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Mr. Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong



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Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 007

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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's




Iron Chain

WC09 Deck(s)

Go Takasu-C

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Armstrong, know as Takasu in the Japanese version and simply Chief in Stardust Accelerator, is the Chief of the Facility. Extremely tall, muscular, heavy and wide, Armstrong is a massive and sadistic man with a distinctive booming voice. He is noticeably uncouth as well; one of his favorite interrogation techniques is to pull out his own nose hair and blow it into his victim's face. (This is edited in the dub version, where he simply has foul breath.) He is fanatically devoted to Goodwin, and often serves as his bodyguard when he visits the prison.



Rex Goodwin tells him to investigate Yusei Fudo. Armstrong complies and beats up Yusei's friends Bolt Tanner and Yanagi and has Yusei transferred to a different room.

Yusei later duels Armstrong, with Yusei's freedom on the line. Armstrong has seized all of Yusei's decks so Yusei duels him using cards given to him by his friends at the Facility. Armstrong conducts the duel in an arena where a player gets shocked when they take damage, but rigs the field to negate the shock transferred to him. In addition, he has his henchmen watching Yusei's hand with security cameras. Alex discovers Armstrong's cheating and shuts it down, and Armstrong loses the duel and is shocked into unconsciousness. Upon waking up, he tries to put Yusei back into lockdown, but discovers that Goodwin was watching the duel, and Armstrong is thrown out of his employer's good graces. However, in the dubbed version, he is fired for not having trust between his inmates.


Armstrong is extremely egotistical, to the point of using ore-sama to refer to himself; the rough translation in English would be "My honourable self". He is extremely cruel and sadistic towards inmates of the Facility, going out of his way to torture simply for his own enjoyment. He arrogantly justifies this saying that they have no purpose in the world. Like other characters seen, he looks down residents from Satellite, referring to them as "trash".


Armstrong plays an Iron Chain Deck, which focuses on mainly on milling the opponent's Deck and inflicting Burn damage.

Anime Deck
Stardust Accelerator Deck
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