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A player breaking a teleport sphere from Oldak.


Oldak, maker of marvelous spheres

Oldak will make players marvelous Moving-over-distance Spheres, if provided with molten glass and two law runes. He then proceeds to coat the molten glass in the crushed law runes, and when the glass is hardened, the orb has magical properties.

Humans call these items Teleport Spheres, Goblin Spheres, Zapper Spheres, and other things, but their creator, Oldak, calls them Moving-over-distance Spheres.

The spheres are stackable, by type. There are four types of spheres.


Dorgesh-Kaan Sphere

The Dorgesh-kaan sphere can only be accessed at the end of the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. Oldak, the cave goblin professor, makes these spheres. To get one from him, you will need 2 law runes and 1 molten glass. When you break them, you will be teleported to a random location in Dorgesh-Kaan.

Goblin Village Sphere

The Goblin village sphere is used in the quest Another Slice of HAM. It teleports its user to Goblin Village. It can be purchased in the city of Dorgesh-Kaan from Oldak for 2 law runes and a piece of molten glass.

This item can be useful for transport when lighting beacons in All Fired Up (minigame).

Plain of Mud Sphere

During and after the Land of the Goblins quest, a Plain of Mud Spheres can transport players to the Goblin cave located south-east of the Fishing Guild.

Bandos throne room sphere

After The Chosen Commander quest, Oldak will create Bandos throne room spheres that teleport players to the Bandos throne room accessed during the quest. The throne room offers an agility course and several attackable statues.

The Bandos throne room sphere can only be bought from Oldak after the end of The Chosen Commander for 2 law runes and 1 molten glass. It is a stackable item. When broken, the sphere will teleport you to the Bandos throne room seen during the quest. However, the monsters will now be attackable.

When the sphere first became available after the completion of the quest, anyone attempting to break the sphere would receive the "Nothing interesting happens." message. This was quickly corrected.

It is purchased more often than others, as many players do not know they can access Bandos' throne room via Fairy ring code BLQ.

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