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Muggers are level 6 humans that can be found throughout RuneScape. They can be a potentially fatal threat to unaware new players. They use only crush attacks, which are quick and accurate. On one unknown date in January 2010, some of the Muggers in the entrance to the Stronghold of Player Safety have had their shirts changed from red to blue.

Muggers are aggressive, which means that they attack players who are two times the mugger's combat level or less. Thus, muggers are aggressive against players from level 3 through 12. Caught by surprise and unprepared, a new player can fairly easily die at their hands. They can assault players even inside buildings, but are incapable of following them down or up the stairs, or opening shut doors, whether they be within the building or outside it. Other NPCs do not appear to even notice their presence, nor to they attempt to aid or resist them. Ways to repel or escape the threat of muggers include simply closing the door, engaging them in direct combat (inadvisable for inexperienced fighters), or simply teleporting away. Easy and quick ways of teleporting away include teleporting to the rune essence mine through Aubury (which requires the completion of Rune Mysteries) or enter mysterious ruins, though the ruins are accessible only with talismans or tiaras.



  1. Behind Lumbridge castle, near the swamp.
  2. The entrance to the Blurite cave (in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon).
  3. Port Sarim Jail Locked up in the 4th cell.
  4. Stronghold of Player Safety (not aggressive).
  5. West Varrock mine.
  6. Near the Sawmill.

Varrock Mugger

Prior to the updates of 17 September 2009, a mugger wandered the area around Aubury's Rune Shop in south-eastern Varrock. The mugger was infamous for his attacks on low-leveled players entering the store, including, until late 2007, many macroers. The mugger became something of an inside-joke amongst the RuneScape community and was often referred to as "Mugger (level-6)." Jagex hinted at this in the Varrock Census, in which the mugger is named as "Phearthee Levalsyx" (or fear the level six). During early testing of the Court Cases Distractions and Diversions game, the mugger was used by Jagex as a test case. A shirt with a headshot of the mugger is also available in the Jagex Store.

With the updates on 17 September, Jagex removed the mugger from Varrock, to preserve the cushion of safety around Varrock and Lumbridge.

The citizens of Varrock sleep easy once more. The notorious mugger of southern Varrock, level 6, who works the patch outside of Aubury’s rune store, has moved on. Various street sources suggest that the mugger, real name unknown, felt that ‘his work was done’ and has decided to travel abroad. This is good news indeed for the people of Varrock, as this mugger has proven to be second only to zombie invasions as a source of panic for the city.

While the streets of Varrock are now safe, adventurers are being warned to steer clear of this shady individual should they run into him outside of Varrock. Recent sightings have put Mugger (level-6) as far afield as Paterdomus, Port Sarim and Edgeville. While it may appear that these are separate people, it is, in fact, the very same (and very fast) person. Please be advised that he is considered armed and dangerous – do not to approach him for any reason."

"Claims that his level has increased to 7 are greatly exaggerated.

— Mod Srowley, [1]



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  • The mugger in Port Sarim Jail, like the Black Knight also in the jail, was not affected by the update which changed the muggers' appearances.
  • It appears that some muggers were created in certain places to prevent the use of Bots. Two examples would be at the mine south-west of Varrock, near the Sawmill and by the Rune shop in Varrock. Other monsters share this use.
  • Muggers can be a good source of rope, for players too impoverished to purchase the item.
  • Muggers were used in scams before the drop trade update, and players would scam lower level players into losing their items, since muggers are aggressive to level 12 and down.
  • The Varrock mugger was also known as a checkpoint in a player's life. When a player was killed by the mugger, they would be taught the dangers of the world and to be vigilant.
  • The Varrock mugger has become almost like a celebrity among the Runescape player community.


  1. ^ Mod Srowley. Mugger (level-6) Sightings. 17 September 2009. Recent Updates Forums. Retrieved 18 January 2010.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Yu-Gi-Oh!

During Téa Gardner's flashback of how Yami Yugi rescued her, Téa was trying to earn money so she could study dance in New York. A mugger left her a note from Yugi Muto telling her of a dance studio in the warehouse on Spring Street, and when she got there he cornered her and told her to hand over her money. As he was about to beat her up, Yugi came in and attacked him, but he threw Yugi against some equipment, knocking him out cold. Téa responded by biting the mugger's arm, and he threw her against the wall in retaliation, knocking her out. Yami took over Yugi's body at that moment and challenged the mugger to a game where they each draw a single card and the weakest card loses. He told him that if he lost, he'd decide his fate. The mugger thought Yami was crazy, but accepted the challenge anyway after Yami asked if he was afraid. The mugger drew "Curse of Dragon" (2000) but Yami drew "Dark Magician" (2500). Not caring about the outcome, the mugger attempted to beat Yami up, but before he could lay a hand on the Pharaoh, his soul was banished to the Shadow Realm with a Mind Crush.

When Téa regained consciousness, Yami told her she wouldn't have to worry about him anymore. When the flashback ends, Téa asks Yugi what it was he did to the mugger. Yugi responded "I don't know. When I came to, that mugger was already on the ground." A split-second image of the mugger's Mind Crush is shown at the Season 1 intro, along with several other images.

In the original Japanese anime, this scene happened a bit differently. Instead of Yugi sending a note about a dance studio, it was someone who took a picture of Téa working at Burger World and told her to come to the gym equipment room unless she wanted the photo sent to the school (it is against the rules for students to work at Domino High School without a special condition). She arrives, expecting to find Joey and Yugi (the only two people from school who know her secret) but finds the mugger (presumably the gym teacher) with a video camera. He tells her to do what he says if she doesn't want the picture to come out. The rest happens as it does in the dub.

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