was previously designated Earth-616.
Earth-312 Exiles #35 (2003) In a slower moving timeline, Ben Grimm went into a berserker rage due to his transformation into the Thing.
Earth-313 Knights of Pendragon Vol 2 #9 (1993) The Lemurians' home world. It was nearly destroyed by a nuclear device in order to save the Araknoids. Gawain, Albion, and Breeze James came to help repair it.
Earth-355 Avengers #355 (1992) The Gatherers' Coal Tiger's home world.
Earth-371 Exiles #23 (mentioned)
Exiles #83 (2006)
Gambit's home world (from Weapon X).
Earth-374 Avengers #344 (1992) Proctor, Sersi, and Ute's home world.
Earth-398 Avengers Vol 3 #2 (1998) Constructed out of a reality warp by Morgan le Fay. She was Queen of a medieval world with the Queen's Vengeance as her staff.
Earth-460 1602 #8 (2003) Purple Man became President, and sent Captain America back to 1602 A.D. of Earth-616. This caused 1602 A.D. of Earth-616 to become Earth-311.
Earth-520 Exiles #83 Wolverine was recently given his adamantium skeleton by the Weapon X program.
Earth-522 Daredevils #6 (1983) Home to Captain England.
Earth-523 Daredevils #6 (1983) Home to Captain Albion. This world is a newer version of Elizabethan England whose empire successfully includes America and most of Asia in a veritable utopia.
Earth-541 An alternate Starbrand as global monarch.
Earth-552 Exiles #75 Galactus brings life to dead planets instead of sucking the life out of life ones.
Earth-555 Newuniversal #1 Newuniversal.
Earth-597 Excalibur Vol 1 #9 (1989) The Nazis won World War II. Home to Hauptmann Englande and the Lightning Force.
Earth-616 Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939) Main universe of Marvel comics. Other universes are usually compared to this one.
Earth-653 Exiles #83 Home to Mesmero from Weapon X.
Earth-665 Not Brand Ecch #1 (1967) Home to Forbush Man.
Earth-666 Supernaturals #1 (1998) Home to a team composed of supernatural versions of Brother Voodoo and Black Cat as well as others.
Earth-689 Avengers Annual #2 (1968) Scarlet Centurion convinced this reality's Avengers to entrap the super heroes. They were defeated by Earth-616's Avengers.
Earth-691 Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 #18 (1969) Home world to Guardians of the Galaxy, Killraven (Alternate future version), and Woden, who is the son of Thor.
also known as the Amalgam Universe
Marvel vs. DC #3 (1995) (seen)
Fantastic Four: Marvel Encyclopedia (2004) (named)
Created by merging of the Marvel Universe (Earth-616) and the DC Universe, Earth-692 was "Earth-9602" in Marvel vs. DC #3.
Earth-700 Marvel: Lost Generation #8 (2000) Home to Cassandra Locke.
also known as Earth-S
Avengers Vol 1 #85 (1971) Home to the Squadron Supreme.
Earth-714 Exiles #83 Home to Angel from Weapon X.
Earth-715 Savage Tales Vol 1 #1 (1971) Femizonia reality. Home to Thundra before merging with Machus.
Earth-717 What If? Vol 4 #1 Captain America was alive during the Civil War; Originally thought to apply to all of the 2005 “What If” stories but has been designated to only one.
also known as Earth-A
Fantastic Four Vol 1 #118 (1972). Only two members (Ben Grimm and Reed Richards) of the Fantastic Four were on board the spaceship when they were exposed to the cosmic rays. Richards became the Thing and Grimm became Mr. Fantastic.
Earth-723 A Starbrand unified the planet with music.
Earth-741 Mighty to Marvel #13 (1984) Home to Captain Empire.
Earth-744 Daredevils #7 (1983) Home to Captain Airstrip-One. Very similar to the novel 1984 by George Orwell.
Earth-772 What If? Vol 1 #1 (1977) Home to the Fantastic Five, who included the mainstream four and Spider-Man.
Earth-774 What If? Vol 1 #2 (1977) Alternate reality where the Hulk kept Bruce Banner's mental capacity.
Earth-794 Captain Britain Vol 1 #6 (1985) Home to Kaptain Briton and Opul Lun Sat-yr-nin. Captain UK was sent here by Roma to cause the downfall of Sat-yr9.
Earth-797 Exiles Vol 1 #99 (2007) Home to Raphael-Raven Darkholme. Visited, briefly, by the Exiles.
Earth-808 What If? Vol 1 #22 (1980) Doctor Doom saved his mother's soul from the evil Mephisto.
also known as Days of Future Past
X-Men Vol 1 #141 (1981) Mutants live in concentration camps and robot Sentinels reign over the United States. Deviates when the X-Men fail to stop Senator Kelly being murdered by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
Earth-829 Hercules Vol 1 #1 (1982) Hercules in the 24th Century.
Earth-839 Excalibur Vol 1 #44 (1991) Captain UK was reassigned here after overcoming Sat-Yr-9.
Earth-846 Mighty to Marvel #13 (1984) Kaiser Wilhelm II won World War I. Home to Kommandant Englander.
Earth-873 Exiles #40 (mentioned)
Exiles #83 (2006) (seen)
Home to the Hulk (Bruce Banner) from Weapon X.
Earth-886 A female Starbrand protects the world from evil forces.
Earth-892 X-Men/Dr. Doom: Chaos Engine (2001) Doctor Doom used a defective cosmic cube to temporarily combine this reality with Earth-616 in a plan to rule the world.
X-Men Millennial Visions 2000
Home to the X-Punks.
Earth-907 What If? Vol 2 #15 (1990) Reed Richards was put to death during the trial of Galactus; the residual members of the Fantastic Four ruined the Shi'ar Throneworld and killed themselves to stop the interplanetary coalition from obliterating Earth.
Earth-912 What If? Vol 2 #22 (1991) Home to the Fantastic Five, which incorporated the mainstream Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer.
Earth-917 What If? Vol 2 #27 (1991) Home to the Fantastic Five which integrated the mainstream Fantastic Four and Namor. Sue married Namor as an alternative to Reed.
Earth-920 Daredevils #7 (1983) Home to Captain Commonwealth.
Earth-921 Avengers Vol 1 #343 (1992) Home to the Gatherers' Swordsman.
Earth-924 Excalibur Vol 1 #49 (1992) Home to Calibur, an alternate adaptation of Excalibur.
also known as 2099 Universe
Spider-Man 2099 #1 Home to Spider-Man 2099, X-Men 2099, Hulk 2099 and others.
Earth-929 What If? Vol 1 #41 (1992) Reed Richards’ rocket crashed, killing everyone on board. Galactus battled the Avengers and Uatu sacrificed himself to Galactus to avert earth's obliteration.
Earth-932 Avengers Vol 1 #359 (1993) Home to Anti-Vision of the Gatherers.
Earth-938 What If? Vol 2 #52 (1993) Dr. Doom became Sorcerer Supreme. He later used the Fantastic Four to gain the Merlin Stones to defeat Dormammu.
Earth-943 Avengers Vol 1 #372 (1994) Home to the Gatherers' Jocasta.
Earth-944 Fantastic Four Vol 1 #387 (1994) Home to Dark Raider. Earth consumed by Galactus. Reed Richards endured and held himself responsible.
Earth-952 What If? Vol 2 #70 (1995) Silver Surfer didn’t deceive Galactus, who then devoured Earth. The Fantastic Four survived and become his heralds.
Earth-957 What If? Vol 2 #75 (1995) Blink endured her altercation with Harvest and achieved the power of the In-Betweener, becoming his trainee after her efforts to generate an ideal Earth ended in tragedy.
Earth-967 Fantastic Four Vol 1 #414 (1996) Home to Hyperstorm, son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers; a deviation of Earth-811 (Days of Future Past).
Earth-969 What If? Vol 2 #89 (1996) Doctor Doom schemed to stop an uncontrollable Fantastic Four from forming.
also known as MC2
What If? Vol 2 #105 (1998) Home to Spider-Girl, J2, A-Next, Wild Thing, the Fantastic Five, and others.
Earth-985 What If? Vol 2 #108 (1998) The Carnage symbiote was able to link with the Silver Surfer long enough to manifest cosmic powers and ultimately battle the Avengers.
Earth-989 What If? Vol 1 #109 (1989) Ben Grimm stayed in Liddleville.
Earth-998 X-Man #63 (2000) (seen)
X-Man #68 (2000) (named)
America is lorded over by the Red Queen (Jean Grey) from a hovering metropolis.
Earth-999 Home to the Special Legion of Machine Avengers Executive.
Earth-1000 Domination Factor: Fantastic Four #3.5 (2000) Home to Knorda and Praxis.
Earth-1009 Exiles Vol 1 #99 (2007) Home to Rogue (Anna Raven) and the Royal Avengers. Briefly visited by the Exiles.
Earth-1029 Home to Hulk (Jennifer Walters) of Weapon X.
Earth-1089 What If? Vol 2 #4 (1989) The Venom symbiote effectively overcame Spider-Man.
Earth-1090 Humanity has a group mind.
Earth-1112 Fantastic Four Vol 3 #47 (2001) Malice slaughters the Fantastic Four.
Earth-1115 Fantastic Four Vol 3 #47 (2001) Susan Storm is Queen of Atlantis.
Earth-1116 Fantastic Four Vol 3 #47 (2001) Atlanterra.
Earth-1121 Paradise X: Heralds #1 (2001) Humanity uses nuclear weapons against the Squadron Supreme because of the Utopia Program; only Hyperion lives on. An alternate version of Earth-712.
Earth-1122 Paradise X: Heralds #1 (2001) Home to Spider-Girl/May Parker, the descendant of Ben Reilly.
Earth-1123 Home to High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth.
Earth-1136 Funny Pages #6 (1936) (golden age)
Protectors #1 (1992) (modern age)
Home to Zardi the Eternal Man, Amazing Man, and Skyrocket Steele.
Earth-1189 Excalibur Vol 1 #15 (1989) Earth is devastated by nuclear war. Home to Captain Britain (Meggan).
Earth-1191 Uncanny X-Men #282 Home to Bishop, Trevor Fitzroy and Shard as well as the XSE & the XUE; alternative future set in 2080 A.D. This universe had it's own "Days of Future Past" in the past, then had it’s own version of the Summers’ Rebellion.
Earth-1193 Excalibur Vol 1 #12 (1989) Home to Captain Marshall.
Earth-1218 New Exiles #3 (2008) Earth Designation of our own reality.
Earth-1228 What If? Vol 1 #11 (1978) Marvel Bullpen empowered by Cosmic Rays from mysterious box (sent from the S People) and develop into the Fantastic Four.
Earth-1241 Comedy Comics #9 (1942) Home to Captain Dash and Manmon. Occurs in the 31st century with superior technology but very little space exploration.
Earth-1282 Excalibur Vol 1 #24 (1990) Home to Captain Cymru. Designation of this Earth came from the date of the overpowering of the last Welsh King by the English.
Earth-1287 Strikeforce: Morituri #1 (1986) Home to Strikeforce: Morituri. (In Exiles #83, Earth-1287 is mistakenly designated as the home of Weapon X's version of Maverick).
Earth-1289 Excalibur Vol 1 #16 (1989) Home to Lockheed and Kymri, who resembles Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler marries Kymri in Chris Claremont's X-Men: The End, and the two split the duties of Captain Britain.
also known as Mutant X
Mutant X #1 (1998) Earth-616 Havok was sent here. Home to the Six.
Earth-1508 Excalibur Vol 1 #24 (1990) Home to Chevalier Bretagne.
also known as Ultimate Marvel
Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2000) Re-creation of the Marvel Universe for modern times. Began with Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. Eventually generated more than two more books including one based on the Avengers (Ultimates) and one based on the Fantastic Four.
Earth-1629 X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine (2003) Home to Dr. Henry P. Stanton that was chosen by Merlyn to serve as the doctor at the Core Continuum.
Earth-1812 X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine (2003) Home to Dr. Henry P. Stanton that was chosen by Merlyn to serve as the doctor at the Core Continuum.
Earth-1812 Captain Britain Vol 2 #13 (1986) Home to Captain Granbretan; a world where Napoleon conquered Britain.
Earth-Operation: Zero Tolerance
Exiles #1-2 Where Charles Xavier is a mass murderer and Magneto is a savior; Operation: Zero Tolerance is a absolute victory and all the world's super-powers are locked away.
Earth-1880 Exiles #85 Home to a younger version of James Howlett who just learned about his mutant abilities.
Earth-1917 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Colossus from Weapon X.
Earth-1987 Alternate version of the Fantastic Four. Includes Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, and She-Hulk. Was visited by the Exiles.
also known as Geshem
Wolverine: Rahne of Terra (1991) A medieval-fantasy world ruled by Wolfsbane (Queen Rain) and her Prince Consort, Douglas (Doug Cypher). Most X-Men characters have equivalents here, and all are members of Rain's court, while the villains oppose her rule.
Earth-2000 X-Men: Mutant Academy Earth-assignation of the X-Men: Mutant Academy video game.
Earth-2002 X-Men: Next Dimension Earth-assignation of the X-Men: Next Dimension video game.
Earth-2020 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Iron Man (Earth-2020) from Weapon X.
Earth-2030 Exiles #18 Where Callisto is Sorceress Supreme.
Earth-2120 Killraven Vol 2 #1 (2001) Alternative Killraven.
Earth-2122 Excalibur Vol 1 #21 (1990) Home to Crusader X; the UK still runs America.
also known as Marvel Zombies
Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 (2005) Zombie world; an infected Sentry (Robert Reynolds) unintentionally spread a virus that zombified most costumed heroes while killing the remaining few.
Earth-2182 X-Men Millennial Visions 2000 Home to Talia Wagner of the Exiles.
Earth-2189 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Namora from the Exiles.
also known as the Marvel Mangaverse
Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn #1 (2002) Recreation of the Marvel Universe in manga style.
Earth-2318 Where the Savage Land spans two continents.
Earth-2600 Exiles #12 (2002) Exiles and Weapon X sent to slay David Richards; Sabretooth of the Age of Apocalypse turned against Weapon X and stayed in this reality to raise David. After twenty years raising David and the other kids, their powers surfaced and David orchestrated the systematic destruction of Sentinel factories around the world. Blink arrived on the night before the attack on the Sentinels, and David synchronized the assault by connecting the minds of the mutants. David then forced Blink to transport him into the Strategic Sentinel Command and kill the designers by fusing them with solid matter. These actions forced Sabretooth to track down and murder David.
Earth-2912 What If? Vol. 8 #2 After the Civil War Captain America survives his assassination but instead Iron Man is killed by Bill Foster's nephew blaming him for his uncle's death.
also known as the Marvel Knights 2099 Universe
Black Panther 2099 #1 (2004) (Alternate 2099 A.D.) Features characters unique to the original 2099 universe.
Earth-3031 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Kane from Weapon X.
Earth-3123 What If? Vol 1 #23 (1980) Aunt May is bitten by a radioactive spider.
Earth-3470 Exiles #84 (2006) Home to Heather Hudson, of the the Exiles.
Earth-3515 Thor Vol 2 #34 (2001) (mentioned)
Thor Vol 2 #35 (2001) (seen)
"Thor: The Reigning"
also known as Monster Planet
Exiles #66 (2005) Home to Doctor Curt Conners' "Science Squad."
Earth-3913 Captain Britain murdered Dai Thomas.
Earth-3931 Where the Avengers were vampires.
Earth-4023 Exiles #38 (2004) (mentioned)
Exiles #63 (2005) (seen)
Hyperion made himself king of the world, while everyone else was killed during the nuclear attack in opposition to him.
Earth-4040 Daring Mystery Comics #3 (1940) Home to Breeze Barton; Earth is wrecked following World War II so the leftovers of civilization are endangered by barbarians.
Earth-4096 Mystic Comics #2 (1940) Home to Space Rangers, Black Hawk, and Carl Formes. Takes place in 2300 A.D. extensive treks in space are possible. Tourists are susceptible to space pirates.
Earth-4100 Excalibur Vol 1 #24 (1990) Home to Centurion Britannus; Designation for this Earth is from the year the Romans left Britain.
also known as Earth Aware Reality
Exiles Vol 1 52 (2004) Home to where Ego the Living Planet turns Earth into a sentient planet.
Earth-4210 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Magik from the Exiles.
Earth-4263 Daring Mystery Comics #8 (1942) Home to Captain Daring. Takes place in 3050 A.D. and worldwide peace is in danger by a re-energized Hitler.
also known as Marvel: The End
Marvel Universe: The End #1 (2003) The pharaoh Akhenaten became cosmically powered and wiped out most heroes in the Marvel Universe.
Earth-4400 Exiles #43 (2004) Exiles fought a Hyperion-led Weapon X.
Earth-4732 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Ms. Marvel from Weapon X.
Earth-4871 X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (2003) Threatened to be obliterated by the World Ripper of Earth-4872, but was exposed to have been shattered in X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two.
Earth-4872 X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine (2003) Caused by Merlyn, the damage to the World Ripper caused the annihilation of the Skrull home world and then threatened "adjacent" realities, forcing Merlyn to demolish this reality.
Earth-4873 X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (2003) Threatened to be obliterated by the World Ripper of Earth-4872, but was exposed to have been shattered in X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two.
also known as Earth Askani
X-Factor Vol 1 #67 (1991) Nathan Summers was sent to the future to save his life. Here he became Cable.
Earth-5012 Marvel Team-up Vol 3 #2 (2005) Home reality of Iron Maniac, who killed the Black Widow and Wolverine of that reality before he was sent to Earth-616.
Earth-5021 Exiles #5 (2001) Deadpool's home world (from Weapon X)
Earth-5106 Space Squadron #1 (1951) Home to Jet Dixon, Dawn Revere, Rusty Blake, and LLA 38; an advanced reality set in the year 2000.
Earth-5127 X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine: Book Three (2003) (mentioned) Roma, of the House of Fallon, is the goddess Dallentré.
Earth-5200 Marvel Knights: 4 #16 (2005) An alternative future lorded over by Doctor Doom. Visited by Earth-616's version of Human Torch.
Earth-5211 Exiles #85 Home to Albert and Elsie Dee; recruited to help destroy Brother Mutant.
Earth-5311 Uncanny X-Men #153 (1982) Kitty's Fairy Tale reality; home to Lockheed and Bamfs.
Earth-5391 Spaceman Speed Carter (1953) Home to Speed Carter, Crash Morgan, Stellar Stone, and General Stone. The local year is 2075 A.D.
Earth-5423 Exiles Vol 1 #50 (2004) A world where Calvin Rankin made the choice not to take Professor X's help and training, but became the world's deadliest criminal instead.
Earth-5464 Daring Mystery Comics #4 (1940) Home to Whirlwind Carter. Humanity has spread to Venus and beyond. Earth is in danger from aliens, but protected by the interplanetary Secret Service.
Earth-5555 Dragon's Claws #1 (1988) Local year is 8162 A.D. Home to Dragon’s Claws and the bounty-hunting Death's Head.
also known as Earth-5692
Exiles #8 (2002) Reality where Earth was conquered by Skrulls who left when Galactus and his herald Terrax was sighted heading towards the planet. Former superpowered slaves and Exiles managed to drive Galactus away by using an antimatter bomb on him.
Earth-5700 Wolverine: Days of Future Now #1 (2005) Alternative Days of Future Past.
Earth-5701 Cable & Deadpool #15 (2005) Alternative Age of Apocalypse.
Earth-6025 Marvel Team-Up Vol 3 #15 (2006) (mentioned) Chronok's home reality.
Earth-6141 New Excalibur #1 (2006) (mentioned) Home of Shadow-X
Earth-6215 Marvel Team-Up Vol 3 #15 (2006) Original home of the League of Losers.
also known as Other-Earth
Fantastic Four Vol 1 #19 (1963) Home to Kang the Conqueror, temporarily ruled by Nathaniel Richards.
Earth-6375 Proteus' entry in the All New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (2006) Proteus arrived in era of Marvel 2099 (Earth-928), and his actions caused a divergence into Earth-6375.
Earth-6799 Spider-Man 1967 cartoon
Earth-6871 Captain America: The Great Gold Steal (1968) A freelance Red Skull impersonated an individual named "Eagle," and created a small group of criminals in order to steal $13 billion worth of gold from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Earth-7412 Fantastic Four Vol 1 #153 (1974) Created from merging the realities Machus and Femizonia.
Earth-7484 Astonishing Tales #25 (1974) Home to Deathlok the Demolisher.
Earth-7511 Iron Man Vol 1 #80 (1975) Disjointed America.
Earth-7712 What If? Vol 1 #6 (1977) Home to Big Brain, Dragonfly, Mandroid, and Ultra-Woman. They encompass a Fantastic Four with alternative powers. The reality was possibly destroyed by Vangaard.
also known as Earth-M or Earth-Moebius
The Silver Surfer (1978) Home to Ardina.
Earth-7910 What If? Vol 1 #17 (1978) Ghost Rider is a villain.
Earth-7940 Marvel Two-In-One #50 (1979) Galactus eats the Earth, but life endures.
Earth-7964 X-Men Legends video game universe
Earth-8009 Marvel Two-In-One #67 (1980) Thundra’s becomes leader of the Sisterhood; this reality's Femizonia was never occupied by Machus.
Earth-8107 Home to the comic version of the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends television series.
Earth-8110 What If? Vol 1 #29 (1981) Scarlet Centurion persuaded the Avengers to detain the world's super-heroes and then retire, although they briefly converted and overpowered him when he attempted to conquer the Earth; deviated from Avengers Annual #2.
Earth-8158 X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine (2003) Home to Z'Nox.
Earth-8208 Bizarre Adventures #32 (1982) The Celestials' Chosen Ones come back to earth in 2160 A.D.
Earth-8212 What If? Vol 1 #35 (1981) Home to the Reed Richards Rocket Group.
Earth-8222 What If? Vol 1 #31 (1981) The Thing becomes a threat and efforts to stop him deactivate the Fantastic Four’s powers.
also known as Larval Earth
Marvel Tails #1 (1983) Home to the spectacular Spider-Ham, Punfisher, X-Bugs.
Earth-8312 What If? Vol 1 #42 (1983) Invisible Woman expired giving birth to Franklin; Mr. Fantastic sought retribution from Annihilus and then committed suicide.
Earth-8321 What If? Vol 1 #37 (1983) The Thing persisted to mutate from Virus X and is ultimately healed. Giant-Man joined the Fantastic Four.
Earth-8336 Bizarre Adventures Vol 1 #34 (1983) Home of the Son of Santa.
Earth-8351 What If? Volume 7 #1 Spider-Man & Wolverine stayed in Europe to protect Charlemagne's sister Alex, joined Nebo in terminating terrorist groups as life's mission.
Earth-8410 Machine Man Vol 2 #1 (1984) Set in 2020 AD; home to Iron Man 2020 and Death's Head II (Minion), Death Wreck, Death Metal, and Wild Thing (Nikki Doyle).
Earth-8649 Exiles #3-4 (2001) Dark Phoenix is on trial, but is not a clone, and not the Phoenix Force posing as Jean Grey
Earth-8720 New Mutants Vol 1 #48 (1987) Alternative Days of Future Past.
Earth-8810 Fantastic Four Vol 1 #338 (1988) Black Celestial and Galactus created a "Time Bubble."
Earth-8908 Home to the Nth Man.
Earth-8910 Excalibur Vol 1 #14 (1989) Home to Cap’n Brit; Earth was devastated by Galactus and repopulated by the Impossible Man.
Earth-8912 Iron Man Vol 1 #250 (1989) Home to Young Arthur and Iron Man (Andros Stark). Takes place in 2093 A.D.
Earth-8919 Pryde of the X-Men Earth-assignation of Pryde of the X-Men.
Earth-8982 What If? Vol 2 #2 Daredevil killed Kingpin.
Earth-9006 Excalibur Vol 1 #24 (1990) Home to Lady London.
Earth-9010 Marvel Comics Presents #61 (1990) Marjorie Brinks leads a conflict against demon-like Sun.
Earth-9011 What If? Vol 2 #18 (1990) "Fantastic Four" fought Doom before acquiring abilities; Reed Richards assisted Doom get back his mother; Doom then seeks vengeance for being proven inferior and ends up empowering the Fantastic Four.
Earth-9021 What If? Vol 8 #1 (2009) During the closing events of House of M the Scarlet Witch cause all of Earth's superpowered heroes and villains to lose their powers.
Earth-9031 What If? Vol 2 #11 (1990) All Fantastic Four members acquire flame abilities and give up being heroes after accidentally killing a kid in a fire; Ben came back as the Human Torch and became a member of the Avengers.
Earth-9032 What If? Vol 2 #11 (1990) All Fantastic Four members acquire stretch abilities and quit heroism due to shame; Johnny became an entertainer named Mr. Fantastic.
Earth-9033 What If? Vol 2 #11 (1990) All Fantastic Four members became grotesque and withdraw to Monster Isle.
Earth-9034 What If? #11 (1990) All Fantastic Four members acquire invisible abilities and become secret agents for SHIELD.
Earth-9061 Fantastic Four Vol 1 #341 (1990) Stalin Android.
Earth-9105 New Warriors Vol 1 #11 (1991) "Forever Yesterday"
Earth-9111 Excalibur Vol 1 #44 (1991) Home to Sister Gaia.
Earth-9140 What If? Vol 2 #24 (1991) Wolverine became "Lord of Vampires." Destroyed by the Punisher.
also known as Dystopia
Hulk: Future Imperfect #1 (1992) Home to the dictatorial Maestro.
Earth-9250 What If? Vol 2 #37 (1992) Wolverine became "Lord of Vampires," and murdered the Punisher.
Earth-9260 What If? Vol 2 #38 (1992) Seth dominated Asgard and incarcerated and enchanted Thor, nearly murdered and engaged the power of Odin.
Earth-9309 Spider-Man 2099 #11 (1993) (mentioned) Home to Thanatos.
also known as Irth
Excalibur Annual #1 (1993) Home to Ghath and Khaos.
Earth-9391 X-Men Video Game Earth-assignation of the X-Men Video Game.
Earth-9413 Mentioned in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 in the entry on 2020 A.D. (Earth-8410).
Earth-9500 Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man #1 (1995) Home to Spider-Man (Max Borne), Hobgoblin (Robin Borne), and Chameleon; Local year is 2211 A.D.
Earth-9510 What If? Vol 2 #78 (1995) Original Fantastic Four murdered by De’lila; new FF (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Hulk and Spider-Man) disbanded after being beaten by Abomination, Devos, Lady Deathstrike and Paibok.
Earth-9511 Avengers: Last Avengers Story #1 (1995) The government established a plan to capture and execute super-villains, causing an gap among superheroes and the United States Government. In addition, Quicksilver unintentionally murdered the Scarlet Witch, and the Hulk ripped Tigra in half.
also known as The Amalgam Universe
DC vs. Marvel #3 An amalgam “pocket universe.”
Earth-9620 Excalibur Vol 1 #66 (1996) Days of Future Tense alternative future.
Earth-9809 Fantastic Four Vol 3 #9 (1998) Home to Caledonia.
Earth-9811 What If? Vol 2 #114 (1998) Secret Wars contestants were trapped on Battleworld. Their children subsequently return to Earth.
Earth-9812 Avengers Forever #1-12 (1998) A galatic army patterned after the Avengers, go to conquer the galaxy.
Earth-9815 Marvel Team-Up Vol 2 #5 (1998) Spider-Man declined Authority's instructions to imprison the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, forcing him to face up to the Leader's Humanoid robots alone. Authority was killed, and the Humanoids learned all the knowledge they could while scattering across the globe, murdering all opposition.
Earth-9870 X-Men & Spider-Men: Time's Arrow: The Future (1998) Takes place in 4000 A.D. Aliya stayed alive instead of Cable.
Earth-9890 Excalibur Vol 1 #124 (1998) Home to Privateer Albion.
Earth-9891 X-Men & Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: The Future (1998) Home to Dream Summers; alternative Days of Future Past in 2035 AD.
Earth-9892 X-Men & Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: The Future (1998) Home to Ravonna and takes place in the 41st century; Kang ran into Ravonna before he tried to conquer her realm and attempted to marry her, but the X-Men told her of his true nature. Kang attempted to kill them and accidentally killed Ravonna instead; Kang then had his armor stripped and was placed in everlasting incarceration.
Earth-9904 Home to 1950's Avengers.
Earth-9907 A-Next #7 (1999) (mentioned)
A-Next #10 (1999) (seen)
Home to Doom and Thunderguard.
Earth-9910 Bishop: The Last X-Man #1 (1999) Chronomancer's World.
Earth-9921 Home to New Sun
Earth-9930 Avengers Forever #4 (1999) Killraven as an Avenger.
also known as Earth-Charnel
Death3 #1 (1993). Earth occupied by Charnel (Baron Strucker VI); surviving heroes consist of the Avengers and the X-Saviours.
also known as Earth X
Earth X Sketchbook (1999) Alex Ross' future of the Marvel Universe. It is discovered in issue #11 of Paradise X’’, which that the proceedings shown in the series are not set in an alternate future as first understood, but an alternate present—the issue makes known that Paradise X is set in 2003, the year of publication.
Earth-10005 X-Men (film) Earth-assignation for the three X-Men films.
Earth-10101 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Vision from Weapon X.
Earth-11052 X-Men: Evolution Earth-assignation for the X-Men: Evolution.
Earth-11113 Fantastic Four Vol 3 #47 (2001) Home to the Five for the Future.
Earth-11777 Captain America (1944; film serial) Home to Marvel characters that lack adaptations on the printed page, but have been in feature films and television shows.
Earth-11993 What If? Vol 2 #45 (1993) Barbara Ketch became Ghost Rider; Dan Ketch murdered.
Earth-14026 What If? Vol 6 #2 (2008) The Annihilation Wave reaches Earth during the climax of the Superhero Registration Civil War.
Earth-14845 Comics:Exiles Vol 1 #49 (2004) Home reality of the Impossible Man who became mind-controlled and lost his sense of humor, causing Washington, D.C. to become filled with his insanity.
Earth-15104 X-Men Vol 2 #150 (2004) Here Comes Tomorrow storyline where Sublime/Beast revives Jean Grey 150 years in the future.
Earth-15731 Exiles #72 (2005) Alternative New Universe visited by the Exiles while persuing Proteus through the multiverse in Exiles #72-74.
Earth-20318 Exiles #8 (2002) Where Tony Stark is president until he was assassinated.
Earth-20476 Incredible Hulk vol 2 #204 (1976) Bruce Banner of Earth-616 tried to travel back in time to prevent himself from becoming the Hulk. This resulted in a different reality where he succeeded, but Rick Jones had died. Banner then went back into the past to reverse these events, returning him to Earth-616.
Earth-21989 Marvel Tales #219 (1989) Home to Marvel Babies.
Earth-21993 What If? Vol 2 #46 (1993) Cable decimates the X-Men.
Earth-Gamma Planet
Exiles #8 (2002) Where gamma radiation levels in the atmosphere made the entire population enhanced.
Earth-23238 Excalibur Vol 1 #23 (1990) Home to Justicer Bull, the Justicers and Lord High Justicer living in Mega City One.
Earth-23895 Exiles #83 (2006) Home to Storm from Weapon X.
also known as One Danish Reality
Exiles Vol 1 #54 (2005) Home to where Deathbird didn't conquer Earth due to a series of chain events.
Earth-26496 The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 1 1 (2008) Home to The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.
Earth-26749 Great Lake Avengers reality-warp.
Earth-28909 What If? Vol 2 #3 (1989) Ben Parker's nephew is Galactus.
also known as the Supremeverse
Supreme Power #1 (2003) Alternate version of the Squadron Supreme.
Earth-32000 X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 #26 (2000) Ages of Apocalypse; Apocalypse reality warps Earth-616 using the Twelve; set in the future.
Earth-32081 Exiles #? Where the Spider-Demon ruled over New York for a decade.
Earth-33629 Exiles #? An alternate Grandmaster produced his own Exiles.
also known as Midevil Reality
Exiles Vol 1 #55 (2005) The Exiles helped overthrow a tyrant ruler, Kulan Gath, in a world overrun by magic.
Earth-38909 What If? Vol 2 #3 (1989) Franklin Richards finds Mjolnir and becomes the latest Thor.
Earth-39102 Exiles #? Populated by men who look like Antelopes.
Earth-40800 Red Raven Comics #1 (1940) Home to Comet Pierce and Avis Jort. Takes place in 2150 A.D. Humanity spread throughout planets and moons of the solar system.
X-Men: The End
X-Men: The End
also known as Earth-Razorline
Hyperkind #1 (1993) Clive Barker's Razorline print, home to Ectokid, Saint Sinner, Hyperkind, and Hokum & Hex.
Earth-57780 Spidey Super Stories #1 (1974) Home to Jennifer of the Jungle, Captain Mighty, Mad Scientist, Wall, and Blowhard.
also known as the House of M
House of M #2 (2005) Mutants are the majority and baseline humans are the minority.
Earth-59462 Uncanny X-Men #462 (2005) (mentioned) Home to the Sky Captain of the Captain Britain Corps.
Earth-Surgeon Strange
Exiles #? Where Doctor Strange never left the medical field due to an accident, but became a Meta-Human surgeon instead.
Earth-59662 Exiles #? Where the Red Skull obtained the Cosmic Cube.
Earth-74101 Fantastic Four Vol 1 #151 (1974) Originally the Machus reality before merging with Femizonia.
Earth-70105 Bullet Points #1 Bullet Points Universe (from Bullet Points -miniseries)
also known as Dinosaur World
Devil Dinosaur Vol 1 #1 (1978) Home to Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy.
Earth-82432 What If? #32 (1982) Korvac turns the Avengers into his pawns, then attempts to conquer the universe.
Earth-82801 What If? #34 (1982) The Fantastic Four are literally bananas.
also known as Earth-Shadowline
Dr. Zero #1 (1988) The only super-beings that exist here are human-like Shadows-dwellers.
Earth-89947 Excalibur Vol 1 #44 (1991) Home to Enforcer Capone.
Earth-90110 What If? Vol 2 #19 (1990) The Ultravision's Utopia; home to the Cosmic Avengers.
Earth-90111 What If? Vol 2 #19 (1990) The Ultravision's Dystopia; Genoshan bombing of USA brings chaos, Ultravision gets ready to triumph over the universe.
Earth-90251 What If? Vol 8 #5 (2009) Doctor Doom retains the Beyonder's powers during the Secret Wars.
Earth-91111 What If? Vol 2 #30 (1991) Invisible Woman died in second childbirth; Suzy becomes a monstrous creature and is banished to the Negative Zone by her brother, Franklin Richards.
Earth-91112 What If? Vol 2 #30 (1991) Mary, the daughter of Susan Storm and Reed Richards, brings a new age of peace.
Earth-91600 What If? Vol 2 #26 Punisher killed Daredevil.
Earth-92131 X-Men: The Animated Series Earth-assignation for the X-Men animated series.
also known as the Ultraverse
Hardcase #1 (1993) Home of most Malibu Comics' Ultraverse characters (including Prime, Hardcase, and others) centered around an Alderson disk concept known as the Godwheel.
Earth-93112 Alternate future conquered by an adaptation of Magnus.
Earth-93122 Death Wreck #2 (1994) 2053 AD; Home to Dredge.
Earth-95120 Marvel Riot #1 (1995) Alternate Age of Apocalypse (humorous).
Earth-95121 Fantastic Force #12 (1995) Alternate planet where the Red Ghost and the Super-Apes became the Fantastic Four; possibly ruined by Vangaard.
Earth-95122 Fantastic Force #12 (1995) Fantastic Four recieved alternate powers; Ben is human in appearance with super-strength; Reed is Modok-like; Johnny X-rays and Sue has energy powers. This reality was possibly destroyed by Vangaard.
Earth-96020 Home to an adolescent adaptation of Tony Stark.
Earth-96283 Spider-Man (film) Earth-assignation of the Spider-Man films universe.
Earth-96169 X-Men vs. Street Fighter Earth-assignation of the Marvel vs. Capcom video game Universe
Earth-97102 What If? Vol 2 #100 (1997) Fantastic Four sent to an Oz-like world after transformation.
Earth-97103 What If? Vol 2 #100 The Land of Fuzz.
Earth-98125 Marvel Vision #25 (1998) Home to a Captain Britain who chose both the Amulet of Life and the Sword of Death.
Earth-98151 Marvel Team-Up Vol 2 #5 (1998) A reality where the wicked Authority used the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge to learn all known information, eventually controlling the entire universe.
also known as Dino-World
Excalibur Vol 1 #9 (1989) (mentioned)
Excalibur Vol 1 #51 (1992) (seen)
Home of Britainicus Rex and the Dinosaur People.
Earth-105709 What If? Vol 2 #9 (1990) X-Men were killed on their mission against Krakoa; one of the worlds where the Living Laser escaped via Uatu's alternate Earths portals in Quasar #6 and Quasar #30.
Earth-120185 Transformers #1 (1984) The reality surrounding the Marvel UK incarnation of the Transformers, Action Force and others. Notably, it is not the same actuality featured in the Marvel US Transformers comic book series, but rather an prolonged version of it. The first UK-originated story is written in UK issue #9—this Earth's numerical title is a indication to the date of publication of this issue, the 12th of January, 1985.
Earth 148611
also known as the New Universe
Star Brand #1 (1986) Jim Shooter created a line of Marvel comics taking place in a detached universe based in a "more realistic setting." Superpowers were given to several people in the White Event.
Earth-199406 What If? Vol 2 #62 (1994) What If Logan Battled Weapon X?
Earth-194111 Spider-Man: The Animated Series Earth-assignation of the Spider-Man: The Animated Series universe.
Earth-199312 Spider-Man & the X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge Earth-assignation of the Spider-Man & X-Men video game universe.
Earth-200500 Wha...Huh? (2005) "Avengers All Had Beards"
Earth-200501 Wha...Huh? (2005) "Ultimate Ultimate Universe"
Earth-200505 Wha...Huh? (2005) "Black Panther Is Caucasian"
Earth-200511 Wha...Huh? (2005) "M.O.D.O.K. Had An Itch"
Earth-200513 Wha...Huh? (2005) "Fantastic Four Reached The Moon"
Earth-200515 Wha...Huh? (2005) "Marvel Heroes Aged In Real Time"
Earth-200525 Wha...Huh? (2005) "Emma Frost Could Read My Mind"
Earth-523001 What If... Karen Page Had Lived? (2005) comparable to Earth-616, but deviated when Bullseye killed Karen Page in Daredevil Vol 2 #5.
Earth-523002 What If... Jessica Jones Had Joined the Avengers? (2005) Jessica Jones became an Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D. liaison.
Earth-523003 What If... Dr. Doom Had Become the Thing? (2005) Victor Von Doom made up with Reed Richards, and journeyed into space with him, Susan, and Johnny Storm rather than Ben Grimm. Victor became the Thing.
Earth-523004 What If... Magneto and Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together? (2005) Magneto joined sides with Charles Xavier. They formed an X-Men team with Wolverine, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Destiny, Mystique, Peter Rasputin, Kitty Pride, Lockheed, Sage, and Dr. Hank McCoy.
Earth-569386 Iron Man Animated Series
Earth-730784 Avengers: United They Stand Avengers: United They Stand animated television series universe
Earth-751263 Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 2 #1 * Spider-Man Unlimited Universe, home to it's own version of Counter-Earth where most beings on the planet have symbiotes.
Earth-900651 Marvel Fanfare Volume 1 #51 The Silver Surfer took longer to escape his imprisionment on Earth.
Earth-901237 Exiles #5-6 Where the Hulk has been chased into Canada, and left there for Alpha Flight to deal with.
Earth-971023 X-Babies Where all the normal hero characters are young children.
Earth-2003711 Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Earth-assignation for the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.
Earth-2005117 X-Men: The Tomorrow People Earth-assignation for the X-Men: The Tomorrow People video game.
Earth-2005117 X-Men: Mutant Wars Earth-assignation for the X-Men: Mutant Wars video game.
Earth-Generic Generic Comic Book: Type Super-Hero Action Adventure #1 (1984) Home to the Generic Superhero, Sanderson (the Generic Super villain), the Generic Girlfriend, and the Generic Boss.
Mojoverse Numerous Issues Longshot is from the Mojoverse, it has been revealed by the Timebroker that there is only one Mojoverse in all existence, this meaning that Longshot is the same hero who was once a member of Earth-616's X-Men. However, as Mojo has been bribed with viewing access to all parallel worlds, Mojo's ability to view and extract people from alternate universes seems to be very limited.
DC Universe New Fun Comics #1, (1935); Zero Hour #0, (1994); JLA/Avengers, (2003) Although part of a separate multiverse, the Post-Crisis / Post-Zero Hour DC Universe crossed-over with the mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616) in 2003 for JLA/Avengers.

Pocket dimensions: universes within universes

  • Earth-311 (Marvel 1602): Originating out of a Neil Gaiman story; the Age of Marvels began during Queen Elizabeth's reign. Elizabethan versions of many Marvel heroes banded together. The sequel is 1602: New World. Note: Within the pages of 1602, it is unambiguously affirmed that this universe is the same Earth-616 that the normal Marvel titles are based within. However, when events transpire at the end of the series, the 1602-verse lives on in Uatu's pocket dimension as Earth-311. (Marvel 1602 #6, page 2)
  • Limbo: The name of three singular dimensions in the Marvel Universe.
  • The Encroachiverses: A succession of universes believed disappointments by extremely powerful, unnamed beings; including the Baloney-verse, the Don't-Worry-Be-Happy-verse, the 976-verse, the Dimension of Suicide, the Noriega-verse, the Trashi-verse, the Narcissi-verse. the Media-verse, the Puppet-verse, and the Insipiverse.

Unnumbered Universes

  • Eurth, the medieval world, was formed by the Shaper of Worlds using the imagination of a child and the history of Avalon.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game universe
  • Many as of yet unnumbered universes from the stories in the multiple Marvel What If? series.
  • Some of the universes in which Marvel movies and television shows (both live and animated) have taken place are unnumbered.


  • Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005
  • X-Men Millennial Visions 2000
  • Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z (Hardcover) Vol. 2-5

External links

  • Appendix to The Marvel Universe Alternate Universes Page

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Now you put all that in a blender and you get the Japanese continuity.

A continuity is a fictional universe or timeline that is characterized by recurring characters and settings and an internal consistency with regards to characterization and depicted events.

Typically, stories that are produced by a particular licensor (such as IDW) or in a particular form of media (such as comic books) are in continuity with each other, meaning that they are meant to all take place in the same "world".

This is not always the case, however. For example, the IDW comic Transformers Evolutions consists of stories that are explicitly set in different universes than the other IDW comics. IDW's own Beast Wars comics are also separate from their "main" continuity. The various coloring books published by Marvel in the 1980s might all take place in the same universe as each other, but there are no direct ties between them, and they could easily each be "in their own little world."

Still, even in cases such as these, there are important similarities. Even though Evolutions' first story, "Hearts of Steel," can't fit in the same story-world as Transformers: Infiltration, they are alternate worlds in a relatively minor sense; the same Transformers characters are present in both, they just interact with Humanity at different points in time. Marvel's coloring books disagree on many points with the Marvel comic books, but they agree on many points as well. Thus, although the coloring books and the comics are not in continuity with each other, their similarities allow both to be categorized as being members of a Generation One "continuity family".



More so than most science-fiction franchises, Transformers has been, from the very start, a collection of many varied continuities. Even before the G1 cartoon premiered, there was the Marvel comic series and an array of Marvel-produced storybooks which cannot be reconciled with each other, resulting in myriad micro-continuities. There have been so many mutually exclusive Transformers continuities that a truly exhaustive list would be nearly impossible to complete. However, it is relatively easy to list the major continuity "families".

There is a subjective component to all of this, and each fan decides for themselves how "fine-grained" they want their own personal list of continuities to be. Ultimately, it could be argued that almost every story exists in its own exclusive continuity, even different stories that were clearly intended to be set in the same universe. For example, two episodes of the G1 cartoon series that make no explicit references to events in each other, but are both "descendants" of the episode "More Than Meets the Eye", could arguably exist in different universes. There may be no particular reason to assert that they don't share continuity, but there is also no clear internal evidence that the events of one affected the world of the other. They might conceivably be set in different branches of a timeline that started with MTMTE.

The most inclusive perspective is to consider all canonical Transformers stories as existing within a multiverse which contains countless—perhaps infinite—alternate universes. Some of these universes are more closely related to each other than others, but they are all part of the same whole. This approach has been officially sanctioned in a number of stories:

  • Transformers: Universe which takes the existence of an overall Transformers multiverse as the core of its story.
  • The Armada comic storyline Worlds Collide made explicit multiple parallel universes able to sometimes interact. 75,890,008 realities are scanned in the course of the story, though Astroscope claims that there are an infinite number of alternate realities.
Japanese name: Multi-Verse of Eternity[1]


Hey, there's Waldo!

The Transformers: Universe franchise (sometimes referred to as "TFU") attempted to create an overarching structure to the Transformers multiverse. It was helmed, fiction-wise, by 3H Productions, who then held the license to run the official Transformers convention, BotCon. Convention fiction starting in the year 1997 was directly incorporated into Universe, although it wasn't until BotCon 2002 that the term Transformers: Expanded Universe appeared on a BotCon toy box, and the name was shortened to just Transformers: Universe afterwards. The Universe toyline eventually became the home of not just convention-exclusive toys, but also other repaints and store exclusives that were sold in normal retail outlets. The bios for the Universe characters were primarily the responsibility of 3H.

The Universe meta-continuity officially established the idea of a Transformers multiverse and pulled together many elements from other Transformers continuities, focusing heavily on variations of Beast Machines and Generation One. 3H's comic book series, Wreckers and Universe, brought together characters from many parallel universes and are the primary sources of information about this meta-continuity. Character bios published in convention programs, fan club newsletters, and on the 3H and Hasbro websites also contribute.

Among other things, the Universe universe makes some reconciliation between conflicting origins for Cybertron and the Transformers race that were presented in the G1 comics, G1 cartoon, and BM cartoon. It also incorporates the otherwise ignored sub-toylines Beast Wars Mutants and Dinobots into its fiction, and is the earliest example of a story that asserts (or implies) that there is only one Unicron who travels from one universe to another, rather than an infinite array of Unicrons in different universes.

Fun Publications, the company that followed 3H in running the official convention and fan club, has since continued this approach. The Fan Club comic storyline "Balancing Act" takes place primarily during the Cybertron cartoon, but features a multiversal battle fought by characters culled from other continuities. The setting changes after an arc ends as characters migrate from continuity to continuity.

Major continuity families

At this time, there are five primary continuity families in the Transformers multiverse. These are:

There is also a much less prominent continuity family centered on the Playskool Go-Bots toyline. Every (or nearly every) Transformers story can be easily fit into one of these families, even if its precise continuity can't be pinned down.

For further information about these continuity families and families in general, please see Continuity family.

Prominent Generation One continuities

Within G1, there are an almost uncountable number of established alternate universes. Some of these continuities are extremely obscure, such as the timeline which houses the second Commodore 64 video game. On the other hand, the G1 cartoon is so widely known that even many members of the general public (i.e., not fans) would be familiar with it, and quite possibly be unaware that there even are other Transformers stories besides it and the 2007 live-action film.

Following is a very incomplete list showing only the most prominent G1 continuities and their relationships to each other. For the purposes of this list, only G1-proper will be considered, and not the extended-G1 that includes G2, MW, and the Beast series. Additionally, in keeping with Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki's policy, the live-action film is not included, as it is treated as an independent continuity family rather than a part of G1.

  • Cartoons (American) - Three complete seasons of varying length, The Transformers: The Movie, and a 3-episode "fourth season". Probably the best known of all continuities.
  • Cartoons (Japanese) - Includes the first three seasons of the American cartoons as well as three additional TV series, two OVAs and a manga series.
  • Marvel UK comics - Includes the American comics as well as nearly 100% more material that was published exclusively in the UK until being reprinted internationally in the 2000s.
  • Dreamwave G1 comics - A new continuity with much of the flavor of the original cartoon series, but a very different history. Includes the three "G1" volumes as well as three volumes of The War Within and a Micromasters miniseries.
  • IDW G1 comics - Yet another new continuity, based on earlier versions of G1 featuring classic characters but with some large revisions of basic story premise and character designs. Begins with Transformers: Infiltration, published in 2005, and continues through most (though not all) of IDW's Transformer miniseries.

Unified Japanese continuities

So that's where Machine Wars goes.

In Japan, every Transformers cartoon until the release of Car Robots (the original, Japanese title for Robots in Disguise) can be somewhat easily fit into a single unified continuity, much like the unified American G1/Beast continuity. This includes the American G1 cartoon (minus Season 4, which Japan did not air) and Beast series as well as Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Beast Wars II, and Beast Wars Neo. In the 21st century, they also developed a fondness for new fiction that was retroactively inserted into available gaps in the G1 timeline, like Binaltech, Kiss Players and Robot Masters. Despite this additional story material, all of these stories fit together (save for Binaltech, which was spun off into its own alternate timeline as its story progressed).

In Japan, then, Car Robots was the first full reboot. Following CR, Micron Legend and Superlink were connected into a third major Japanese continuity, and then, as noted above, Galaxy Force started a fourth.

In 2007, TakaraTomy performed some significant retcons to their Generation One timeline, most visible in a timeline posted on their website (accompanied by a flowchart, at right), and much more extensively in another one printed in the Kiss Players compilation book. The most significant aspect of this retcon was to insert Car Robots into the Generation One timeline, establishing that its characters came from the future and exploiting an unfinished manga from Super Robot Magazine to explain why the Generation One cast was not present during the events of the series(this does not explain the humans' being unfamiliar with the Transformers however). The website timeline makes one further, rather bizarre claim that is not reflected in either the accompanying flowchart or the Kiss Players timeline, which is that the 2007 live-action movie also takes place in the Japanese Generation One continuity in 2007. This seems...highly unlikely.

In addition to this serious working-over of the Generation One universe, the website timeline also took a moment to to retcon Galaxy Force back into the same timeline as Micron Legend and Superlink (as it had always been presented in the West). American fans who had spent a year whining about how Hasbro had totally ruined the show by ignoring the super-cool and awesome Japanese intent were promptly pointed and laughed at.

In addition to the above, nearly every Japanese TF franchise has had ancillary manga published in magazines such as Comics Bon-Bon. The relationship between the manga and cartoons varied. For example, the manga associated with the first two years of Transformers (pre-movie) can easily fit into the cartoon continuity, but would not contribute much of substance to the timeline. Some of the later G1 manga, however, such as those associated with Masterforce and Victory, contradict the cartoons bearing the same names.

Continuity soup

Optimus Prime's spark isn't naked. It has decency.

With the labyrinth of branching and criss-crossing timelines, it can be difficult at times to say exactly what makes up the history of any given Transformers universe. Over and over through the history of the Transformers brand, stories have been written which both extend pre-existing stories and also "fill in" pre-existing stories, adding details and retcons big and small. These extensions may be written years or even decades after the stories from which they are descended. There may be multiple extensions which conflict with each other, written at different times by different people for different licensees, targeting different markets. Branching timelines, on their own, are not that difficult to keep straight, but the relationship between various Transformers stories is much more complex than that because of the way new stories will pick and choose elements from old stories. There are no real answers to the questions that arise from this practice. It becomes a very messy question of subjective tastes and opinions, leading to the idea of a personal canon.

Consider the Beast Wars television series: It borrows elements from the American G1 cartoon and G1 comics. The past history of the Beast Wars cartoon's timeline is a mishmash, something that probably resembles the G1 cartoon more than anything else, but which differs from the cartoon in unknown ways and may include more (or less) of what we see in the Marvel Comics. BW is set in a G1 universe for which we have never seen—and probably will never see—more than tiny glimpses of the "G1 part". The history of that universe is not known, even though we presumably know its broad outline.

So, what significance does information from Beast Wars, such as the idea of the spark, hold for those older stories? Since being introduced in "The Spark", sparks have become one of the most important and unifying concepts in all Transformers fiction, yet fiction which predates Beast Wars, of course, never mentions them. G1-era fiction which was written post-Beast Wars almost always includes them. Retconning sparks into most vintage G1 fiction is not all that difficult, but should it be done? Obviously, the G1-esque universe in which the Beast series are set has sparks, but what about the actual G1 cartoon and comic universes? Do they have sparks? Does the G1 cartoon's future (and past) look like Beast Wars or like something else?

What if a new story instead claimed that its past was exactly like an old story rather than merely similar to it? The main storyline of the Universe and Wreckers comics is ostensibly set in the BW/BM cartoon continuity, happening alongside and immediately afterwards. Are revelations from Universe "true" in Beast Machines, or is Universe actually set in a timeline which is identical to the BM timeline aside from those extra events occurring? Does your answer change when IDW Publishing releases a Beast Wars comic which also claims to occur alongside the BW cartoon, but which cannot be reconciled with Universe?

What do you do with something like the Classics comics published in the official fan club newsletter? Those stories are set in the future of the US G1 comic, except...that they ignore the UK G1 comic and the US G2 comic. According to G2, there is an offshoot race of Decepticons running around in space who have been away from Cybertron for millions of years. Is that still true in other offshoots of the G1 comic? Is Jhiaxus out there in Classics-comics space somewhere, and simply not visiting, or does he not exist at all? He could exist...but there is no way to know.

The only objective way to deal with all of this would be to take a very strict viewpoint on every story and never assume that anything is "true" unless it is explicitly stated in that story. Taken to an extreme, though, this stance can make it impossible to declare any two stories to share continuity, even two sequential episodes of a given TV series. For all we know, the new episode is set in a universe closely parallel to that of the previous episode but a little different. We wouldn't want to assume that a scene which wasn't shown in the recap actually occurred, after all. Especially if there's a continuity glitch of some sort, like the dialog in a recap being slightly different than the dialog from the earlier episode. So an absolutist "only what they showed" viewpoint can't really work. There has to be some concession; even "I'm going to treat all the episodes of this series as if they are one big story" is a subjective decision, one which another fan may find too restrictive or too liberal (especially if two of those episodes directly contradict each other!).

We...are family?

Lastly, all of this means that it is difficult to tease out questions of which continuities are subsets of others, how closely related two different continuities are, etc. A significant example of this is the categorization of the various IDW and Movie continuities. Both are clearly beholden to Generation One in many ways, but are generally thought to be notably "further out" from the G1 "core" than most other G1 continuities. Should they be considered new families or not? How do you quantify this? Do differences in physical form such as the movie's drastically different aesthetic make a difference? If so, should it also make a difference that most IDW characters have had their alt-modes altered slightly? What ratio of character rehashes to original characters is required to count as part of the old family instead of the start of a new one? What if, instead of a straight-up rehash, it's more of an amalgamation of a few old characters, as in the case of Movie Frenzy?

Again, the reader is referred to the article on continuity families, in particular the section "quibbles", for a brief explanation of the categorizations that have been adopted on this wiki.


  1. Takara's "World of Transformers" site.

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City of Heroes

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The Multiverse is a term used by Portal Corporation and various other organizations to refer to the infinite possibilities of alternate universes.

Main Universes/Dimensions

  • Earth Prime: Home of the Freedom Phalanx and Arachnos, along with all player characters. Most of the game takes place here. It is distinct from the real world in many ways, mostly involving the existence of super powers.
  • Praetorian Earth: Home of the Praetorians. All of Earth Prime's heroes are villains in this reality, similar to a standard "Mirror Universe". Occasionally mentioned as a possibility for future Issues. This world may be one of the closest to ours, as it has its own version of Superadine (called Fixadine), and, just like ours, it has suffered a (failed) Rikti invasion as well. A heroic version of the Carnival of Shadows, called the Carnival of Light, is known to exist in this world. Fans have pointed out that Arachnos must be a heroic force in this universe.
  • Rikti Earth: Home of the Rikti. Rikti Earth destroyed magic and gods early in its history and was visited by an unknown alien power around the time of 2000 B.C. The Rikti are genetically similar to humans but were altered by the aliens that visited them into having a "Hive Mind".
  • The Shadow Shard: Mysterious realm that defies normal rules of reality and is home to Rularuu after the heroes of Earth Prime banished him there, ending his devouring of universes. Humans do live here, but most have been evacuated to Earth Prime.

Minor Universes

  • War Earth
  • Zeta Tao 7-63 (Shadow World)
    • Black Swan's dimension and one of 17 Shadow Worlds. She gets her power and her Shadow minions from this dimension.
  • Alpha Upsilon 24-2
    • A world destroyed by your alternate self, now inhabited by Ghosts resentful of the living.
  • Omicron Zeta 12-20
    • A world ruled by the Freakshow. This world is known to have its own Bile. Other versions of other Freakshow archvillains might exist here as well.
  • Epsilon Tau 27-2
    • Here, the Clockwork King realized his true potential, and destroyed all the heroes, along with the rest of humanity. It is unknown if Epsilon Tau 27-2 is the same dimension as Clockwork World, which is also solely inhabited by the Psychic Clockwork.
  • Hydra dimension
    • Origin of the Hydra. Originally discovered by the Rikti.
  • Omega Omicron 26-20 (Council Empire)
  • Tau Gamma 9-24
    • A world where Oranbega won their war against the nation of Mu. The people of Oranbega here did not follow the dark path which lead to the creation of the Circle of Thorns
In the streets of Axis America
  • Delta Zeta 24-10 (Axis America)
    • Homeworld of the Reichsman. World where Nazi Germany won World War II. Note that, as it currently stands, you cannot actually visit this world.
  • Abandoned world
    • A world currently overrun by the Devouring Earth after 70% of the world's population was destroyed by a doomsday device.
  • Sigma Psi 20-7
    • Revenant Hero World. Crey's Revenant Hero Project developed a hive mind here, and pretty much wiped out anything not in the collective.
  • Tau Delta 8-7
  • Nu Beta 9-7
    • A war torn world with few remaining defenses, this world has suffered a war against their Council recently. In this world, our dimension's Dreck attempts to set himself up as ruler.
Eternal darkness: Werewolf World
  • Lamda Rho 57-20 (Werewolf World)
    • Perpetually night world, ruled by the Requiem of that dimension. This is an alternate world where the plot of A Path into Darkness succeded and the planet seems to have suffered a major invasion of Nictus, to the point of having no more daylight, only darkness.
  • Gamma Upsilon 28-3
    • A world controled by Nemesis, who is opposed by a secret cadre of freedom fighters.
  • Multiple other Nemesis controlled worlds
    • A world in which the hero must venture into to save several scientists' other halves.
    • A world in which Nemesis was able to take over by blocking out the sun with self replicating smog machines.
    • A world in which Nemesis took over by hooking the population on Superadine.
  • Circle of Thorns world
    • The hero must travel here to locate a copy of the Tome of Persephone.

Can some one copy over Technician Naylor's missions? Between him and Portal Corp, we should be covered (Some Patron Arcs, although they seem to be in the future more than anything else).

This article is currently a work in progress. As such, it may contain some editing notes in addition to information. Please be patient, it is being worked on and will be in a finished state before long!

See Also

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