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Mountain trolls live in and around Trollheim. There are several troll variants, all with the same drops and hitpoints - level 69 and 71. There are also two named trolls called Twig and Berry on the bottom floor of Troll Stronghold, and troll spectators, which feature in the Troll Stronghold quest.


The Troll Race

The race of trolls are huge, muscular and dull. They are dim-witted, and are less creative and more reclusive and aggressive than ogres. It is unknown if they have any sort of organized religion, like the ogres, or whether they just follow their noses, or whether they just don't understand the concept of the gods. They have no magics, and the most advanced technology they have is very poor and outdated on the standards of other races. Their weaponry is mostly clubs.

It also appears that the trolls are quite mysterious, as many scholars wonder why the trolls never died out long ago, as their lack of intelligence and their high level of aggressiveness would seem to point out that their tribes and species' would fight one another.

The trolls are usually seen as an evil race, and in the God Wars they probably fought in Bandos' army along with the ogres, cyclopes, orks and goblins. The trolls also are tribal, and they may have once shared a common ancestor with ogres and such, but Bandos may have split them depending on rank. The trolls, after the God Wars, moved high up into the mountains. They are known enemies of the dwarves and humans in the area, whom they frequently skirmish with on the borders to the cities from the mountains.


Strengths and weaknesses

A Troll Guard in a House Dungeon.

Mountain Trolls attack with melee. They are not really that accurate, but the level 69s can occasionally hit 11, and the level 71s can sometimes hit 13. They are weak to poison. However, if they are your assigned slayer monster, you must deliver the final blow yourself, as you will not get the experience if poison killed them.

They can be ranged or maged but it's not easy. There is a safe spot in Trollheim. Just range or mage a troll across a fire. It would be best used when they become tolerant.

If you are assigned trolls as a slayer assignment, a good idea would be to attack the Troll spectator because they are not aggressive and count towards Slayer. However some Slayers may find Troll spectators slow because they are not aggressive and are spread out. Other locations with high concentrations of aggressive Mountain Trolls such as Death Plateau (area) may be faster for slayer assignments.


Note : Mountain trolls never drop charms of any sort.

100% drop: Big bones

Other drops






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A Death glitched Mountain troll
  • When examining a level 69 troll, the examine text has no comma, as opposed to the level 71 troll, whose examine text does have a comma.
  • The level 71 troll seems to be wielding a Granite maul with a shortened handle.

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