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Mt. Corel

Mt. Corel is a location in Final Fantasy VII. It is a mountain that divides the area around Costa del Sol from the rest of the Western Continent. The town of North Corel is located just at the foot of the mountain. There is also an abandoned Mako Reactor here. The mountain can be traveled via long abandoned stretches of an abandoned railroad system. Cloud Strife and his party cross the mountain during their search for Sephiroth. Later Shinra tries to transport a Huge Materia out of the Mt. Corel Reactor, only to have their train captured by Cloud's party, now temporarily lead by Cid Highwind. Depending on the player's actions, the town of North Corel can be saved or destroyed.


Items Found

Throughout the long rail bridges, there are various holes in the structure. The player will instantly fall over the holes the first time they see them. If they hold down Image:Circle-button.png and the right direction, they may find an item while going up. Soon, the player is instantly returned to the top of the track.

  • Wizard Staff - as the player falls hold Image:Circle-button.png and left
  • W Machine Gun
  • Star Pendant - as the player falls hold Image:Circle-button.png and right
  • Turbo Ether
  • Transform Materia
  • 10 Phoenix Downs - climb up past the hut, and choose to "Take the damn treasure" or "Leave it where it is". If the player chooses to take the treasure, they have to fight a normal enemy. Choosing not to means that these items are lost forever.
  • Tent
  • Mind Source
  • Power Source

Monster Formations



Corel Reactor

Bridge Start

Rollercoaster Tracks

Waterside Tracks

Final Bridge

Musical Themes

"Dear to the Heart" from Final Fantasy VII"
Image:FFVII - Dear to the Heart.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

Unlike most areas that enemies frequent, the background music of Mt. Corel is "Dear to the Heart" (想いを胸に Omoi o Mune Ni).

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