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Final Fantasy VII artwork.

Mover (ムーバー, Mūbā) is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series. They appear to be red balls, with no physical features outside of two eyes. Movers usually appear in threes, and have low HP. However, to compensate, they often have very high Evasion, Speed, and are protected from most normal means of attack, making them dangerous foes. Being some of the most difficult random enemies in the games they appear in, they usually appear in latter portions of the game, often in the Final Dungeon. Their main method of attack is the Delta Attack. Despite their difficulty, they are very desirable enemies to fight, since they give large rewards in AP and gil.




Final Fantasy V

Movers appear in the final area of the Interdimensional Rift. They give you 50,000 gil each and 199 ABP after being defeated.

Final Fantasy VI

Movers appear in the "factory" portion of Kefka's Tower.

Final Fantasy VII

Mover, as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Movers appear in the "swamp" room in the Northern Crater.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Movers, as seen in Crisis Core.

Movers appear in the Cage of Binding within the Banora Underground. More powerful versions of the enemy called Mover RE, Mover EX, and Three Stars appear in the Missions.

Final Fantasy IX

Mover, as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Movers appear in the wilds of Terra.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Main article: Mini Mover

Movers appear as a race of monsters in this game. They are generally weak, but make up for their lack of strength by attacking in large numbers.

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