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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown
Homeworld: Eristas
Born: early-23rd century
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Occupation: Starfleet engineer
Previous Assignment: USS Enterprise; USS Lee; USS Alexander
Assignment: chief engineer, USS Lovell
Rank: lieutenant commander
Insignia: LCDR insignia.

Moves-With-Burning-Grace was a male Human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century. He was of Masai descent, raised on the desert world of Eristas, where his ancestors had settled during the first expansion from Earth. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

Moves-with-Burning-Grace wielding his battle lance

Grace, like most of his people, was a phenomenal motive engineer, to whom velocity was of religious significance. He found the very idea of stillness disturbing, though he often visited the observation lounge to stargaze. Despite being an engineer, Grace considered himself a warrior, and was trained in the use of the battle lance handed down to him by his forefathers, remarking that "occasionally, the old ways are still the best!" (EV comics: "Flesh of My Flesh", "Our Dearest Blood", "Cloak and Dagger")

Early in his career, Grace served on the USS Alexander and the USS Lee. He then served as chief engineer of the USS Enterprise, under both Captain Robert April and Captain Christopher Pike. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

Grace continued to serve aboard the Enterprise until at least 2262, and was instrumental in rescuing Pike and Spock from captivity in the Kanes system. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

For a brief time in the late 2260s, Grace was assigned to Earth working on the design team for the proposed upgrades to Starfleet's Constitution-class starships. However, he grew restless with a planetside assignment, and requested a transfer to any open shipboard billet. By 2269, he was serving as chief engineer of the USS Lovell, and second in command of that vessel's Starfleet Corps of Engineers team. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still)




Early Voyages established Grace as the Enterprise's chief engineer before Pike took command and throughout Pike's command until at least late2254, many missions after the events of "The Cage". Other depictions of the era however establish alternative crew serving under Pike, these include: Caitlin Barry as Pike's chief engineer shortly before and after "The Cage" in the novels Vulcan's Glory and The Rift. And Michael Burnstein in that role during the period after "The Cage" in two stories by Jerry Oltion; "Conflicting Natures" and Where Sea Meets Sky.


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Moves-With-Burning-Grace (A-iwúl A-dál-yie Em-piris) was a Starfleet officer of Masai descent active in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

Starfleet career

Early in his Starfleet career, Grace served on the USS Alexander and USS Lee. He served on the USS Enterprise in the 2250s, under both Robert April and Christopher Pike. (Star Trek: Early Voyages)

In the late 2250s Grace has transferred to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and stationed on the USS Lovell. (Star Trek: Corps of Engineers)

By 2375, Grace had rank commodore and was director of Starfleet Research Division of Timealtering Anomalies on Earth. (Star Trek: USS al-Qazwini)

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