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Mount Sorrow
Biographical information

Forest Moon of Endor[1]

Physical description

Unidentified; a sentient mountain[1]

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Chronological and political information
"Be gone!"
―Mt. Sorrow

Mount Sorrow was a mountain on the Forest Moon of Endor. The tip of the mountain was in fact sentient, and had the power to both blow people off the summit, or cry tears of healing. Sorrow was a figure of legend in Ewok lore, albeit an obscure one, known only to the shamans and witch doctors of Endor. Sometime during the Imperial era, Mount Sorrow was able to cure budding poet Teebo of the perilous laughing spell, inherited from a loonee bird in the Endor woods.

Despite being a mountain, Sorrow was in a constant state of depression, be it either stern or sad. He had excessively high standards, granting the benefit of his powers only to those deemed "worthy." He also had no qualms about sending children to their death, which he demonstrated by attempting to murder Wicket W. Warrick and Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka.



Mount Sorrow from far away.


"…named by the first person to climb it. He was sorry he did!"

According to Teebo, Mt. Sorrow was discovered by a native of Endor, who named the place for his disappointment at what lay at the summit. This is likely to have occurred long before the Imperialization of the galaxy, as by the time of Wicket, Kneesaa and Teebo's climbing of it, Mt. Sorrow was an element of Ewok legend.[1]

The perilous laughing spell

"But legend tells of a being at the top of Mount Sorrow, whose tears have a powerful effect in reversing such spells!"
Wicket and his friends discover Mount Sorrow.

Sometime during the Imperial era, a young Ewok named Teebo contracted a laughing disease from a loonee bird. The illness caused Teebo to begin playing simple pranks on his companions, but when his trouble-making escalated the shaman of Bright Tree Village, Logray, was summoned; though Logray was able to remove the loonee bird feather from Teebo's cap, the curse had already taken hold. Logray knew of no cure, but he recalled from Endorian legend Mount Sorrow, whose tears had the power to heal such ailments. Though he was doubtful of their chances for success—or that Sorrow even existed—Logray sent Warrick, Teebo and the Princess off to find it.[1]

The curing of Teebo

Mount Sorrow caught in the perilous laughing spell.
"I've never seen anyone more worthy of my tears! You are a true hero, young Teebo. Take all the tears you want!"
―Mount Sorrow

After a long trek, the Ewoks ascertained the location of Mt. Sorrow. After a grueling climb, in which Teebo was carried along on a leash, they reached the summit. Instead of an entity, which Logray had told of, they were met by a stony mound that featured a face. The face began to move, and then started to converse with the astonished trio.[1]

At first, it demanded to know the reason as to why the Ewoks wanted its tears. When it was told that Teebo needed to be cured of a laughing spell, it requested that the young Ewok prove his worth. Teebo responded with callous indifference, which both depressed and angered the mighty mountain.[1]

Due to the contagiousness of the laughing spell, Mt. Sorrow began to shake with merriment, despite his overall grumpy demeanor. Due to his brittle and stiff nature, Mt. Sorrow began to fall apart, an event that apparently annoyed him to no end. He misinterpreted it as an assassination attempt, and returned the favor in kind to the three Ewoks. He let forth a mighty gust of wind, with a view to blowing the Princess and Warrick off the side of the summit. Teebo intervened, using the rope that had been his leash mere hours before to save his two friends.[1]

Sorrow was moved by this, and deemed Teebo worthy. He doused Teebo with his tears, curing the young Ewok of his ailment, and then offered a continuous supply of surplus tears that he had in stock. Teebo graciously declined, and left Mt. Sorrow in peace.[1]

Personality and traits

"If he is worthy, I shall weep for him!"
―Mount Sorrow
Mount Sorrow trying to kill Wicket and Kneesaa.

Mt. Sorrow was aptly named, as he was in a constant state of depression. Even when he did come into contact with others, he treated them with disrespect, and attacked them.[1]

Behind the scenes

Mt. Sorrow was created by Dave Manak. Sorrow's tears were used as a "MacGuffin" in the comic Ewoks 7: The Perilous Laughing Spell. It is curious to note, however, that Mount Sorrow's depiction on the cover of The Perilous Laughing Spell is drastically altered from his canonical representation. Also on the cover, he is referred to as a "Mountain Spirit."[1] Mount Sorrow was later given an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

It is possible that Mt. Sorrow could be a B'rknaa, a species of sentient stone, that occasionally lost the ability to move when they grew too large, such as occurred with the planet Indobok.[2] In Queensland, Australia, there is a mountain called "Mount Sorrow."[3]


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