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Palom removes the fire barrier with Blizzard
"Can this mountain truly wash away my bloodstained past?"

Mount Ordeals is a location in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is named as such because this is where people must undergo an "ordeal," or trial if they are to become a Paladin. It is located east of Mysidia. It is full of undead monsters, possibly because of Scarmiglione.

In the DS version, if you go to the top of Mt. Ordeals after the events at the Giant of Babil, at the spot where Cecil became a Paladin, and observe the tombstone, it will state that the Four Fiends' malice is anchored to that place and will ask you if you wish to face it. Should you choose yes, a battle with one of the game's superbosses, Geryon will be initiated. It is also in this place where this boss can be repeatedly fought.




Final Fantasy IV

Cecil versus his Dark Side at the Chamber of Mt. Ordeals

Cecil Harvey, a Dark Knight, learned from the Elder of Mysidia that he cannot face Golbez with his Dark Sword, as it does not work against true evil. As such, Cecil was forced to climb Mt. Ordeals and become a Paladin. He was accompanied by young wizarding twins: Palom, the Black Mage, and Porom, the White Mage, who were actually sent to spy on him. Palom had to extinguish a fire blocking the entrance using his magic. Afterward, they climbed the mountain and met Tellah, who was looking for the legendary spell Meteor in order to avenge his daughter Anna. He accompanied the trio as well.

However, Golbez knew Cecil was attempting the climb, and he sent Scarmiglione, the Archfiend of Earth, after Cecil. He let out hissing noises as the party got close to the summit (which Porom initially blamed on Palom), and eventually revealed himself and attacked. After he was defeated, he was resurrected and had to be defeated again. After he was defeated the second time, Cecil began his trial. He was beckoned by a strange light, which called him "my son". Cecil took a sword, and was transformed into a Paladin. However he had to overcome his dark past if he was to truly pass the test. After parrying the attacks of his former self, he completed the trial, and Tellah learned Meteor and remembered all his spells as well.

In the ending, Kain Highwind undergoes a trial of his own here, and seeks to become a true Dragoon. After many years of training, he attempts to undergo the trial, and loses to his dark side. His dark side, which is the physical image of his anger and jealousy towards Cecil, separates from him to hunt and kill Cecil.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Kain has isolated himself on Mount Ordeals since the events of Final Fantasy IV. He approaches the stone monument on top of the mountain, and in a flash of light, he finds himself in the chamber where Cecil became a Paladin. His reflection in the mirror takes a life of its own, and beats him in combat. Since the fight, Kain took on the persona of the Hooded Man and has been chasing after his dark side, which seperated itself from him. The voice from the monument is the Lunarian Kluya, who later augments Kain with his powers when he beats his dark half. From Mount Ordeals, Kluya also summons the Lunar Whale so it can transport Golbez to the Blue Planet.


Enemy formations

Mount Ordeals in the World Map
Mount Ordeals in the Advance version
Mount Ordeals in the DS version

Final Fantasy IV

Nintendo DS

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


3rd Station

7th Station



''Mt. Ordeals''
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The eponymous leitmotif for this area, "Mt. Ordeals" prominently features percussion pounding out a steady marching beat and an upbeat, heroic string section. It can also be heard while climbing Mt. Hobs.


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