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A male player wearing full mourner gear.

Mourner gear is worn by Mourners and is obtained as part of the Mourning's Ends Part I quest. This set of clothing is required in that quest and the subsequent Mourning's Ends Part II and Within the Light quests.

Don't drop the Mourner gear! As a common mistake, players drop their set after Mourning's Ends Part I. It is advised to keep it stored in a Player-owned House, inside the Costume room's armour case. If you did drop full mourner gear go back to the Arandar gate. The fastest way to get there is south from the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Kill the mourner and get full gear by killing a level 11 mourner. Washing and mending will be necessary.

Note: if you plan on teleporting after this battle your Magic level will be reduced to 20 so without a restore potion, the only teleports you will be able to cast are home teleport or Mobilising Armies teleport. Go to Arandar (the overpass that you use to enter the elf kingdom), with 7 inventory spaces free, and kill a level 11 Mourner. You should find some near the gate. When you start the battle, the Mourner will throw a potion at you that will reduce all of your combat stats including hitpoints and prayer to 20. You should still be able to kill the Mourner if you have a good weapon. Note that if you one-hit the mourner, your stats will not be reduced, so long as the mourner doesn't attack you.

During the battle with the Mourner in Mourning's End Part I, the Mourner trousers will be torn and the Mourner top stained with blood. These items obviously cannot be worn, and will require some repairing and cleaning. Later (after starting Within the Light), additional Mourner gear can be obtained without the need to repair the trousers or top.

The top needs to be cleaned with soap, and a bucket of water. Soap can be obtained in Taverley, by stealing Tegid's soap. The trousers need to be sewn with 2 pieces of silk and a bear fur. Players will have to take it the seamstress in Lletya to repair the torn trousers.

The gear must be worn in order to access the Mourners' basement headquarters in West Ardougne to get to the Dark beasts, runite ore, and the east entrance of the Temple of Light to the Death altar. Wearing the gear also unlocks unique dialogue with the citizens in West Ardougne and certain NPCs in East Ardougne. However, the Mourner gear CANNOT be used to enter the incinerator area north of West Ardougne.

See the Mourning's Ends Part I quest for more information on how to repair the clothing.



  • Most Mourners actually wear a plague jacket, which has gloves attached to it (they are much longer and more visible), and the plague trousers and the leggings of this set have no visual difference when worn.
  • While most people in the twin cities of East Ardougne and West Ardougne change their dialogue if the player wears the complete outfit (such as Elena); others, (such as her parents), do not. This contradicts the fact that this gear is meant to conceal the player's identity, to the point where others cannot tell if the player is elf or human.

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