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The Mulholland Intersection in Downtown Los Santos

The Mulholland Intersection is a four-level stack intersection in Los Santos, San Andreas. It sits just north of Downtown, and connects the major north-south highway servicing Los Santos and Las Venturas with the major street running across the northern portion of the city that connects northwestern and northeastern Los Santos. There is a slight controversy about the point of having this huge intersection where one of the routes going through is relatively minor. These intersections are expensive to build and are only used in very necessary conditions. The normal road junction to the west of the intersection proves that a traffic light intersection can be possible on the less busy road, and instead a diamond intersection can be built, to keep the north-south traffic in flow. However, the character of the area is good for gameplay. This is the final destination during the mission The Green Sabre.

It is based on the infamous Four Level Interchange in Hollywood, California.


Events of GTA San Andreas

Carl Johnson's recent return to his home town of Los Santos has been fraught with difficulty. His mother and younger brother are dead, his gang, the Grove Street Families, is in ruins, and his brother Sweet is unconvinced as to his loyalty to his hood and his family. In order to prove himself, Carl spends a great deal of time fighting the rival Ballas gang to regain control of not only territory, but the crack-ridden gang members that used to comprise Grove Street's strength.

After successfully ridding the area of the crack dealers destroying the neighborhood, Carl sets off to help Sweet re-unite the fractured Grove Street Families and ruin the Ballas once and for all. When an unsuccessful attempt to reunite with another Grove Street faction results in a narrow escape from the police, Sweet decides it's time to attack the Ballas full-force. He rushes off to meet his soldiers under the Mulholland Intersection, with Carl following. Carl, however, is side-tracked on the way by Cesar Vialpando, who has some important news for him. Cesar shows Carl the truth behind the betrayal of the Grove by Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and Lance "Ryder" Wilson, who are in cahoots with C.R.A.S.H. officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, as well as with the Ballas. Realizing the attack on the Ballas is a trap, Carl rushes to Sweet's aid, just in time to save him from certain death. However, the Los Santos Police Department quickly arrives and arrests Sweet, while Carl is taken by Tenpenny and Pulaski out of the city in order to force him to perform unsavory tasks on their behalf, opening a new chapter in the story.







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