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Mr. Mordaut
File:Runescape randomevents surpriseexam mrmordaut.png
Release date Unknown edit
Race Dragon
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Surprise Exam!
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Do not upset this teacher. You have been warned!
Notable features Monstrous, if highly intelligent, school teacher.

Mr. Mordaut is a draconic school teacher, seen during the Surprise Exam! random event. He is currently one of only four non-attackable dragons in the game, with the others being K'klik (A Fairy Dragon seen during Recipe for Disaster) along with the Dragon (Unstable Foundations) encountered in the Unstable Foundations tutorial, and Dragon (Learning The Ropes). Mr. Mordaut also possesses the gift of speech which is rare amongst dragons. The two possible tasks given during the Surprise Exam! random are "Choose the next in line" and "hints". After the player has correctly answered three questions, they receive a Random event gift with a Book of Knowledge instead of a Genie lamp. This book gives 50% more experience than the lamp. The music track "School's Out" is unlocked upon being teleported to Mr. Mordaut.

Despite his occupation for long durations of time in another secluded realm that appears isolated from Gielinor, Mr. Mordaut appears to possess an impressive hoard of knowledge concerning RuneScape. For example, Mordaut appears to have extensive knowledge concerning teleportation, its development by Gielinor's early wizards, and planar theory. According to Alathazdrar, it was Mordaut who taught him and others how to become Demon-Butlers, yet was most "conflagratory and irascible to the younger students."

Mordaut also seems to be inordinately intelligent and wise for a dragon, and is extremely concerned with spelling and grammar.

Mr. Mordaut also possesses knowledge of diamond and its hardness from its complex crystal structure, as well as why one would need high Crafting to cut a gem. Mordaut also knows of the Dragonkin themselves, as well as Dragon metal, though has limited knowledge about it. He also claims to know of the armour from the Barrows of Morytania and the God Wars Dungeon before I can even say for certain whether dragon is the hardest metal on RuneScape.

So, how did the dragon squareshield break in two? Perhaps there is some unimaginably powerful element that we haven't discovered yet... I like the mystery of this possibility. It is not a good to live in a world where everything is known, and even worse to live in a world where everything is presumed to be known.
— Mr.Mordaut
As for the Mysterious Old Man: well, he approached me at one of his famous fondue parties, set up for potential inductees to his random event programme. Dr Jekyll and the Drunken Dwarf decided to hit the melted cheese early, I seem to remember. The Mysterious Old Man said my classroom was the ideal place to educate the adventurers of RuneScape and offered me an invitation to become his newest random event. I was most pleased to accept.
— Mr.Mordaut


  • When you enter the Mr. Mordaut random and you already have a Book of Knowledge, he will give you another reward. This was before the Random Event update.

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